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Working with exchange-traded assets has recently become more and more popular and profitable, so many novice traders are looking for where they can get free online Forex forecasts. After all, it is this tool that helps to trade in a plus, even with a complete lack of technical knowledge and practical skills. However, most exchange analysts recommend using online forecasts for traders of all levels. These services significantly improve the performance of transactions and save a lot of time.

What is the essence of forecasts for the foreign exchange market? Can they be found freely available on the Internet, or do you have to pay big money for profitable signals? I will talk about this below. In the meantime, a few words about what such an "assistant" is for a modern trader in general.

How Forex Forecasts Work

It's actually pretty simple. A specially written program continuously analyzes stock indicators, compares the input data with historical ones, and when it detects a potentially profitable entry into the market, it sends an appropriate signal to the user. You just have to decide whether to open a deal or not. As you can see, the last word always remains with the trader. Therefore, the user is always aware of the situation regarding the state of his trading account.

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But how do such amazing automatic programs, which, in fact, can almost completely replace a living market participant? But the creation of such a project is a very complicated and time-consuming process. At the first stage, programmers are involved. They create a user interface that is comfortable for both experienced and novice traders. Then they fill in the personal account with the settings, prescribe the basic principle of the program. That is, a "canvas" is created.

The second stage already depends on exchange specialists, who have an impressive experience of trading various assets according to their own handwritten strategies. They form an algorithm, on the basis of which the program will analyze the market, and then give appropriate recommendations for buying or selling this or that asset. After that, the project is repeatedly tested in real market trading conditions. In the presence of deficiencies or errors, the algorithm is corrected until the percentage of effectiveness is as high as possible.

In fact, a high-quality finished product is a huge help for a trader of any level of knowledge. Competently constructed forex forecasts can bring a lot of money to their user, if, of course, he trusts the program, and does not start competing with it in the correctness of the analytics. Indeed, in this case, the entire responsibility for the transaction is entirely on the trader. If you decide to go against the recommendations of the project, the result can be unpredictable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Forex Forecasts

These programs have a lot of advantages. Of course, there were some negative sides too. However, in my opinion, these projects have much more positive qualities. So, here are some of the main advantages of such programs:

  • High accuracy of forecasts.

As practice shows, no live market participant can boast of such high-quality deals, the overwhelming majority of which are closed in favor of the trader. There is always a risk of human error in forecasting. This is especially true for situations with high market volatility. In this case, an accurate Forex price forecast becomes literally an irreplaceable financial instrument.

  • A trader has a lot of free time.

Just imagine how much easier trading will be when a specially tuned program takes over all the analytics. Most of the users of such projects claim that their income has almost completely passed into the passive sphere, because the trader simply needs to submit an application, and at the right time, only fix the result. You don't have to learn the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis on your own. But it is precisely this need that often frightens off the majority of those who want to start making money on Forex.

  • A large number of potential points for entering the market during the day.

The program for signaling really works at a very high speed, which does not affect the quality of forecasts in any way. You can receive dozens of potentially profitable market entry alerts per day.

  • Suitable for both experienced and novice market participants.

Such forecasts are truly a universal "lifesaver" for every investor. It doesn't matter what experience you have with the foreign exchange market. Profitable tips pointing in the right direction are needed by everyone, without exception.

  • Decrease in emotional and psychological stress.

When you trade based solely on your own intuition, you are always under a lot of stress. And this is the main enemy of a successful trader. If you follow the advice of a well-written program for making quick forex forecasts, the excitement is greatly reduced. The result is increased concentration and increased attention to detail. Now you will not make an annoying mistake just because you were just overwhelmed.

  • The ability to start without drawdowns.

When you first start learning Forex, every penny counts. After all, the amount of the initial capital greatly affects the trader's capabilities, as well as the level of profit. As real practice shows, most novice players lose a significant share of their account in the first months after starting work with the exchange. Forex forecasts are your chance not only to keep your capital intact, but also to quickly increase it.

  • Round-the-clock work.

There is hardly a trader somewhere who is able to trade 24/7. But services with profitable exchange signals do not know what fatigue is. So even if you want to work in the middle of the night, the program will always be at hand and will give you the right recommendation.

  • The ability to use forecasts not only from a PC, but also from a mobile phone and tablet.

Not everyone is ready to carry a laptop with them. But the smartphone for sure is always in your pocket. Modern services that provide Forex forecasts for the day always have a convenient mobile version, the functionality of which is fully consistent with the full-format program.

  • Convenient notification format.

As a rule, such programs do not just give a recommendation, but accompany it with a sound signal and a pop-up window. This way you will never miss a profitable market forecast.

And now a few words about the shortcomings of such programs:

  • there is no fully automatic mode;
  • it is not so easy to find a free offer of up-to-date forex forecasts;
  • some programs have not been sufficiently tested, so they are not very effective.

As you can see, against the background of such an impressive number of advantages, these disadvantages do not look so critical. After all, the most important thing is to find a proven version of the service that will offer really correct forecasts. And we are ready to offer you a couple of such options. They have a good reputation in the professional community and show real lucrative signals for action.

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Automatic assistant Abi

This robot helped to establish a passive financial flow for more than one tens of thousands of traders and tested me not once. However, it has more than just a completely autonomous mode of operation. "Abi" can independently analyze the current situation on the market, and then offer its owner high-quality forex forecasts. And if they are followed exactly, the profit will not be long in coming.

You can activate the trading signals mode in the settings of your personal account after registering on the official website of the project. This procedure will take a few minutes at most. After that, you will receive an e-mail in your mail, which will contain information about access to your personal account.

Flexible robot settings Abi allow you to take into account the preferences of each trader in trading. For example, you can choose a more high-risk and profitable principle of working with the market, or the classic version of the main algorithm. The robot will study the exchange activity, strictly following the points you have chosen.

The Abi project is completely free. You do not have to pay a commission for registering in the system or using forex forecasts. The robot has an intuitive interface that even a beginner without foreign exchange trading experience will quickly master. A high system efficiency rate of 87% will allow you to trade with the lowest possible risk. Abi has been on the market for 7 years and during this time has received 5 prestigious international awards. So if you are looking for a proven source of quality forex forecasts, we advise you to pay special attention to this project.

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Binaroption - highly effective signals for working with the foreign exchange market

This is another great option for a trading project, which is used by thousands of traders every day who want to increase the profitability of their account. It combines elementary simplicity and the best technical innovations of our time. Free of charge forex forecasts from Binaroption - Reliable and timely alerts on potentially profitable market entry points. You do not need to cram into all the subtleties of technical analysis. This is a truly universal tool that anyone who wants to start making money on the foreign exchange market can use.

A simple interface, a lot of useful settings that allow the system to adapt to the usual trading rhythm of each trader and high efficiency of forecasts are the key to the popularity of this system. To get access to free alerts, go through a simple registration. It involves filling out a short personal questionnaire on the site with the name and surname of the user, as well as the email address and mobile phone number. After confirmation of registration, a personal account with convenient settings is automatically created. That's it, you can fund your account and start trading using forex forecasts. The service works around the clock, 5 days a week. Therefore, there will be really a lot of signals for action.

Today the system of automatic forecasts for the foreign exchange market is one of the most popular and simple financial instruments for mastering exchange trading. Find out for yourself how easy and effective Forex trading can be. Register in one of the projects described above and get a lot of effective forecasts for free today.

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