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Part №1: THEORY

Today I'll show you how trade binary optionsApplying the strategy "Against the trend". Most recently, I published a similar Trading strategy "on trend". You can read it and understand what the trend is, how to analyze the movement of asset value, and most importantly how to make money.

Both strategies are easy to use and profitable. One has only to find out in which cases the trade "with the trend" and public "against the trend."

Trade "According to the trend"Beneficial when the trend clear, the graph is strongly expressed. Fluctuation in the price goes steadily in a certain range, and its upper and lower bounds are close to each other.

Trade "Against the trend"Beneficial when the trend is not very pronounced. Asset price also varies in a certain range, but the boundaries are spaced apart from each other. 

There is such a thing as "spread"That is, after a long and sharp upward movement (for example, after the news of the economic calendar), the cost of the asset changes direction and begins to move down. Or vice versa. Therefore it is necessary in an uptrend catch the maximum top point and put on a slide. A downtrend catch the lowest possible point (as they say "bottom") and set to increase.

In the graph you can see that after a sharp drop down the cost of Apple's stock turned around and began to grow. After waiting for the bottom point of maximum, open the option to raise and then count the profits.

binary options strategy against the trend


Next, I will discuss how you can use trend reversals, and in what cases. That is why I begin the analysis:

1) open platform your broker;

2) in turn open the available assets and look where there were significant skochki up or fall down in relation to the general trend;

3) that's what I came across. A significant increase relative to the USD RUB in a relatively short period of time. I know from experience that if so abruptly industries, the trend may soon turn around and go to the bottom;

usd rub protiv trenda en

4) I opened Live ScheduleTo verify the information. I choose interesting currency pair, including indicators Linear Regression. Candles chose 15-minute.

usd rub protiv trenda grafic

eur cad po trendu itog en2

This strategy is best applied on options no more than 30 minutes... And try to open deals in the direction of the general trend of the price channel. And the Linear Regression indicator will help you determine it. To make your forecast as correct as possible, I advise you to combine this strategy with Trading strategy "Pivot Point" и Trading Strategies for Trading Signals.

On the other recommended me strategies can be found in the article Binary options trading strategies (Full List). For those who are Trading systems for binary options (full list).

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