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How to go in plus? Forex / Binary Options Strategies

"Strategy without tactics - this is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy - it's just vanity before defeat. "

Sun Tzu

Lost deposit? Everything just can not get a plus? I have faced a similar situation and was able in time to understand the problem and solve it. It's very simple, as lacking a clear program of athlete training, and the trader is not enough trading strategies. Disorderly training lead to athlete overtraining or lack of results and the trader to deposit drain. Know the tricks and techniques, for example, technical analysis - It is not enough, and that's a fact. It should be competent and skillful use of which can only be achieved in practice.

Another important point, which must necessarily be started, before we proceed to consider ways of trading - is the individuality of the strategy. Many have heard that many professional traders have their own style of working in the market. This is the whole point. If you are told how to get into the basketball ring, that's not enough, which will change until you start trying, and something will not come out of it. Someone prefers long-range shots, someone close, everyone has his own characteristics, but each of them, one way or another, gets into the basket. Also in trading, someone is working on a trend, someone is against a trend or in a range, but everyone is making a profit. So, let's get started.

Forex trading strategies / binary options

First, what is this term? I will definitely say that it is necessary to distinguish this concept from the trading plan. A strategy is not a detailed algorithm, but only a method of action designed to achieve the goal, in our case of profit. Thus, the strategy gives a profit, and the trading plan optimizes, improves the effectiveness of the strategy. Perhaps all this is a game of words, but most novice traders do not feel the difference, believing that by making a plan, everything will go like clockwork. The reality is that first you need to understand exactly with the strategy and its application in practice, and only then go on to global plans to seize the world.

Second, consider the generalized list of strategies for binary options. As a whole for trading, classification rests on the timing and price movement. stand out:

• Scalping - not the most effective choice when dealing with options.
• The trend strategy - quite adequate and the working method of trading.
• method is counter - original version, more suitable for experienced traders.
• Trading in the flat, in the range - a pretty simple and a good strategy.

Learn more about how and why that is not effective - in the section below about the best strategies to binary options. In addition, because each species can still distinguish subtypes and so on to infinity, however, the base does not change.

For clarity, we give a few examples of the graphs

Example №1. Scalping on patterns, pulse fishing.

Scalping Binary Options

Example №2. trend movement

a) trade in the channel and moving averages, Fibonacci levels.

Fibonacci levels

b) the sample range, support and resistance levels.

support and soprativlenie

Example №3. Trading against the trend

a) a false breakdown.

Technical Analysis of Binary Options

b) technical reversal figure.

reversal technical figures

Example №4. Operation within the range of levels of the oscillators and using


The best strategies for forex / binary options

We both looked at what are the strategies, but what it will be better for binary options? The truth lies in the integrated approach, and now we see why.

Let's start in order, scalping is ill-suited for the options, because with its help on conventional financial instruments caught short pulses, which sometimes last only a few seconds. Do the same with the help of an option with expiration (time expiration) 30 1 seconds or minutes - a real problem in principle, but it is not worthwhile.

Come on, a very good choice - it trend strategyBecause the trend - is usually prolonged movement in one direction. Quite simply, because we need it, and to wait for the expiration of time at our option. Nevertheless, we know that the market does not always moves in the direction of the trend, so earning, you can easily lose their profits, and even the entire deposit.

Working against the trend - Not the easiest way to trade binary options, but also worthwhile. In most cases, they come to him, those who have long trades with the trend. If you have a good feel market and studied the signs of a reversal, it is easy to cope with this strategy. In addition, catching a turn, you will be able to enter a few more times with pullbacks the trend. The main problem of lack of experience, and not understanding the market structure, as well as the real balance of forces in the market.

Trading in a range - On a par with the trend strategy it is an affordable and effective method. As a rule, the volatility (price change rate) is very much reduced in a trading range. It becomes much easier to predict the movement between levels, and even easier to the principle at the lower limit buy, sell at the top. Again the market is unstable, and the trading range, sooner or later ends.

As a result, the trader needs an integrated approach and individual strategies in the market. There are more options available to achieve this goal - the use of automated trading systems, robots, which operate in different market situations, this topic has been discussed previously.

Strategies forex / binary options video

As for the video? Be vigilant and do not succumb to provocations, to date the network has a lot of video to work with options where you promise only profits and gains. But not all of them are effective. 

I also run my YouTube channel >>>, You subscribe and follow new video. After watching the train on a demo, try and test. Only then proceed to real trading. Only in this way you will be able to choose the best strategy for you!

To sum up

To work with binary options necessarily require the presence of the trader's individual strategy, on which it will be comfortable to work. There are many different methods of trading, but you need to develop an individual and holistic approach to the market, to understand it. If not enough for all this time, it is reasonable to use automated systems. Do not fall for the provocation with the alleged simple strategies for earnings on options. I wish you hit the target, namely, a stable income!

And now I want to share with you my Operational StrategyYou will be able to successfully apply to trade binary options. Generally, there is a great variety of strategies. But I do not see any reason to describe them all, or at least half of them. Since many of them are hard to understand, I'm not talking about the application. I recommend you light, simpleBut very effective strategy, Which are suitable for beginners. They all tried, tested me, and successfully applied any one year. Here I offer a complete list, and you have a link on a detailed review of the strategy binary options. You can get acquainted with all the key moments, I explain step by step how to practically apply the strategy when trading binary options.

Trading strategy on the volume of goods (gold, silver, oil, copper)

Trading strategy using economic news calendar

Trading strategy on the reporting calendar

Trading strategy for the Stochastic Oscillator indicator

Trading Strategy "on trend"

Trading strategy "against the trend"

Currency Heat Map Trading Strategy

Trading strategy "Pivot Point"

on trading signals Trading Strategy

Trading strategy on Martingale Method

Trading Strategy Pyramiding

currency Correlations

SOT-charts to trade binary options

Touch / No touch profitable strategy

  The best strategies to binary options 5 minutes

  The trading strategy on binary options "60 seconds"

  Scalping on binary options

  The strategy at Fibonacci levels

  A profitable strategy trading binary options  and many others


binary options strategy

If you're using a strategy binary options will be disciplined and terpilivymi, the level of risk will be significantly reduced. That is why I always advise to stick to certain tactics and systematic approach. The only way you can become a professional and successful trader.

Each binary options strategy recommended by me I attached for you feedback and video evidence that these simple and free trade policies can bring you a great profit. It does not matter, you have been up to this experience of trading in the financial market or not.

Now you just left see for themselves the reliability and profitability of these working strategies. I am sure that everyone will be able to apply them in practice. Try, practice, and so to say, to fill his hand. And very soon, you will be able to say that you have become a trader, has been used successfully profitable strategy binary options!

the best binary options strategy


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