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Recently, on traders' forums, I increasingly see messages in which a player is interested in what a Forex trading advisor is: a robot for "cheating" newbies or real software for making money on the exchange. Since such comments are ubiquitous, I decided to shed light on this issue and dispel the doubts of most traders who started working with the Forex market not so long ago. So let's start with the basics.

The essence of the mechanical assistant

What is an automatic Expert Advisor? Is this a divorce or is it a real opportunity to earn money without sitting in your pants at the computer? Yes, such programs do exist. They were developed by intelligent IT specialists under the supervision of leading forex players. After all, no programmer is able to create an actual product for the Forex industry without the knowledge of a competent investor.

Such software is intended for independent trading without human intervention. Scared to entrust money to a robot? Not enough to sweat and wait for your finest hour, spending a lot of time tracking down the right moment to enter the market. Most traders complain about constant stress and complete lack of free time. So what's the problem? Here is a real remedy for emotional overload. Just choose the most convenient automatic program for making moneyand money will start to flow into the account non-stop.

In fact, this software is designed specifically for those users who do not have the opportunity to spend hours developing their own trading strategy and giving up their personal life. Who is a trading robot suitable for? A robot is a universal means of earning money for both a student or housewife, and for a professional specialist. In the settings of the program, you select exactly those points that are needed for profitable trading. The software does not show unnecessary independence, which is extremely important for the current market situation. The robot uses only proven trading methods, which have repeatedly demonstrated their effectiveness among top level investors.

Forex trading robot advisor

All mechanical trading systems have a number of internal settings, thanks to which each user will be able to adapt his personal assistant to his personal preferences in trading. If you are accustomed to trading hard and actively, without wasting on trifles, then the robot will be able to offer an algorithm based on the principle Martingale... It is thanks to this system that the most risky players will be able to make millions in just a few days. And this is not a joke. If the previous bet was negative, then the next robot will raise in order to compensate for the resulting loss and, as a result, get a profit. This strategy is clearly not for the faint of heart. But everyone knows that the one who does not take risks does not drink champagne.

Do you want a more calm and measured trading mode? No problem. Choose a variant of the classic game or the Fibonacci method. In this case, the program will focus on the set limits of the maximum possible risk. The software will never exceed its authority and violate the established rules. You can rest assured of its profitability.

What else is useful automatic trading robot? Let's say you work exclusively on your own. But what about the night? It is unlikely that any of the players can boast of uninterrupted round-the-clock trading. Even if a living person dares to work non-stop, this is unlikely to lead to a positive result. We all get tired, nervous and run the risk of making a ridiculous mistake because of "blurring the eyes." But well-written robots advisors do not know such problems. It does not lose its effectiveness, no matter how much it works. This makes automated trading software one of the leading life hacks for easy and quick income.

Forex advisors that I recommend

forex robot advisor is the best choice

Today there is a real excitement in the market of automatic assistants. What sellers of the best in the world do not promise Forex robots". I wrote this concept in quotation marks, since most often this formulation hides a banal and unprincipled deception. Most of these offers do not contain a single drop of truth, but only a desire to steal your money. I have tested a lot of robots and am ready to give you a personal secret of the effectiveness of automated trading on Forex. So, here are two real working EAs:

  • Forex robot Abi... This, in my opinion, is a completely unique innovation among the mass of dubious analogues. The assistant easily handles the smooth analysis of a huge amount of digital data. In parallel with this, the system makes transactions and replenishes the account of its owner. The robot trades with an efficiency of 87%, which is a truly unique indicator. Most experienced players admit that they cannot predict the direction of the trend with such accuracy in a short time period. An additional bonus is the availability of a training account, where you can test a new strategy at any time. In addition, this robot is absolutely free. In addition to brokerage commissions, the creators of the project will not charge you a penny for using it.
  • Earning system Autocrypto-bot... Fortunately, Abi is not the only promising project with free access for everyone. If you want to trade not only standard asset options, but also digital coins, then Autocryptobot is what you need. This robot copes well with the severe volatility of all promising virtual currencies. And he has a very simple scheme of work. First you need to register. It will take no more than a couple of minutes. In such a short time, this trading robot (Forex advisor) will instantly create a personal account with all internal settings. You just have to select the required parameters.

I tested all these both options myself on my own hard earned money. None of them disappointed me. For this reason alone, I recommend that you stop straining and trust one of the above mechanical assistants.

Effective Forex Robot: Expert Advisor with Minimum Disadvantages

Of course, any project has both advantages and some disadvantages. In the case of automated trading software, I found one flaw. An effective program is hard to find. While I have identified these two most successful options by trial and error, I had to go through a bunch of banal "divorces". Most of the attractive offers on the Internet are just bait for inexperienced and naive players who want to quickly get rich without unnecessary problems. Remember that applications that work at no extra cost are rare. Few people want to sell an assistant that guarantees a profit of several million, as the beautiful advertisement promises.

The best Forex robots have a lot of advantages. I will give the main ones:

  • Uninterrupted work. Automated trading software operates day and night without losing efficiency. The assistant chooses the best moments to open a deal, even if he hasn't rested for a long time.
  • The most reliable partners. Those experts whom I have advised you work exclusively with trusted brokers with an impeccable reputation. Before opening an account with any robot, be sure to check its popularity and connections with professional market participants. Reliable projects have long established high-quality friendly alliances with large brokerage companies.
  • Automatic trading mode. There is nothing better than a streamlined passive income. You can devote time to study, work, family, or leisure. The robot will trade on the market on its own.
  • Lack of stress and emotional stress. Find out for yourself and see how easy and enjoyable trading can be. Forget sleepless nights and sweaty palms. No more mistakes due to banal human carelessness or fatigue. Even the best investors admit to being buzzed from time to time. But the robot will not try to win back violently by risking your deposit. He follows only cold and sober calculation, despite the supposed attempts of the market to confuse its participants.
  • Fast learning. Almost all assistants are designed for novice traders. everyone will be able to master the robot, even if they don't know anything about trading analysis.
  • Minimum investment. An automatic program for making money requires its owner to have at least $ 100-250. This is quite enough to open an initial deposit and start trading assets.
  • Free access. Of course, not all robots can be used without harming your wallet. Abi and Autocryptobot are designed in such a way that you can register in the system without additional commission.

So, as you can see, trading robots have many advantages. Forget about all the difficulties that you have heard from professional traders before. Now modern technologies are playing on the side of man. Register on one of the free projects, and you will find out how easy it is to establish permanent passive income.

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