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Part №1: THEORY

Since its series of surveys on Binary Options StrategiesI decided first to write about one of the best. Namely trading strategies on volumes of goods. Best of all it will work on such goods as gold, silver, copper и oil. But I must say that using this strategy will have to exercise restraint and patience to wait for the best entry point into the bargain. But then your patience will be rewarded in full.

I know that many traders use this strategy and recommend it to others. But somehow not on a single resource dedicated to binary options, I could not find a full explanation of how to use this strategy: what spark you need to watch what should be a large amount, and many other nuances. Therefore, my review I will try to write a very clear and detailed.

What is the essence of this strategy binary options, you ask? And I answer, that we will be guided to the large volumes of commodities (gold, silver, copper and so on) that are entering the market. Watching subsequently the chart you will notice that after the huge volume, the price of goods can dramatically jump or fall. It is at these races and we'll be with you earn!

For the analysis, I always use online Live Graphics >>>

Following the link, configure the correct schedule.

1) Select the required asset, in my case it Gold (additional information can be found in the article Signals on Indicators for commodities);

trade by volume

2) set 5-minute candle (Meaning the graph is displayed on one of the spark 5 minutes);

Gold Trading

3) when you open my Live ScheduleIndicator with PHYSICAL (Volume) already it is open by default. We will only set it for greater convenience. To do this, I close Stochastic indicator (he, too, is set by default, but then he will not be needed). As shown in the screenshot below, click on the shestirёnku to customize the format to display and select the layout item Style (Style);

trading strategy in terms of volume

4) In the picture you can see that the amount is displayed in the Viger columns of red and green colors. I love to make them brighter. So it is more convenient to watch. To do this, select the green square, you will open a palette of different shades. I choose a bright green color;

Trade volumes

5) In the same way I set up columns and red;

the volume of gold

6) Above the pillars overlaid with the volume domain of volume. By default, it is deep blue. I usually do it or tidy up, or do a very pale color. To do this, move the special icon near the right edge, and immediately see the changes (see screenshot below). I think that everyone will be able to set up, as it is convenient; 

gold vubor aria

7) After that, I set myself the appearance of the graph. Divide the total area into two parts: the upper part with candles, the bottom part with the volume of the goods. To do this, open another menu, as shown in the screenshot below, and select the item - Unmerge Up;

gold vubor obem vniz

8) Living Area Graphics is sometimes divided into two unequal halves. I then manually aligned. Use the horizontal line, which is highlighted in the image below. Move her computer mouse to the desired height. On the right side from the top of the field with candles need to monitor the value of the asset. On the right side of the lower region of the need to monitor the size of published volumes;

gold podeliti pole

Having dealt with the settings, begin to wait for the right moment to open the option. What to do:

- Within minutes 5 look at the schedule and the lower part with the volume. If left a very large amount in comparison with the previous (for me a good amount of it is all that is above the level of 5 thousand, ideally above 6 thousand) at the same time formed a candle greenWe open the deal to decrease put for the period of the following 5-15 minutes;

- If you went a very large amount in comparison with the previous (all the same parameters above or 5 6 thousand) at the same time formed a candle redWe open the deal to increase callfor a period of 5-15 minutes.

In the screenshot below, I noted 3 good volume, which could easily open the options.

gold praktika


What else you need to pay attention! There are moments when the candle is formed and it is very large shadows from above or below. Example you can see on the screenshot.

candle with shadow

Shadow - a thin black line of candles up or down. These shadows show the maximum upper and lower maximum point value of the goods for 5 minutes. If the shade is very large, so the price has been volatile and jumping up and down with a very high extensibility. In such situations, the forecast will be more accurate.

My personal advice and recommendations:

If you are going to trade in commodities, in particular gold, you need to know the price of gold is very dependent on the USD. If the dollar will rise, at the same time the price of gold will fall, and vice versa. So I trade gold in the two cases:

1) Live graph displays the time in GMT. So trading strategy in terms of volume It can be applied in the time interval with 1.00 12.00 to GMT,. I know from experience that after this period opens U.S. session financial market, a lot of news coming out of the United States that make their adjustments, and so the strategy can not work !!!

2) If, however, trade in gold during the American session, the financial market, it does not need to be based on the strategy of trade in terms of volume, but on the economic calendar. Let me explain how. And additionally you can read, how to trade on the economic calendar, and read the main news for the week with my personal predictions.

So, if you see that the expected important news for the United States (with three bulls), you can open the option not only for the pair USD / JPY, and Gold. If the news is positive (green), then USD / JPY will go up, but gold, on the contrary, will go down. If the news is negative (red), The USD / JPY goes down, but on the contrary the gold up. Gold option is best not to open more than 5-10 minutes.


Now, in practice, we look at how to apply the information published volumes of gold. I open my Live Schedule, I configure it, and wait for large volumes. Today I was waiting for them a couple of hours. See for yourself what then appeared on the chart

trade by volume

You can see that in 09.30 GMT, released a large amount of red. Its value is significantly stands out among all the previous volumes. I quickly went to the platform your broker, и opened the option to increase callGold. 

gold trading

On screen you can see how quickly the value of the asset began to grow.

trade by volume

A guaranteed profit of 11% was obtained in just a minute 77, net profit made 77$

po obemam zarabotok en

That's all my explanation. Not to say that a very favorable moment for the day will be a lot. It happens a lot to have to sit down to catch the moment with a huge amount. But it's worth it!

On the other recommended me strategies can be found in the article Binary options trading strategies (Full List). For those who are Trading systems for binary options (full list).

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