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Started trading in options for a long time. In the beginning, it belonged to OTC transactions and had no controls. In 1973 year founded the Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Board Options Exchange with the rules governing trade options. She was the first and largest platform for trade, although with time in the registry and other markets has been added to options trading.

The Chicago Board of Exchange

To deal proceeded reliably amplified and regulation. Commission was established, which regulates the performance of obligations on the part of both buyers and sellers.

So gradual development options trading has led to of Binary Options. And they have evidence that trading can be simple, understandable and accessible.

The ubiquity of online platforms and tools helped popularize of Binary OptionsWhere you can find a significant amount of the underlying assets, deadlines and contract options.

Assets Binary Options

In 2009 year trade binary options attracted the attention of many traders around the world. They were better able to control their risks and use the already well-known and comfortable Strategy. The number of platforms that offer binary options trading, began to grow as the number of these trading options. By the way, I have been drawn up Ranking of the best binary options brokersWhere you will find all important comparative characteristics. And if you want you can read in detail about each of them.

And now, according to experts already millions of people around the world choose the platform for trading binary options, as source of income on the Internet. After all, it is simple, accessible to everyone and opens the door to financial independence.

The Chicago Board of Exchange

Chicago Board Options Exchange in Chicago located on the street South LaSalle Street, 400. It is considered the largest and most successful option exchange in America. Moreover, the exchange is justly called the first to introduce a variety of technological innovations, innovative financial products. In the direction of e-commerce it is difficult to find an equal.

To describe the exchange capacity, it is better to present a few numbers. It offers options to 2200 different companies, more than two dozen world indices and exchange traded funds 140. It is worth noting that trade - is not the only thing that offers the market.

The Exchange also unique and unusual so-called "hybrid" order processing system. It allows you to instantly process all orders. The hybrid system provides customers the opportunity to choose their own options for the processing of orders. This can be a voice auction, and the electronic system.

95% of transactions are processed electronically, which is very convenient for all participants. The remaining operations are 5 percent of large investors, who do not work on their own, but through brokers.

On the first day of trade exchange showed excellent results - April 26 1973 years 911 staff contracts had been signed. The scope of work is constantly growing. To date, just over 24 hours of about one million professionals signed contracts.

According 2007, the capitalization of derivatives in the year exceeds $ 450 trillion. Such indicators could not get any more exchange. At the beginning of the year 2010 Exchange registered documents in order to sell the shares in the public mode.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) offers traders to trade options on world indices, the most popular stocks, including long-term ones. It is indicative that innovative trading options are offered - according to the SVOE S & P500 BuyWrite index and FLEX options.

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