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Dear friends! I'm sure many of you interested in the topic trade binary optionsThey began to look reviews on this subject: about the actual binary options brokers and their reliability, the principles of trade, and support tools. On the Internet, now you can find a lot of feedback, and sometimes they are very contradictory. Why is it so? And the answer is simple. How many people - so many opinions. Someone's got to start making the financial market, someone is learning and gaining experience, and someone has the experience was not entirely rosy. Therefore, the responses I am sometimes critical. In the first place they need to be not only informative, but also substantiated.

Positive reviews

It's always nice to read about the success stories. They are all very individual and unique. Because binary options publicly available. No matter you are a man or a woman, what you age or income, what is your education. Everyone can achieve good results. A little patience, diligence and you will be able to write about their own positive experiences. Here are some illustrative examples:

binary options feedback

But once I heard a very good saying: "If reviews (No matter what) only positive - think something's wrong here. " And I agree. What themes do not touch, along with good reviews and there will always be negative. And here it is important to their percentage of the more than positive or negative.

Regarding the binary options I can see that negative reviews appear on three occasions:

1) People (traders) began to work with unreliable broker and as a result lost his deposit.

So my advice: always check the binary options broker on the reliability, the presence of his certificates for legal and regulatory activities. You can get acquainted with Black list brokers и Binary options broker ratingI've made for you. Choose only the best and proven platform for trading.

scams brokers

2) black PR from competitors

Yes, and this happens everywhere. Competition is great, and some are guided by the rule "In war, all means are good." Therefore, start forums and in social networks to write unflattering reviews of competing platforms. But this is a case where the reputation of a reliable broker does not suffer as a percentage of contract bad reviews is small in comparison with the positive experience of other traders.

3) negative experience of the trader on his own fault.

As I wrote earlier, some people want everything at once. They are in a hurry, are part of the excitement, or are beginning to invest in options, not even knowing the basic and simple rules of the financial market. To this did not happen, you need a more thorough approach. This is why I started to run their site. Every day I pick only high quality, useful and informative content, try to teach him all the plain language.

scam brokers

So do not be lazy and read articles of the headings:

  • binary options strategy;
  • Signals for binary options;
  • financial market news;
  • training materials (books) on the binary options;
  • communicate with other traders in the forum and in my group VKontakte.

Remember! Money should work for you and generate income, not to slip through his fingers.

All reasonable and successful trading! And I hope, very soon you will share with me your success stories!

Update as of 04-10-2016

The real and the best review of binary options

I decided to go back again to the question of the review of binary options, and add to it the real and the best recall. Therefore, I am updating an existing article. Why is it the best, because the most comprehensive, read on, and everything in order.

It is natural and right that many before you start to trade and to open a trading account, search the Internet binary options real reviews About the broker. I did the same thing in my time! You need to get more information about the broker to be sure. In August, 2016, I started trading with the new Opteck broker. After that, I received several letters from different people, that there are not very good reviews and complaints about the broker Optec. My answer in such cases is always one, that the reviews can be read, but you always need to double-check and recognize the ordered ones, in the first part of the article I wrote about it. But for me, the main thing is my own check, and when the facts are on the face, and not someone's words are not backed up by anything. If you have proof that the broker does not withdraw the earned money, then you should have screenshots of correspondence with the manager or some other facts. But this is not, there are empty words.

I went to this broker in August and has already managed to make the first withdrawal. See my screenshots in the category trade reports >>>. This is further proof that the broker works properly and that many comments on it, as in many other large brokers are simply not real, and custom. Such are custom responses, is not only to brokers, but also successful traders like me. Therefore, it was decided to drop me deeply, and write an article on the best contract reviews about binary options.

Leave a negative review of the broker or trader can be a simple man, a competitor and professional complainers - blackmailers. They leave most best binary option reviews. these reviews will be the most realistic for the common man, the man is so constituted that readily believes in all the bad. Professional blackmailers know all the popular themed websites and scour the internet, telling their stories, that newcomers take at face value. In such a reaction and goes calculation.

What does blackmail give negative feedback? For a young broker, such "real" reviews can be fatal. For a broker familiar to all, this threatens the loss of some of the new customers and the loss of money. Especially blackmail blossomed during the next licensing of brokers. Calculation of the blackmailer is understandable, the regulator, most likely will not understand who is right, and who is to blame. Just punish a round sum of the broker. Therefore, a broker with a license, like no one else will try to extinguish the focus of the conflict in the beginning. As you guessed it, the easiest way is to pay the blackmailer to remove the negative feedback. What they hope for in turn.

Write on a popular forum that evil broker swept around the finger painted on schedule drew the pin and the unfortunate trader lost all the money. Or simply does not withdraw the money earned. Excuse me, in general, only the broker. Though the blackmailer, I do not even open the broker platform and trading account, and even more so. In the most severe case of blackmailers have their own websites where they are ready to throw mud at his victim. All so far until all requirements are met.

The development of the Internet and online trading, attracted the attention of not only the common people who want to earn on the Internet, but also professional blackmailers. All this has a negative impact on industry as a whole. Some of them are losing money due to the blackmailers, others lose the chance to learn to earn in the financial markets. I do not mind brokers, I feel sorry for people who do not take a chance!


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