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Part №1: THEORY

Trading binary options, based on data Reporting calendarIs very simple and profitable. Reporting calendar gives us data stocks different companies, namely, profit or loss. With this information, you can very well earn. So now I will tell you how to use the Calendar statements, analyze it and apply in practice to earnings on binary options.

The principle of operation is very similar to what I described in my Trading Strategies for News Economic Calendar. First of all, we need to open a reporting calendar. You will be able to track news outlet on-line... Now there is no need to search for it on the Internet. The reporting calendar can be adjusted for yourself: select the time zone, date, add event filtering.

Earnings Calendar provided by Investing.com.

The table can be filtered, and specify the necessary settings to discard all unnecessary. And then operate according to the scheme:

  • Select the table you are interested in a company;
  • Look, what is the prognosis (column FORECAST) and compared with the previous period (column PRED.- reduction from the previous period); If the value of the forecast is lower than the previous period - it is likely that the company carries damages. And this means that the option will need to be open to the fall in the value of shares put. If the value of the forecast is higher than the previous period - it is likely that the company had a good profit. And this means that the option will need to be open to increase the value of the shares call.
  • After that, we begin to track at least some information on the company's other authoritative resources that provide the latest and most up to date information. Or you can use any of your search engine friendly. The choice I can offer you:


At least one of the resources you are sure to find information on the financial condition of the company, it suffered losses during the reporting period, or on the contrary had a very good profit;

  • Based on the information received, the option remains open only on the increase or decrease, preferably until the end of the day. And profit is guaranteed!


And now I'll show you in practice, how I trade the shares of leading companies. You can apply two methods:

Method №1: Using calendar data reporting.

24 September 2015, the published data on company NIKE. The calendar reporting the news was tagged 3 bulls.

Reporting calendar

I found the official website of the company, which publishes all financial reports, news releases about new products and much more. Having read the last report, I realized that the company has received a good profit for the previous period. And this means that the value of shares of NIKE We should go to the growth.

stock trading nike

Opening the platform your broker, I invested in an option to increase call Nike shares until the end of the day. Forecast worked perfectly, see for yourself 

trading on the shares of nike

Method №2: Using information on the leading financial and economic resources.

Here I am now caught the eye of an article on the Russian-language version of the site Investing.com. Here is a small excerpt of this article.

sberbank ru

If you say vkradtse, expected rise in oil prices. And this means that some stocks of companies that are dependent on oil prices and the USD, is also going to grow. The article mentioned Sberbank. This asset is present with my broker. Therefore, I opened an option to increase SberbankBy recent expiry, which offers broker. 

The news did not disappoint, my option was closed the evening with a profit. 

stock trading

On the other recommended me strategies can be found in the article Binary options trading strategies (Full List). For those who are Trading systems for binary options (full list).

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