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To succeed in trading binary options, it is necessary to determine exactly where the price of the asset will go further and what this can be caused. Of course, all traders tend to develop a winning trading strategy, using numerous existing technical analysis tools and creating their own algorithms. Of course, at the beginning, beginners tend to use ready-made tools - that's why I familiarize visitors of my site with the best strategies for binary options. And the theme of this material will be the Fibonacci strategy - a strategy that really works and which really is possible for any trader.

Why use this trading strategy?

Using Fibonacci levels helps traders - a specialization that is Forex and Binary Options - Identify local support and resistance levels. Thanks to them, you are likely to determine where the reversal of the asset price, or will take a short-term correction. Skillful use of this strategy will allow you to start trading sighted - and, accordingly, to increase their profits significantly.

The concept of "Fibonacci numbers" can be heard vshkole, but let's face it, many of us remember about their existence, but do not remember what they are. Therefore it is necessary to make a small excursion into the history of mathematics.

Fibonacci: Binary Options

Fibonacci was nicknamed by a well-known Italian mathematician, also known as Leonardo Pisansky, who lived in the XIII century. The most famous achievement is the discovery of a number of numbers. Here's what this series represents: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc. The pattern is quite simple: every subsequent number, beginning with the third, is the sum of the two previous ones. However, for trading, other figures are more important: the calculated levels that fix the relations between the numbers of the series. For example, each number of a row is usually 0,618 from the next. And if you divide any number of a number by a number that is through one number on the right (for example, 8 on 21), then we get 0,382. If you divide by a number that is two digits on the right (for example, 13 on 55), then the ratio was invariably equal to 0,236.

So, Fibonacci levels, if to express them as a percentage, will be equal to 23,6, 38,2, 50, 61,8, 100. That they serve as a tool for trade treyderov.S they can be used to accurately track the fluctuations courses on a specific period of time - and, consequently, to predict the market trend.

The strategy at Fibonacci levels

What can we learn thanks to this strategy?

  1. The levels of price correction;
  2. The direction where the price rush;
  3. The level of support and resistance level.

Let's pay attention to the price correction (the term "rollback" is often used in relation to it). For traders, especially inexperienced ones, the situation of a rollback often causes at least bewilderment, at the most, real panic. Therefore, they tend to stop trading - instead of using the situation to their advantage. Learning how to deal with kickbacks is very important because they occur too often to be ignored without taking advantage of the real chances of success. Quickly navigating the current trading situation, a trader can make full profit on fluctuations. However, to do this, you need to use working instruments - and first of all, Fibonacci levels.

Fibonacci Trading: Tips

Not just to know about the existence of this tool. We must use it as efficiently as possible, knowing the situations in which strategy works best. Here are some suggestions based on cases from my practice:

  1. We need to focus on "serious", popular assets: for example, the currency pair EUR / USD. The sought-after asset, the more profit they can give;
  2. The time interval should be set according to the market trend, but, in my opinion, the optimal interval for the level is the daily chart;

How to trade the Fibonacci levels?

At the heart of this strategy are monitoring the setbacks course within certain price limits. They allow you to make predictions with a very high accuracy not worse than that of the most respected binary options trading strategies. The frequency of the reverse movement of 61,8%.
How to determine the level of resistance or support? If one of the levels of asset price moves in the opposite direction, then with high probability he is the level of support / resistance. A correction on them and contribute to the opening of your transactions.
Remember that the best friend of the trader - is the trend, and make transactions on the basis of his "behavior". Work tool trader working on this strategy - a grid that consists of the indicator Fibonacci levels and schedule of the main trend. With this grid, you can determine at what point begins trendline. Be sure to keep track of three price area: 38,2%, 50%, 61,8%. Important correction trend, which determine its direction, carried out there.

The difficulty faced by market players operating schedules Fibonacci c, is as follows: you can not rely on the naked figures. To determine the power level, to understand how it is stable, it is necessary to take into account the many factors that may affect the turns and reversals of individual trading instruments.

Fibonacci levels: building

How to build Fibonacci levels? Not so difficult. Open a live graph of binary options. Choose "Fib Retracement"- That is, until« Fib »brokers, developers have reduced the complex's name Fibonacci. Then we wait until we are interested on aktivupoyavitsya pronounced trend. When the trend reverses and shifts (approximately 20-25%), draw a line between the extremes of the past trend. On Fibonacci graph indicator appears. After that we can start working directly with this schedule, analyzing the support and resistance levels and the opening of the transaction when the case of a reversal and breakdowns.

Remember that the grid itself is not an indicator, a tool that you put on your own schedule. So you useful additional tools with which to build a better level - in particular, Fibonacci calculator and an indicator PivotPointsHelping to define the pivot point.

I continue to advise what we choose in practice?

What graphics is best to use for this strategy? Bars or candlesticks. With these charts, you can more effectively analyze, in what direction moves asset prices and find the point of reversal. The strength or weakness of a trend on this chart more readable.

You may also want to use additional indicators, the best oscillators. The most commonly used is the oscillator StochasticAlso often used RSI и CCI. The value of these indicators is also that through them is defined divergence is to recognize that one of the strongest signals trade.

Timeframe for with options shall be at least 15 minutes. Possible trade and a smaller time frame chart: efficiency directly Fibonacci charts are not reduced. But in this case it grows strongly influence the market noise, so make good deals will be more difficult.

Timing options directly proportional to the timeframe, exceeding it in 3, 4 or 5 times. In 15-minute timeframe chart period should be at least 45, 75 minutes as a maximum.

When to trade on the increase?

  1. The upward trend, net "stretched" from the bottom up;
  2. Price falls, concerns Fib level, but the breakdown does not occur;
  3. Oscillator indicates the divergence or is in the oversold zone (20 percent and below).

A decrease in the trade deal opens when:

  1. Downtrend, net "stretched" from the top down;
  2. The price increases, for the level of Fib, but the breakdown does not occur;
  3. Oscillator indicates the divergence or is in the overbought zone (80 percent or higher).

The wisdom to understand the levels of Fibonacci? Congratulations: at your disposal a great strategy that will help you start confidently and successfully pursue a career trader binary options!

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