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Not so long ago, trading was considered the destiny of selected experts, spending all their free time studying the market and creating intricate trading strategies. It is really not so simple to speculate with currency or stock assets. We will have to master the fundamental and technical analysis, as well as constantly identify patterns of price movement of financial instruments. However, today traders received invaluable assistance in the form of Expert Advisor. The introduction of trading utilities greatly simplified the task for investors and freed up a lot of time for relaxation. This time I will tell you about the benefits that a player can get using an automatic robot.

The main parameters that include all EA advisors

Expert Advisor is a special program based on embedded algorithms. All operations written in the algorithm of this software are performed mainly on the H1 timeframe. The utility is based on the principle of operation of neural networks, which act as a specific memory bank. This is how the system captures all working combinations that have previously been proven effective on the market.

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Due to this function, the program selects for its owner the most profitable positions that can significantly increase the trader's deposit. But do not forget that speculation in market assets is always associated with high risk. Forex is famous for the volatility and unpredictability of trends.

The price of the instrument can easily turn around or jump sharply where no one expects such a movement. And the neural network is not a universal panacea for the drawdown of capital. In order for your trading robot to adapt to such situations and be able to correctly respond to any surprise from the selected asset, its algorithm requires regular updates.

The assistant must be able to predict the course of the currency and make money practically out of the blue, where a live trader will simply miss the moment to grab a solid jackpot. If you are not lazy and regularly make adjustments to the trading strategies of the software, all EA Advisers become a real gold mine for their owners.

Automated experts have the following set of common characteristics:

  • the essence of the underlying strategy is to focus on trend movement;
  • The adviser works with all timeframes, but it’s considered the most relevant one;
  • determination and installation of stop loss occurs in automatic mode (in the settings you can specify the maximum allowable level);
  • position opening time averages from 1 to several hours;
  • the program automatically calculates the amount of the minimum depot, based on the number of orders and type of account;
  • round-the-clock work without time and type of assets;
  • The need for regular optimization (1 time per year).

The principle of work of a trading adviser

All advisors are recognized as unique programs because of the applied neural network technology. Since the software collects and analyzes data, adapting to the external market environment, it can be argued that the program does not have a specific strategy, but acts like a living person.

The robot is constantly studying the market and looking for matches with profitable entry points that have already worked well. In fact, the assistant adjusts the existing algorithm to the required parameters and acts according to the situation. Isn't that how a good trader works? The main difference between an investor and software is the speed of data assimilation. The robot copes with this problem much faster.

All advisors have one definite minus. If their "stuffing" is not adjusted from time to time in accordance with the market, the information begins to slowly but surely become outdated. The result will be incorrect decisions, losing trades and zeroing the balance of the deposit. Therefore, it is useless to test the effectiveness of the robot on old quotes in the archive.

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Most likely, the utility will begin to give incorrect signals, and traders will not be able to competently evaluate the success of their assistant and its trading algorithm. To adjust the settings, experienced players recommend conducting several tests at once under the same schedule.

We can say that the program always operates according to the change in the price of the asset. The software looks for the most favorable moment to enter the market so that the resulting profit is the maximum possible in the current conditions. Therefore, EA advisors are valued primarily not for the number of transactions, but for their quality.  

Another significant advantage of trading robots, which I cannot pass by, is the automatic setting of the stop loss level. Immediately after submitting an application for an order, the assistant fixes the maximum drawdown level, at which it would be better to close the deal without waiting for the worst result. The bar can be adjusted depending on the direction of the trend.

Automated trading robots take financial speculation to a whole new level. From now on, the possibilities of the owners of such advisers are practically unlimited. With proper use of the utility and timely updating of its algorithm, the trader’s income will increase significantly, and the time spent on market research will be minimized.

Advisers do not rely on banal luck, but rely solely on cold mathematical calculation in their actions. As one of the most striking examples, I can cite various netizens. If we consider this technology in general terms, then advisers are the best option for successful trading. There is, however, one small minus, which consists in strong pressure on the trader's deposit.

Mathematical robots include all utilities that use trading indicators in their work. All these tools are tied to the analysis of the asset value chart and apply strict calculation methods. The most popular software is considered using a neural network. These are self-taught programs that are constantly self-improving without human intervention.

Abi Robot as one of EA's Top EA Advisers

The choice of automatic programs today is very diverse. With their help, players improve their skills and increase deposits with minimal temporary losses. One of the most popular trading robots is rightfully recognized Advisor Abi.

Abi has a customizable automatic trading mode and is able to self-learn, adapting to the situation in the modern currency market. The adviser works with almost any Forex asset that has sufficient volatility and is able to bring profit to its owner.

Abi is distinguished by a large number of positive reviews from regular customers. Traders note its high efficiency and real profitability. In order for the robot to continue to meet the established income targets, it needs to give guidance in a certain direction from time to time. Here is a list of the main features that set the Abi apart from its closest competitors:

  • available minimum deposit amount (only $ 250);
  • works at the terminal of a brokerage firm;
  • stop loss is set automatically;
  • It is recommended to adjust internal settings and optimize trading algorithms every three months;
  • the robot only works with a broker suitable for synchronization;
  • convenient for working with those currency pairs where the American dollar is present.

ea forex advisor

In order for Abi to continue to delight you with profitable trades, his built-in algorithm needs to be optimized when the deposit drawdown starts to touch the 10% bar. After adjusting the parameters, the program immediately becomes available for work.

Skillful EA Advisor Trader Autocrypto-bot

Not all EA advisors can boast of such a level of safety efficiency as this robot. Such a combination is not so common in the modern market, especially considering the number of test versions of programs.

If most advisers are effective only in short and medium time frames, then Autocrypto-bot Advisor perfectly copes with any task. In fact, this robot is a unique representative of universal mechanical assistants. It allows its clients to make money automatically and has a high efficiency of transactions. The most profitable, in the opinion of traders, are operations performed with a currency pair in which the US and Canadian dollars are present.

Autocrypto-bot shows excellent results through fast and accurate market entry.

And this is evidenced not only by the words of the project developers themselves. The robot has a huge fan base, leaving rave reviews on the Internet. Separately, I note that Autocrypto-bot does not trade all the time. He monitors the market situation, controls the movement of the asset price and makes transactions only if the risk meets the client's expectations.

How to become the owner of a quality trading advisor

You can write the program yourself or choose it on the Internet. The first option is one of the most difficult. As a rule, such a task can only be done by a high-class specialist who has experience in trading and knowledge in the IT industry. The second method is more relevant for most market participants. So that the choice does not disappoint, you need to consider several important points:

  • Competent capital management. If the assistant does not take into account the basics of money management, then the trader is guaranteed to drain the deposit as soon as possible.
  • Established strategy. This is the working base of each advisor. An ill-conceived or unfinished algorithm will simply be ineffective.
  • Versatility in assets. In order for the robot's client to have a choice in financial instruments, the utility must be multi-currency. Moreover, each pair will require a separate trading strategy, since the asset's trend is unique in its own way. If the program works with all currencies in the same way, a loss is inevitable.

If you still doubt the effectiveness of this method of earning on Forex, Register on the website of any of the robots I have voiced and make sure that the automatic advisor is profitable. Trading experts are great helpers for both beginners and experienced foreign exchange investors. After several trades performed in an automatically configured mode, you will no longer want to return to your usual trading method.

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