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Earnings on shares is something that until recently was actively promoted by absolutely all brokers of our time. As a result, even those who did not really understand what exactly they were acquiring and what to do with it in the end began to actively buy securities. Online trading was presented at that moment as something simple and accessible to everyone. But what happened in the end?

And what happened happened. The market, which did not have time to recover from the coronavirus restrictions, could not withstand the consequences and literally collapsed at once. Shares in just a few days fell in price by a huge number of times, and their owners could only watch helplessly as their savings melt before their eyes. Will the outcome always be like this? Is it even possible to make big money on securities and how, in fact, to do it? Let's look into this difficult issue together.

How market participants make money on stocks

First, let's define this asset. A share is a security that gives its owner the right to receive a share of the profits of the company that issued it. Also, the holder can take part in the management of the company. But this is more in theory, because in order for your vote to really have any impact on the fate of a large corporation, you need to buy a controlling stake for a lot of money. And now we are talking about ordinary citizens.

So, why does a company need to issue shares for free sale at all, and even more so to give away part of its profits? For the development of each project, money is required, and even a lot of it. To attract investment, shares are issued that are sold at a certain price. That's the whole trick.

And now let's go directly to the mechanism of earning on securities. There are a number of sequential actions that every investor must take in order to start making money on stocks:

  • Definition of goals. It is definitely not worth entering the market without a specific strategy. After all, it is tactics that will determine which stocks you buy. Decide what exactly you want: to invest heavily once, and then after many years to take an impressive profit, or do you still take some actions with assets as their value changes here and now? In different cases, it is recommended to buy different securities. Since some are growth stocks (invested in them for the long term), while others bring good dividends or are characterized by relatively high volatility.
  • Collection of information. If you are a beginner and have never worked with the market before, start with the very basics. First, find out what assets are in general and what you can do with them. I also strongly recommend that you study the basic terminology, read broker rating and be sure to pay attention to the history of the development of the company whose shares you are going to buy.
  • Identification of potential risks. How reliable is the company that issued the shares? Have there been cases in its history of non-payment of dividends or a sharp drop in the value of securities? Are you ready to say goodbye to the entire invested amount once and for all? These are the key questions that every novice trader and investor must ask themselves without fail. As a rule, the higher the potential risk of losing money, the more attractive the stock looks (for example, they offer very high dividends or promise space price growth in the very near future). And here you already need to be able to turn on your head and turn off greed with excitement.
  • Choosing a brokerage company A very important point. The role of a broker can be played by both a private highly specialized firm and a commercial bank. Pay attention to the presence of an official license from the Central Bank, reviews of real customers and the position of the company in the rating. Recently, a lot of one-day offices have been divorced, luring newcomers with attractive conditions, and then disappearing with their money. So do not be too lazy to find out all the ins and outs of your partner, to whom you want to entrust all your savings.
  • Acquisition of shares. This can be done after you have decided on a strategy, selected the best securities, assessed the level of potential risk and opened a trading account with a broker. Try not to buy shares of unfamiliar firms and do not invest all your money in one corporation. To reduce risk, it is better to differentiate your portfolio.
  • Monitoring. It does not matter how long you have invested your capital. You can't let the situation get out of control. Be sure to follow quotes and read important economic news. This will help you get rid of stocks in time if they suddenly start to fall in price. A sharp increase should not be ignored either. There were cases when, in a short period of time, against the background of any political news, the value of shares went up sharply, and then returned to its previous value. Who managed to sell profitably, that and well done. Here you have a completely ordinary and more real example of making money on stocks without much effort.

Remember that the market does not stand still. It cannot rise indefinitely or fall constantly. Sooner or later, movement will begin in the opposite direction. On such fluctuations people earn very good money. Even the recent drop in the price of large stocks has now largely been offset. The market is cyclical. And yes, you can and should benefit from it.

How much to really earn on stocks

Everything directly depends solely on your capabilities. And not only financial, but also mental. The more money you invest, the more luxurious the profit will be. But only in the case when a competent technical analysis was carried out and the right conclusions were drawn. Big money is always a big risk.

Another amount of profit may vary depending on the chosen strategy. Trading is speculative trading. Today you bought shares cheaper, and tomorrow, for example, you have already sold them more expensive. The difference was credited to their account. Investors, on the other hand, invest for a long time and do not take actions with assets for many years.

Which of these is more beneficial? As practice shows, novice traders generally lose capital rather than increase it. First of all, this is due to the complexity of technical analysis and weak mentality. Any flash of excitement is capable of nullifying the deposit at the moment.

Does this mean that you must definitely freeze your money for a long time? Not at all. It is enough just to choose an effective automatic assistant that will independently study the market and make the necessary movements. The best robots able to bring their owners a very good income. At the same time, they trade in the short term. This is called scalping.

That is, the program analyzes the state of the market, buys one or another asset at the best price, and after some time sells it at a higher price. The profitability of each such transaction is small compared to investments, however, during the day, the robot can make tens or even hundreds of trading operations. So it ends up being a pretty big amount. If you are interested in real earnings on stocks, but do not have the proper experience of getting to know the market, be sure to adopt this technique.

In fact, there is simply no ceiling. Many of today's currency millionaires and billionaires also once started out with small capital investments in securities.

Common mistakes in working with stocks

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There are a few of the most common points that everyone who plans to start trading securities should definitely take note of:

  • Lack of discipline. The market does not term such participants and severely punishes them with the ruble. There must always be a strategy. Don't know what is needed for this? Study materials, for example, a broker. They often offer ready-made solutions. Don't like the existing ones? Write yours. But it is categorically impossible to enter the market without a strategy. Spontaneity is not welcome here.
  • Excessive emotionality. Trade assets with an exceptionally cool head. A warm heart will not help here, but will only aggravate the situation.
  • Relying only on intuition. As practice shows, only true trading and investment sharks can afford this. Everyone else must use technical analysis.
  • Disregard for modern technology. They exist to make life easier for all of us. And the market is no exception. If you are just planning to start making money on stocks, be sure to look at an effective automatic trading assistant. This is the best way not to start by resetting the account.
  • Investments in one security. Imagine that you bought a million shares of just one company. And then they sharply depreciated, say, 3 times. Your loss will be as much as 70%. And if this million is divided, for example, into 3 equal parts and invested in the securities of three companies, then the blow to the wallet will not be so strong. It often happens that against the backdrop of a fall in the shares of one market sector, the securities of another start to grow sharply. And in this case, you can not only successfully compensate for the minus, but even get a plus.
  • Insufficiently careful choice of a broker. Always keep in mind that he will control your entire trading account. If you don’t want to write angry comments on the Internet later and try to shake something out of a company that has suddenly evaporated, pay attention only to time-tested options.
  • Chasing too good offers. Pay attention to statistics. The most reliable investments are in companies included in the list of "blue chips". Yes, they are not trying to attract investors with some fabulous payouts. But your income will always be guaranteed. So do not rush to buy unverified, but too promising securities.

Key strategies for making money on stocks

All market participants use something of their own, which seems to them the most promising. However, any strategy has both pros and cons. And now I will briefly introduce them to you.

Earnings on dividends

This is exactly the same long-term perspective. You buy shares of different companies and become the owner of a part of the company that issued them. Dividends can be paid for different periods. Each company decides for itself which option is most appropriate for it. The average dividend in the Russian sector is 5-15% per annum. Yes, the indicator is not very impressive, but it is stability.

Trading and scalping

And here a quick reaction and nerves of steel are already required. All transactions last very little time. You have to buy low and sell high. A rather risky strategy, but here the potential profit is an order of magnitude higher.

Transfer of capital to management

Something like a bank deposit. Only your money is managed not by a credit institution, but by an investment company that invests it in those securities that it deems necessary. This strategy is good because you generally don’t have to think much, and even more so to comprehend the basics of technical analysis. You just need to find a trusted company. Of the minuses: you need a lot of money, no one can guarantee a positive result of trading, you do not manage your funds. And yes, the losses here are also often colossal, as is the income.

Investing in blue chips

I have already touched on this definition above. But in fact it is complete trading strategypreferred by a large number of investors. Key features are low dividends and high stability. Usually investing in blue chipshow people of age or adherents of bank deposits choose how to earn money (and often 2 in 1).

Can you make money on stocks? Oh sure. Regardless of the current market situation, there is always a loophole for everyone. You just need to learn how to use it to your advantage.

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