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Some traders (of course, this applies to beginners), believe that experienced professionals work, simply mindlessly clicking on the buttons "CALL" and "PUT". In fact, a self-respecting expert knows perfectly well what the best forex / cfd strategies are, and knows how to apply them in the business.

Trading forex / cfd / binary options is not a one-time-and-forever-chosen pattern. To always remain in the black, you need to have an idea of ​​the different methods, be able to read trade signals, do not be afraid of words like Martingale and Bollinger, choose those option strategies that are most appropriate in a particular situation, which can bring the trader the maximum profit.

Strategies forex / cfd / binary options are very many: in some kind of power to understand and inexperienced traders, some require serious specialized training. Of course, we are primarily interested in simple - and with all the while effective - strategies that can be learned relatively quickly.

In this section, I list the most popular strategies when working with forex / cfd / binary options, which, if used correctly, can bring a serious profit to the trader. You can go to the page where the specific method is described, and read its brief description there, as well as watch the training video with my comments.