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How to avoid scammers when scammers are lurking on every website and are actively trying to catch on their virtual bait? Now this question can be safely called one of the most urgent, because most often the victim does not even suspect that he is transferring money with his own hand to the account of unscrupulous users.

In 2021 alone, scammers living on the Internet and using phone calls as a divorce have enriched themselves by as much as 50 billion rubles. But these are only approximate figures, since not every victim advertises his losses.

However, not everything is so scary. There is a special instruction that allows the user to recognize all types of virtual fraud from afar and to be constantly on the alert. It is especially important to know it for those who are looking for ways to earn extra money on the Internet. I suggest that you carefully read the list below and take note of all the useful information it contains.

Techniques used by scammers on the Internet

how to avoid the tricks of scammers

So, you need to know the attacker, if not by sight, then at least by handwriting. As a rule, most of the actions performed by unscrupulous Internet users are similar to each other, as they affect aspects of human psychology. And if you know about these tricks in advance, it will be much easier to avoid financial losses. Here are some typical virtual fraud options that are very easy to run into when looking for online earnings:

  • Too profitable and simple offer.

This is the first thing you need to pay attention to right away. Swindlers love to play on people's dreams, promising them an instant solution to all financial and social problems. This has become especially relevant against the backdrop of the economic difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic around the world. Many employers cut the wages of their employees, impose strict conditions, transfer them to a remote job with a reduction in their salary, simply fire them “of their own free will”.

In such an atmosphere, many people start looking for additional income on the Internet and increasingly fall for the bait of scammers. After all, it is extremely difficult to refuse the tempting offer "to earn 15 thousand a week in just 2-3 hours of employment a day." And this is still the most modest thing that can be seen in the list of manipulations of virtual swindlers. Remember that this most often means an attempt to deprive the user of his last hard-earned money.   

  • Requirement for prepayment or insurance.

No serious employer will ever demand this from a potential employee. If you want to know how to avoid the tricks of scammers, just make it a rule to never transfer money online to unknown or unfamiliar people, even if they are very convincing in their reasoning.

More often than not, we are always talking about access to various databases of suppliers of goods, manufacturers, as well as insurance for typists (such as this will be a guarantee that you will definitely fulfill your order, and not leave the employer). In fact, immediately after the transfer, the scammers dissolve almost without a trace on the Internet.

  • Online trainings, seminars and training supposedly guaranteeing quick income.

Recently, this direction has become very popular. Only the lazy one did not declare himself a business guru. All of these tutorials are served completely free of charge. However, no one is going to do charity work here, of course.

What will actually happen next. The first acquaintance will be very bright and positive, you will be carried away in every possible way and will promise mountains of gold in the first month after being introduced into a particular profession (targetologist, marketer, website developer, copywriter, it doesn't matter, everything that is somehow connected with making money on the Internet... But in order to certainly acquire the entire set of necessary knowledge, as well as to receive supposedly real support from the guru in the form of clients, you will have to study this business further, and then the first installments are not far off.

In fact, such professions, of course, exist. But they certainly do not need to be trained through all seminars. Yes, and real earnings can be obtained definitely not in 2-3 hours of daily employment. Any profession, even if it is remote, implies experience, development and improvement. And all this takes time.

  • Lack of detailed information about a potential employer.

How to avoid online scammers? Study the person who invites you to work hard. If the employer talks a lot about the upcoming opportunities, offers to start work immediately, but at the same time cannot provide such data as the legal address, full official name of the office, TIN, and so on, you should think about his conscientiousness.

  • A huge amount of information immediately dumping on a person.

This is the main distinguishing feature of all internet scams. They try to capture the mind and attention of a person to the maximum, so that he cannot turn on sanity for a minute. It is difficult for you to concentrate on individual theses of this stream, so the brain begins to perceive only general information, which seems to be very attractive.

It also affects the psyche. A person overloaded with data (most often not particularly connected with each other) begins to get nervous and lose a sense of self-control. In such a situation, it is much easier to make a mistake, for example, make a money transfer to the account of a supposedly very profitable financial partner or a company offering to get rich literally in the very first days after the start of cooperation.

  • The abundance of exaggeration and delight in the presentation.

As a rule, a good employer does not need a pretty wrapper. Any company has a corporate presentation and tries to list the maximum of its positive features that distinguish it from competitors. But when the project is simply replete with such words as: "very", "a lot", "big", "colossal", "maximum", "amazing" and their varieties, you should not register there. Most likely, behind these interesting phrases, there is a banal fraudulent scheme to take money from the population.

What else can and should be alarming in the design of a project or proposal. For example, the use of bright colors, different fonts and intrusive text emphasis. All this focuses a person's attention on phrases that fraudsters need. And you need to grasp the very essence of promises. If we are talking about the simplest earnings without any investments at all, but with a gorgeous result, most likely, communication takes place with scammers.

  • The need to go through a very long and detailed registration in the project, indicating the maximum amount of information about yourself.

On the Internet, it is dangerous to write not only the code on the back of the card. Sometimes the loss of all savings is caused by the disclosure of information such as a mobile phone number, an up-to-date email address, as well as TIN, SNILS and other personal information. After all, with its help it is quite easy to hack almost any electronic wallet, account, or gain access to a card account.

Therefore, when you start registering in some application, on a website or project to make money online, pay attention to these requirements. Indeed, the legal system of passive income at the first stage will not ask for complete information about the user.

  • Sending high-profile offers to instant messengers, email or social networks.

It is difficult to imagine that Gazprom or Sberbank themselves offered someone to make money in this way. Therefore, you should not expect that a large company with high salaries will be engaged in sending out offers for simple and quick income on the Internet. If you notice the mention of a big name or famous brand in a similar context, feel free to mark such a message as spam. This is the most correct reaction.

How to avoid becoming a victim of online scams

how to avoid online scammers

Forewarned is forearmed. When it comes to online safety, there are a few simple rules to follow to help you avoid losing money when trying to find an additional way to earn money:

  • Don't look for easy and quick money.

This is exactly what the scammers are counting on, offering the most incredible options for instant and hassle-free enrichment. Therefore, just do not hope that money will simply float into your hands without any effort. You still have to do something.

  • Do not be fooled by unusual offers coming from the accounts of friends, acquaintances and relatives on social networks.

Fraudsters could well hack their page and independently offer such schemes of supposedly fast passive earnings from it. If possible, be sure to contact the account owner to clarify the information. Most likely, he has no idea that he offered you anything at all.

  • Do not sign any agreements or contracts without first examining their contents in detail.

Even if the company offering you investment earnings or remote cooperation looks more than solid, sent a huge colorful presentation and told everything in a very accessible way, you can't rush to sign an autograph. Be sure to show the documents to a professional lawyer, or better to a friend. This is especially true when it comes to really significant amounts of cash investments. Otherwise, then there is a risk not only of losing all savings, but also of being in debt.

  • Do not share personal information with anyone.

Try to cover all your data to a minimum. Remember that card and bank accounts are available in a mobile application that is linked to a mobile phone number or email address. With their help, you can easily hack almost any personal protection.

  • Use official antivirus software and VPN.

This will help to secure the search for profitable projects on the Internet. Even if the virus tries to penetrate your computer and from there transfer information about logins and passwords on all sites, including bank personal accounts, the program will block it and will not allow serious material damage.

  • Don't follow the links.

Whoever sent them to you with a note about remote work and big profits, just delete the dubious letter. Remember that there is a high probability that any page on a social network will be hacked. Just one click on such a link can lead to zeroing of all accounts, and not at all to additional income on the network.

  • Do not transfer money to any doubtful person.

This is a basic rule that should never be broken. It is almost impossible to return a transfer from a card. When paying by VISA / MasterCard, you can make charjbeck... Only in the most extreme cases, lending institutions go to meet victims of online fraudsters.

Is it possible to return the money that the swindlers have fraudulently obtained

In fact, the chances are scanty. We have a corresponding law, according to which the bank must return the amount if its client reported fraudsters within 30 hours from the date of transfer. The account is blocked and an investigation begins. This will take XNUMX days. If the fact of a hacked Internet bank is confirmed, the chances of a favorable outcome increase. However, once you have made the translation yourself, it is almost impossible to prove it wrong. In this case, the bank puts all the blame directly on the sender of the money. It is very rare when people have achieved a positive decision in a similar situation.

So, answering the question of how to avoid fraudsters when looking for earnings on the Internet, I will repeat once again that you need to be extremely careful, turn off the excitement and not believe beautiful promises. Of course, you can establish passive income in a remote format. There are ways, but they do not lie on the surface and certainly are not sent to everyone by mail.

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