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Did you know that from the competent management of your trading account, your dependent earnings in trading binary options? There is a good trading strategy is based on the management of the trade account, which can actually help increase it. And that is not as risky as the Martingale. This strategy is called Pyramiding.


Pyramiding Strategy

About the Martingale strategy, you can hear almost any forum or blog dedicated to trading and binary options. This strategy has been studied inside and out, some based on it coming up with new strategies and teach you all the same martingale only in a new wrapper. It is characterized by its simplicity and even a novice will understand even technical и fundamental analysis learning does not necessarily! Martingale you open one option for a certain amount, in case of failure, open the next option and increase the amount bet twice, in the case of a second failure of the transaction once again increase the third bet twice. And so on until successfully merges all of your deposit.

Here is what the sequence is possible to count on a calculator Martingale:

(He is a calculator here >>>)

martingale calculator

Wait for the loss of the deposit you will not have long. As you can see on the screenshot, this strategy is able to devour even the largest deposit literally for 10 transactions. That's why I recommended that you use Martingale's strategy and calculator no more than the third stage. I'm sure that people who carefully read my strategy, managed to save their savings and nerve cells from the inevitable loss. Use my vast experience in the financial markets, martingale can work well, only up to the 3 knee, then you will simply break the rules for managing your deposit and trading will turn into a game called roulette for you.

Now as pyramiding in binary options. As you know, pyramiding - A method of managing a trading account to trade binary options. It consists in the opening of the same transactions on the same asset at the same time, expiration, may differ only point of entry into the transaction and the transaction amount (I usually open the same amount).

 piramiding trades

When it makes sense to use pyramiding?

I seek refuge in pyramiding when most confident in the success of open transactions:

- For example, it took a few minutes after the open transaction, and I saw that one or more indicators that are silent at the time of the first transaction, are now pointing in the right side of me.

- When I noticed that now the entry point in the deal is much better than in the previous transaction, and I am sure that the course will go in the direction I needed.

-When I see that the asset rushing in the right way and I was not going to unfold.

The maximum that I can open it yet odnu- two additional transactions in the same amount, and only in the case when sure I can make money on it.

I have been trading mainly with the time to expiration 30-45 minutes, so one - two transactions is not much. There is also an aggressive pyramiding, where you can open an unlimited number of transactions, it would make sense only for transactions with long expiration.

Sense refill options are only available in case of a high confidence in earnings. Pyramiding - It is an opportunity to earn more on the right and qualitative forecasts. And for this you need to use strategies or signals from a professional trader in the online chat >>>

Application pyramiding strategy daily trade ensures you receive the most profit in the framework of the trading period.


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