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In a previous article Binary Options Trading Strategies We discuss with you free options strategies. I introduce you to their characteristics, scope and practical use. All this is supported by the screenshots and video tutorials. But very often traders trading on binary options, Think about how you can simplify the process of more trade. They are interested in additional features that will spend less time on trade, while getting more profit. In this case, the stage, so to speak, out Robots for binary options.

So I decided to acquaint you with the best robots, profitable strategies that can simplify your process of binary options trading. In this article, I propose a complete list trading systemsAnd clicking on the link, you will be able to familiarize themselves with all their features and choose the one that will meet your objectives and requirements.

Robot Abi 

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Automatic trading program

Now let's see, what are the robots for trading. They are both free and paid; Automatic (make deals for the trader) and semi-automatic robot advisors (padaёt signal in good time to invest in one or the other option).

I would advise you to choose semi-automatic forex robots. You will trade together, but the situation as a whole will be yours. Personal presence and personal control are necessary. Do not forget to analyze what the robot offers you. After all, in any case, the responsibility for the transaction lies with you.

To correctly configure the trading robot, it is necessary to first understand the principle of its operation. After all, this is a pledge of error-free work and subsequent profitable trades. Therefore do not be shy, ask questions and clarify all the nuances. And for this, official development sites have the necessary technical support, which will respond promptly to all your questions.

Proper use forex trading systems for will allow to make a more correct decision. Systems differ in methods and methods for determining profitable trades. But in any case, they can help you to be in the black during the trade.

What else do we know about systems forex? They are tested and tested by a large number of professionals and experts in the financial market. They determine the profitable entry into the transaction and the correct exit. Short-term transactions can impress you with their positive results and high productivity. Even leading traders with many years of experience admit that their success largely depended on the correctly chosen strategy and trading system. They became an integral part of their daily trading, giving constant signals for the purchase or sale of assets.

Proper use of trading systems and subsequent analysis of signals will allow you to always win and discover the most profitable trades.

Trading systems for forex - the first step in the future

Every trader once comes to understand that trading takes a lot of time and effort, am I not right? Especially for me, as for a girl, it sometimes becomes difficult to combine household chores, regular work and trading. Plus, a large psychological burden, when the volume of transactions becomes too large, or a series of losses occurs. How to move to a new level? Today, the subject of our conversation will be trading robots and systems. It's no secret that automation is used today everywhere, in accounting, in production, accounting and so on. There are even complex mathematical systems analyzing various phenomena of nature. Why not use the advantages of computers in trading binary options? We will discuss this in more detail.

What is a trading system?

According to established tradition start with the basics, we give a simple definition that we talked about the same, not different phenomena.

The trading system (robot) - a program which trades automatically without trader's participation. As they say, I turned and forgotten. In the community of traders you will encounter a variety of alternative names:

• algorithmic trading
• robotic trade
• automated trading
• trade adviser, etc.

What is the advantage? Everything is obvious. Logically, the robot, unlike humans, can work round the clock with the same efficiency. Plus, such a system does not have exposure to the emotions and the human factor, that destroy any trade.

Before we move on, I'll make a little lyrical digression. On the expanses of the network you will find a lot of negativity about trading systems, as well as a huge number of empty promises. Some people stop believing in the existence of profitable robots at all, but this is an incorrect position. Good trading advisors are there, even on this topic there are even competitions on the world level, for example, the Automated Trading Championship. In addition, trading robots regularly win in competitions between traders, for example, in the Russian competition on the stock exchange - Best private investor. Thus, all attacks in their direction are groundless.

What kind of trading robots are?

For us it makes sense to classify the system in the first place, according to the strategy used by the market:

• Working in a trend - in large movements
• fletovyh - traded in the corridor, consolidation
• Skalpingovye - make a large number of mikrosdelok
• Universal - works everywhere
• On the basis of neural networks - self-learning robots with the help of quotes history

Secondly, on the used capital management principles:

• Martingale - in the case of loss-making transaction, the next offer double the amount to cover losses
• Grid orders - opens several transactions in different directions, "hedge" position
• Standard - ordinary transactions in a certain amount of interest on the deposit (the safest method)

It is not that some kind of robot better or worse, each has its own characteristics and objectives. For example, a risky martingale help "disperse" a deposit, but at a distance may show large drawdowns and leads to the drain. Nevertheless, in a particular situation, it may be useful. In connection with this, I will not move to the "personality" of various systems. Let me just say that you can optimize a plus of almost any robot, if you understand how it works, which we now discuss.

How Advisor is programmed?

As a rule, the creation of work for binary options, as well as the Forex, is made on the MQL programming language. However, there are different solutions, because all of your operating system - is the code.

In the formation of a strategy by which the system will work, often used indicators. If you are planning to use robots that at this stage it is important to understand which indicators and which will work in the profits.

We have already mentioned in previous articles that the market may be a trend, and consolidation. For us, you flat - is synonymous with big and long consolidation trading range. There are indicators of a group working on a trend, here are the standard ones in the terminal MetaTrader:

• Moving Average - Moving Averages
• Bollinger Bands
• Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
• Parabolic Sar, etc.

To illustrate typical signals of advisers on the basis of these indicators, such as moving averages.

trading systems

As can be noted, on the basis of these indicators advisors work only with the express trend. The trading range such robots will show large losses. In addition, many custom indicators are precisely on the basis of standard, so be careful.

The next group, we are interested in - it oscillators. Such indicators as the time working in the corridor, in the flat. By analogy, this standard are:

• Momentum
• Stochastic, etc.

Consider, for example.

trading system for binary options

What more can be used?

Standard technical analysis tools:

• Trend lines
• Technical Analysis Figures
• Trade Levels
• Fibonacci Levels
• Trading Instruments Hanna, etc.

Some things we have already discussed with you in previous articles, here for example we give a correction of Fibonacci.

Binary Options system

Moment of the truth

As a rule, when creating advisers developers use all of these groups, combining them to optimize for a specific time, adding something of their own. One of the latest developments and our recommendation - it trading robot Abi.

What are the characteristics of this system? It uses a whole combination of indicators, working in a trading range, and in the trend. Plus, with the applicable own secret development of robot creators. In terms of capital management, Abi offers a choice of several types of systems, including Martingale, and the standard version. Thus, regardless of whether you prefer an aggressive "acceleration" account or a stable profit, you will find what your looking for. The robot is completely free, so try it you is not obstructed.

To sum up

In life, as on the market, you must be a trend, keep pace with the times. Today trading robots - this is a step forward, evolution, and you choose to adapt or not. Automatic system to cope with problems better person, due to the absence of an emotional background and stable clock efficiency. The issue concerns not only trade, but also in many other industries, so you should think. The strongest wins, and I wish you victory!


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