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Beginners Now it is not difficult to find a strategy for binary options with which you can successfully start their own trading. However, there are useful strategies, and there is ... shall we say, controversial. Among the latter, I would like to acknowledge the strategy «60 seconds", which is now very popular. I would argue that this undeserved popularity. And I try to explain why.

First, apparently, it is worth to tell, than these strategies (and indeed binary options) attract customers. The fact that with such a trade you do not need to wait long for the closing of the deal. Simply put, you can "open" a lot of transactions during the day, take a quantity. For inexperienced traders, who are not used and do not know how long to wait and carefully calculate, this strategy looks quite like a gift. Another important "plus" is that the money that the trader invests in the contract, returns quickly, because the transaction is fleeting. Come back - if, of course, do not play ...

And they can play very well - because with such a fast trade it is almost impossible to make a reliable forecast for binary options. However, on this score, disputes often arise, in which even experienced traders often stand on opposite sides of the barricades. The main skeptics here are those who prefer fundamental analysis. According to their point of view - and it should be recognized as weighty! - for transactions with such a short period of expiration, price fluctuations are not the result of some regularities, but simply represent market noise. Therefore, trading on such a strategy is exactly the same "lottery", comparisons with which are very disliked by those whose specialization are binary options. It turns out that brokers offering this strategy, elementary "bred" gullible newcomers, forcing them to spend their deposit as soon as possible.

Strategy «60 seconds" (binary options)

Fast Trade - a get rich quick?

So many people think new traders who opt for binary options strategy «60 seconds." They think that this strategy will help to increase the capital is gradually and very quickly, straight-away in the blink of an eye - and eventually severely disappointed. So you do not fill the ranks of these unfortunates, I recommend - no, just strongly advise: choosing the binary options do not work with «60 seconds!" You will not be able to fully analyze their actions, make full use of indicators for binary options will actually be put at random - and very quickly merge deposit!

Do not believe me? Read the text and watch the video in which you talked about the many temptations of this strategy? Of course, we are telling - how else they zavlekut to his regular simpletons and nazhivutsya to them? Not to be too emotional and unfounded, I will try to talk about these transactions in detail, in order.

So how do you start trading with the help of «60 seconds' binary options signals?

To begin with, of course, have to choose asset: if for us it would be "euro / dollar." Now, attention! We put interval "15 minutes". See if we are advised to "actively sell" or even just "sell". If not - wait for such summaries appear. If yes - go to the next step.

The next step is as follows. Set the interval "5 minutes". Then we look at the resume again. There are offers to sell - go to the next stage. If not, wait.

Finally, the final stage is as follows. put "1 minute". If we see "Actively sell", go to the broker's website and compare the prices of the same asset. You need to buy the PUT-option "below", if the price of binary options on the site is equal to or slightly less than the price of the broker.

What indicators for binary options is best to use when working with the strategy of «60 seconds"?

I would single out the following: waves Bollinger, Moving Avarage, RSI. If you still chose this strategy to work with binary options, though you will have at least some opportunities for analysis.

Are options «60 seconds" - the most risky for the analysis?

Yes, and to prove it very simply. The risk is less than the desired data scrutinized than leisurely conclusions. Accordingly, the more time investing in the asset, the more likely it is possible to predict whether a successful transaction. When the short term significantly grows the probability of random noise - and, consequently, a loss due to unforeseen factors.

trade binary options strategy for 60 seconds like a roulette

Let's say even more: the options "60 seconds" and the world market of financial assets have nothing in common! The change in the value of assets does not correspond in any way to the real fluctuations in the market! These are the levels at which options are sold ON THE SITE - it is obvious that the picture can significantly diverge from the market situation. Some brokers honestly post on the site ads of the relevant content (although, of course, not in the most prominent place), and many do not even do this. After all, their goal is not to help the trader win, but even the opposite: to take possession of his money. So it turns out that option trading is reduced to the same "lottery" and "roulette", from which it is usually denied.

Yes, the use of the trading strategy "60 seconds" is the same casino in which a broker acts as a croupier. He must win, you (according to his logic) must lose - and he often does everything possible for this. At the same time, his actions may well be masked for help: for example, the site often displays graphics, which indicate how many percent of traders have decided to play a raise or a fall. These graphs should not be believed: moreover, I would even recommend that you play the opposite, choosing the option for which the fewest customers voted. The logic here is not difficult: we know that traders with the strategy "60 seconds" often lose, than they win. Hence, the option that the majority chose, with a high probability will be lost!
However, all this casuistry. And truly the right option there may be only one: do not play by the «60 seconds" strategy. There is a lot much more effective strategies, and not to use them for at least short-sighted!

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