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Like any object of the financial market, binary options have their advantages and disadvantages. And before the start of trading is better acquainted with them, then to not be surprises.

Let's start with benefits:

Risk control - Begins trading with binary options that need to be made in a certain field, the amount of your investment. Want 25 $, and want 500 $ or more. After that you will see how much you can earn on a successful prediction, and how much can be lost (and in most cases of the return) at the wrong prediction.

Profits and risks are known in advance, before the opening of the option. Therefore, trading binary options is considered one of the safest online trading. If you have something does not suit, the option to purchase is not required. And the amount of investments can navigate up or down.

Yield Option - This is an advantage, which draws attention in the first place. The opportunity to earn up to 87% on investment in a short time. Suppose we do forecast that the ruble will fall because of the new sanctions by the Eurozone. Invest 100 $ and select the option exercise period. After this period, we see that the rate actually fell. Obtain 180 $, including 80 $ - net profit. Great, is not it? And not have to wait for a week or a month. High income in a short period of time - unquestionable advantage of trade binary options.

Time of the option chosen by the trader - Now we'll discuss the option expiry time (time of its closure). You can choose at what period of time to invest. It may be short-term options - from the 30 1 seconds to hours. These are the options most often chosen by traders as an opportunity to make a profit in the shortest time. Yes, and it is easier to predict them. Long-term options open for a week or even a month.

advantages of binary options

Minimum investment - Trading on the stock exchange can start with a small deposit and using the minimum rates. This is especially good if you are a beginner and want to begin to test their strength and capabilities. Rate 25 $ a great option and a great advantage in comparison with other types of trading.

I hasten to please those for whom the start 25 $ bolshevat amount. Now in the market there are good brokers that provide the opportunity to invest in binary options, starting with 1$. You can check out my Forex brokers with a minimum deposit.

Accessibility and availability online - To trade binary options can be on specially designed platform that delivers binary options brokers. No software download is required, trade takes place online. Going into the personal account login and password, you can get acquainted with the market quotes, market situation, choose the asset and start making money on the trade. No need to have a deep knowledge of financial market instruments. Learn how to trade options and everyone can!

Availability of supporting tools - For a successful binary options trading you must use a variety of tools: strategies, signals, news, schedules and training materials. All this I consider when creating your site, so be sure to pick up only a useful and high-quality material. Read, use, ask questions. Together to achieve success easier!

Demo Accounts - Some brokers binary options can provide you with an opportunity to practice trading on a demo account. It is for you to try your hand. Indeed, sometimes scary start trading with real money. You can check out my Forex brokers with a demo account.

Now let's look shortcomings binary options trading:

The possibility of losing investments - Before me, it was noted that for a small period of time, you can earn up to 87% of the investment. But it is at the correct prediction. If he would be wrong, investments will be lost, and the broker will return only a small portion of them (an average of 10-15%). But it is inevitable in the financial market. Do all the time 100% forecasts impossible. So the risks need to be prepared. And in order not to lose their money foolishly, to do only meaningful financial projections using auxiliary tools: binary options strategy, financial market news, Study Materials и Signals for binary options.

Excitement and emotion - The financial market is not a roulette and not a game. Every step you take must be deliberate and prudent decision. Do not let your emotions guide you. In binary options trading is not acceptable. Although very often I meet people who were part of the excitement and forget that you need to do a correct prediction, not randomly press buttons call or put. Do not be lazy to learn new material, or read a useful article. They will help you, and will not take the time. You do not have to rush to make a profit. Many want all at once. Without the time and effort. And so, unfortunately, does not happen. Such people are at risk of losing their deposits. And then on the network from time to time there are negative reviews about binary options. I know from experience that in most cases because of the errors of the people themselves.

Unscrupulous brokers binary options - Unfortunately, but it is a fact that the financial market from time to time there are unscrupulous brokers who, by all means try to seize the means of traders. Therefore, always pay attention to their reputation, and financial regulators on legal activities. You can read the Black list brokersAs well as Ranking of the best binary options brokersI made especially for you. This will help not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

That's all. I wish you all success and profitable trading!



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