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The latest data shows that the Forex market continues to grow at a rapid pace, while the trader for ordinary people is also gaining popularity. Based on my knowledge and experience, I easily explained for myself such a high demand for the profession of a trader. First, the possibilities of the financial market are almost limitless. Secondly, anyone with a home PC or laptop can engage in speculative trading and benefit from it. Market Forex is a witness to numerous operations and transactions carried out daily. In just the first month of the new year, the total volume of transactions reached 35 trillion. US dollars, and this amount continues to grow rapidly.

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I post useful information about trading on the market Forex without burdening your readers with annoying ads. In a nutshell, here's what you can learn:

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Market Forex - basic information

Forex - This is an international market where transactions are made to buy / sell currencies in order to derive benefits (profit) due to the difference in exchange rates and fluctuations in the value of currencies. Anyone in their right mind will be able to take advantage of the almost limitless possibilities that open up Forex . One of the key advantages is the low entry threshold, meaning you can start trading even with a relatively small amount of initial capital. Getting a little deeper Forex, you will easily understand that this market is a good alternative to bank deposits (the interest on which rarely covers inflation) and investment funds (which are associated with a huge risk of losing deposits). Earn income for Forex even people with a small initial budget can.

On the other hand, trading in Forex comes with certain risks that you should be aware of. Most of the mistakes are made by beginners who risk money without understanding the essence of the issue. For many trading activity ends after the first failure.

There are two reasons for this: the lack of even basic knowledge, the inability to control one's emotions. The market situation is changing rapidly. This has a psychological impact on the novice trader. Therefore, to achieve success, you need a good knowledge base, as well as a desire to learn how to control yourself in order to avoid rash actions.

Is it worth trading in the market Forexif you are newbie? I, as a trader for ordinary people, cannot give a definite answer. It all depends on your desire to learn and develop, as well as financial capabilities. One cannot blame someone who does not want to engage in such activities, as he is aware of all the risks. Forex-trading should be taken very seriously, because any wrong step will lead to the loss of invested funds. According to experienced market players, Forex always throws up various tests, and also does not forgive the mistakes made.

The ability to control emotions is important so that you can stop in time and not enter into too risky trades. Having overcome the initial difficulties, you will not only receive a source of stable income, but also be able to relax mentally. Those who are successful trading binary options, have been able to significantly improve their quality of life. However, what knowledge is needed to get real income from Forex trading?

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Choose a reliable broker.
  2. Install and configure the terminal, open demo-check.
  3. Open a real trading account.
  4. Look for trading opportunities and make deals.

All this looks simpler than it really is. Therefore, I decided to elaborate on each of these steps in order to help you become a truly effective trader with a good income.

Step #1 - Choose a Reliable Broker

So, you have decided to become a trader. The first thing to start with is finding a reliable broker. Brokerage companies act as intermediaries to carry out trading operations on your behalf. They have access to foreign exchange transactions in the trading system Forex . Such transactions are carried out on their internal accounts (partially or completely).

This feature has led to the emergence of a huge number of scammers, so brokerage is poorly perceived by many countries at the legislative level. However, the fact of conducting a particular transaction within the company is very difficult to prove. Since small transactions carried out in the external market do not promise big profits for brokers, they are actively fighting for permission to conduct them on internal accounts.

Brokers provide both information and technical support for traders. However, if the broker offers a low entry threshold, i.e. accepts a small deposit, then the probability that trades will reach Forex, is low. It is best to give preference to a large financial institution that allows you to trade in the financial market. At the same time, pay attention to the following criteria: work experience, minimum deposit (from $ 1000 and above). Foreign companies deserve the greatest trust, but to work with them you need to know English. Among Russian brokers there are a huge number of outright scammers. However, there are also really honest brokers.

We will help you make the right choice!

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When choosing a brokerage company, you can pay attention to ratings of brokers. However, please note that many ratings paid for by the brokers themselves. There are also forums where traders share their experience of cooperation with a particular company. The opinion of experienced traders who have been working in the market for a long time can really be trusted. Enter into a dialogue with professionals, find out their opinion regarding a particular broker. The risk of falling into paid the forum member is still present, but it is lower than if you were guided only by the ratings of brokers.

Many companies use various tricks such as bonuses, reduced commissions, small initial deposits. Experienced companies with a large user base do not use these cheap tricks to attract customers.

The success of a trader depends not only on the broker, but also on the level of knowledge. Basic skills can be developed by reading specialized literature and watching videos. There are also courses on trading. However, avoid courses offered by brokerage companies. If the broker does not interact with the market, then it is not profitable for him to share effective knowledge, since in fact he teaches you to trade against himself. And this means that such courses are unlikely to be useful for you.

Step #2 - Install and configure the terminal, and open demo- account for educational purposes

If you already have a knowledge base, it's time to put them into practice. Start by looking for a trading terminal. This is a special software for tracking quotes / transactions. Download and install the program on your PC or laptop. After that, make the following settings:

  • Open currency charts, adjust the scale and color;
  • Place support/resistance lines on the chart trend and channel, as well as indicators;
  • Open an account with virtual money (demo).

Everything is ready for the conclusion of the first transaction! This is a complete real trading simulator, so everything you see is real trading process. The only difference demo-account from the present is that you will carry out operations with virtual funds that do not have any value.

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Continue trading on demo-account until you have acquired the skills needed to generate consistent profits. However, do not delay this process, because there are still certain differences between "virtually" and real trading. Realizing that you are spending virtual money, you run the risk of becoming overly relaxed, and end up with the same carelessness in managing real money. I traded with demo-account for about two months. I do not recommend that you spend more time practicing with demo-account.

Step #3 - Open a real trading account and make trades

So, you have come to the most important step of all those listed above. I must say right away that I started my trading activity with transactions for small amounts, and I recommend that you do the same. Trading with demo-account, you have developed a certain trading strategy. Now it should work for you as a cheat sheet while trading with a real account. One of the problems of novice traders (which I also encountered in the early stages) is that they relate to Forex trade is not serious enough. In fact, you need a responsible approach, as if it were an activity that has the highest demands. In addition, you should always read the news carefully. Forexto keep abreast of all the latest developments in the market.

Spend your budget sparingly so as not to drain it immediately. TO Forex earnings you will only really get started when you learn how to properly manage your capital. Try to maintain mental stability: do not exult over a successful transaction, do not lose heart over the slightest slip.

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Please note that some brokerage companies offer to open a cent account. The difference from the usual one is that the deposited funds are displayed not in dollars, but in cents. When you see a lot of numbers, it creates the illusion that you are making a deal for a large amount (this is how our brain works). In fact, this is a great opportunity for a novice trader.

How to make sure that your knowledge and skills really work? I believe that if you keep your deposit stable with a large number of transactions, then you have achieved some success. This suggests that you are slowly but surely moving towards a professional trading.

Let's take as an example the famous American trader George Soros. He became famous for being able to earn about $ 1 billion in just 1 day. How did he manage to make so much money Forex? It is very difficult to answer this question, since there are no clear rules and algorithms of actions. However, the profitability of trading in the market Forex depends on several factors:

  • Qualification of the trader (namely, his knowledge and experience);
  • Deposit size (with a large budget, you can earn more on the same transaction);
  • Used financial instruments for trading operations.

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Another factor that affects the profitability of trading activities is called luck. But, Trading has nothing to do with gambling, so you can not rely only on chance. To earn really a lot, a trader must have a serious knowledge base, be diligent and persistent. I know from my own experience that real trading begins only 1-2 years after the start of activity. Without knowledge and the desire to acquire it, you are unlikely to achieve any significant success. Moreover, Forex - this is not the place where you can instantly earn like George Soros. Before investing in assets, he invested a lot of time in his own training.

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