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Recently, I have seen more and more messages on the Internet from investors that they need a quality robot for trading cryptocurrency. Why did such a stir around some programs arise? After all, working with digital coins is difficult and requires maximum concentration, combined with the constant improvement of current skills. Will a robot really cope with such a task, where even experienced traders sometimes wash their hands? It turns out that while most players are trying to conquer the unpredictable cryptocurrency by learning the subtleties technical и fundamental analysis, some more cunning market participants are already actively taking advantage of trading assistants. About them and will be discussed this time.

What is a cryptocurrency robot?

cryptocurrency exchange robots

Imagine that you have a reliable friend who is ready to take full responsibility for the transactions you make. At the same time, he is a competent trader who perfectly copes with loads, stress, and also easily finds convenient loopholes to enter the market. The modern cryptocurrency robot is just such an assistant.  

It program, which was created by the best IT-specialists and players who have developed more than a dozen profitable strategies. The application is based on a special digital code. With it, the robot builds charts, analyzes trends and trades a specific set of assets. In fact, you are dealing with a true professional who does not only require a personal share of the profits.

If you think that traders are conservative people, then you are mistaken. Even large investors who invest millions in cryptocurrency do not shy away from useful innovations that can make their lives easier.

Today, 85% of transactions are made by robots. Moreover, their owners at this time are resting or doing other things, as the programs demonstrate real professional acumen and a unique percentage of effectiveness.

The system operates strictly in accordance with the scenario prescribed in the settings. This is called a strategy. It depends on her how the program will behave on the cryptocurrency exchange. There are methods of more aggressive and quick trading that bring the maximum possible profit, but at the same time carry significant risks. In contrast, they have calm and measured strategies based only on strong and accurate signals for action. The income from them is not so large, but the risk of losing the budget to zero is not so great.

As a rule, the main profit the robot receives due to a change in the value of the asset. That is why it is so important that the program analyzes trends well and makes forecasts for the near future. Otherwise, the utility will quickly drain capital in just a few transactions. Let's delve into the variety of programs for automatic trading.

Types of Cryptor Robots

types of crypto robots

The essence of all such utilities is similar: working with digital assets on the stock exchange, analyzing their value in the past and the future, and an autonomous mode of operation. However, trading programs are slightly different from each other depending on the number of basic components and the level of complexity of the robot.

Cryptobot type

Special Functions and Scope


It is used exclusively on one trading platform. The owner receives income from working with different timeframes (long and short).


More universal option. Used on multiple sites. He speculates on courses of various cryptocurrencies.

Telegram bot

He buys and sells assets, finding partners in the channels of the messenger.

A utility for collecting currency on online services

This version of the program is the least common among users due to small profits and limited capabilities. The robot captures free Satoshi and cryptocurrency pennies on cranes. All these utilities require refinement by their owners, but promising helpers still exist.

As you can see, the cryptocurrency industry is actively moving forward. If earlier only mining (mining) was popular, now trading is considered more profitable. I recommend paying attention to universal models of robots that allow you to complete transactions manually, as well as equipped with automatic mode. As a rule, they are already tested by a large number of players and do not have significant shortcomings. Moreover, the presence of subtle settings allows the program to quickly adapt to the nature of the transactions of its owner.

What is the principle of the cryptocurrency robot?

bitcoin robot

The system studies and analyzes the patterns of movement of the value of an asset over a certain time period. Based on the received data, a system of actions is built. As soon as a situation develops on the market that the bot has already encountered before, he makes a decision, which then turned out to be correct. If a person will study all the subtleties of technical analysis, then he will take a lot of time on this. A robot can perform calculations several thousand times faster.

Another program takes into account the release of trading news. If something similar has happened before, a trader may not turn off his utility during this particularly busy period. The system will surely find the right solution and replenish the deposit of its owner.

More high-tech robots are equipped with a whole range of specialized tools. With their help, you can trade both with the trend and against it. Moreover, the trader himself chooses the necessary parameters. Immediately after registering in the project, the player gets access to the most intimate - the assistant's internal settings. As a rule, just one test is enough to understand what exactly needs to be fixed in the robot. Experienced investors can even make adjustments to the utility's basic algorithm. But I recommend doing this exclusively to professionals who know the intricacies of programming.

The standard robot is equipped with two modes of operation: automatic and manual. In the first case, you just need to test your assistant once, and then just press a couple of buttons and activate it. This completes all the trader's work. The utility itself will assess risks, analyze assets and make transactions with them. The player only needs a starting amount so that the robot can buy cryptocurrency for subsequent sale.

Manual mode provides for self-registration of applications. The trader will have to fix the profit and minus at his own peril and risk. But this does not mean that the PO will throw its master with its chest at the embrasure. A stable functioning cryptocurrency robot will generate charts and reports, plot price change curves, display a value corridor, and submit signals to make a deal. If the notification seems reliable to the trader, then he can trust the decision of his expert and enter the market. If the risk is too great, you can postpone and wait for more clear indicators.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency robots

trading robot

Since mechanical assistants have been present on the market since 2012, a huge number of traders managed to test them. If this innovation turned out to be a failure, believe me, today investors did not surf the Internet in search of a well-written digital adviser. However, the popularity of cryptocurrency robots is growing right before our eyes.

From myself, I can say that the emergence of trading utilities has made life easier for players. Now cryptocurrency trading is available to anyone who is not afraid to make easy money. Now you do not have to spend nights at the computer in a futile attempt to predict the future direction of the coin price. Leave dancing with tambourines and corvalol to less advanced rivals. The automatic assistant will do everything for you. The program can trade both day and night, without getting confused in numbers and indicators, as is often the case with a living person due to fatigue. Moreover, you will receive income, regardless of the volatility of the asset. The horizontal trend is no longer an obstacle to profit. The robot can make short trades by scalping the market. It is unlikely that a professional trader will do this. Most likely, he will stubbornly wait for exchange activity, which may appear soon. The assistant will set up continuous passive earnings.

The trading program is unfamiliar with doubts and fears. The robot acts clearly, since a simple and understandable algorithm is laid inside it. No hesitation, only accurate operations that bring profit to the owner of the crypto wallet. A huge nervous tension is removed from the player, which, as you know, leads to fatal errors.

Surely every trader, whose experience exceeds at least a year, will tell you more than a heart-breaking story about the complete drain of the deposit due to a comma set in the wrong place in the amount. The robot cannot technically allow such an oversight. In the program settings, you can specify the maximum and minimum size of the bet, as well as the drawdown range and the necessary tools for market analysis. Risks are reduced to almost zero.

Correctly written cryptocurrency robot can be a source of additional income, even if you do not want to part with the main place of work. Just start the offline mode, and the program will take everything under control. Your attention can be taken by anything. A good increase in wages, especially given the conditions of an unstable economy.

The automatic assistant has high speed and accuracy. A living person is most often unable to catch the most profitable moment for closing a deal, since it will take some fractions of a second. As a result, even the most experienced player will easily miss a profit. And from the little things, as you know, decent sums are added up. The cryptorobot demonstrates such dexterity that it did not dream of seasoned traders. As practice shows, the income from the automatic trading of virtual coins is many times higher than with manual transactions.

Where to get an intelligent cryptocurrency robot?

So we come to the main question that every player faces who has achieved, as I call it, "enlightenment". If you are already interested in automatic assistants, then you probably managed to be surprised at the number of offers from variegated developers. Here and there you can see bright alluring ads, the creators of which guarantee millions of profits on the very first day of using their robot. You just need to gild the handle, and there it is already not far from the Forbes list. But do not believe every such promise. The level of online fraud is now at its peak.

There are three ways to get a cryptorobot:

  • Write a program yourself;
  • Buy or order the utility from the developer;
  • Find a project with free access to a mechanical assistant.

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. I carefully checked all the methods to draw some very important conclusions. So, you decided to stop on the first method. The advantages of this development of events are as follows:

  • A guarantee of high-quality software development. You know exactly how the robot was created, so no scammers will get access to cryptocurrency treasures.
  • No additional costs. There is no need to pay someone to write a utility.
  • Turnkey result. You can analyze all methods of cryptocurrency trading and lay down an algorithm that meets all your needs. In fact, such a project will be unique.

It seems to sound good. However, cons, as I said, are everywhere. Here is a list of the disadvantages of excessive independence:

  • The need for specific skills. Without a decent level of programming knowledge, there is nothing to do here. Creating a working cryptocurrency robot is not an easy procedure.
  • The duration of the process. Of course, here nobody limits you in deadlines and does not scare you with deadlines. But every day of downtime threatens with lost profits. While you are in full swing over writing a primitive utility, others are already actively making money. I will say right away that you can create a robot for more than one month.
  • Fatality of every mistake. If you can still make a claim to a third-party company and sue something with a competently drawn up contract for the provision of services, then in the case of independent labor, there will be nowhere to search for the guilty. Just one wrong sign in the code, and your money was crying. The assistant will easily merge the entire currency and naively offer to replenish the deposit. Very dangerous and risky activity.

Let's say you are far from programming, and there is no desire to spend time learning skills. Then let's consider option number 2. Let's say a cryptocurrency trading robot is purchased from someone on the Internet. The advantages of this method are:

  • Time saving. If the program has already been written and is being sold in the active version, then you can earn on it immediately after the purchase.
  • Large selection of ready-made robots. You can focus on that assistant who meets all the requirements and is best suited to your favorite trading style.
  • Availability of reliable sellers. Professional developers, agencies, companies and even brokerage firms are at your service.

In principle, why not. Perhaps using the services of professionals is not such a bad idea. The disadvantages of this method are as follows:

  • High price. If you deal with specialists who conclude a formal contract and then fully accompany their project, then the price tag will obviously upset you.
  • Long spelling. If the utility is created from scratch under a set of requirements, the development process may take a long time.
  • Risk of fraud. You understand, paid services are not always honest. An unscrupulous seller, having promised the golden mountains, can easily disappear after transferring the fee.
  • The possibility of a “back door” in the program. A backdoor is a loophole through which a fraudster who created a robot can gradually drain your cryptocurrency wallet. And to notice this is not so simple. Return lost funds, alas, is impossible.

We have come to the last option. Using a free cryptocurrency robot has advantages:

  • No commission from the developer. This is a huge plus, since in your hands it turns out, in fact, a gold mine, for which you will not have to pay a dime.
  • Modern and high-tech utilities. As a rule, such projects offer very good work programs that perfectly adapt to the unstable cryptocurrency market.
  • No waiting and wasted time. Let’s not become the owner of the exclusive, but you can use the robot right away.
  • Simple and quick registration. Usually there are no troubles and requirements to enter the series and passport number, as well as the PIN code from the card.

The disadvantages of this method:

  • Finding a free resource is not so simple. If you are a beginner, you will have to spend a lot of time searching and re-reading a lot of reviews on the forums of traders.
  • Available projects sometimes hide scammers. Remember that only trusted sources can trust personal information.

I can say that the latter method is the easiest and least expensive. Of course, it is unrealistic to find a website that provides access to a highly efficient cryptocurrency robot by accident. However, there are a couple of options that are used by almost all modern investors.  

The most popular cryptobots with free access

The moment has come to reveal all the cards in front of you. Automatic trading is ideal for both beginners and seasoned pros. Unfortunately, I will not provide you with a whole list of programs for offline cryptocurrency trading, since in reality there are not so many of them. But I will definitely tell you two win-win resources.

The first profitable cryptocurrency robot is called Autocrypto-bot. The project is located at The site is fully Russified, and the interface itself is very simple to understand. You don’t have to wander through the menu at a loss to understand how to register. There is a special form for this, which was placed immediately on the start page.

For me, this robot has become a real find. It is really very easy to use. Firstly, the list of available cryptocurrency assets is really impressive. You will definitely choose the most interesting option for yourself. Secondly, a very high level of program effectiveness. 85% of transactions bring users profit. Autocrypto-bot shows impressive results and does not hide it at all. Clients of this robot openly publish the results of automated trading. Take a look at these numbers yourself.

profit autocrypto-bot

But these are the results of trading by no means the largest investors. In my opinion, a very good income for a player with a standard cryptocurrency portfolio.

Everyone can work with Autocrypto-bot. After registration, you will have access to your personal account. There, the robot’s actions are monitored using internal settings. Choose the most promising coins in your opinion, set the rate, replenish the account by the required amount. Everything, you can work.

This expert is equipped with an automatic mode that allows you to set up a constant passive income. Choose autonomous trading, if you do not have the opportunity to put on the altar of earnings every free minute. Autocrypto-bot will precisely follow the set course, and you can take time with your family, relax or work out an additional strategy.

If the habit of controlling every step does not allow you to trust even a reliable professional, use trading signals. When the opportunity arises to make a successful bet in the market, the robot will notify you. To create an application or not, it is up to the client. But here you will not relax again. Carefully evaluate the amount of free time before choosing this mode.

Withdrawals are quick and easy. Moreover, you can use different sources of capital. Very convenient and no hassle.

The second cryptocurrency trading robot that I marked on my white list is called Centobot. In my opinion, this system is somewhat more complicated than the previous one. But many experienced users will find this project more interesting, since the creators of Centobot offer their clients several trading robots at once. Another unusual feature is that a trader can create an exclusive utility, indicating the basic personal needs. Resource site

Many large cryptocurrency brokers collaborate with this project, who would not contact non-trusted partners. In their work, local robots use a set of popular technical indicators: RSI, MACD, CCI, TREND, WILLIAMS, STOCH. With their help, an accurate analysis of market movements is carried out, as well as promising signals for action.  

Registration is carried out by pressing the appropriate button. As with Autocrypto-bot, the procedure is simple and takes no more than 3-5 minutes. Many traders prefer Centobot, because of the variety of automated trading programs and the high profitability of each of them. These are the average amounts displayed, judging by the volume of the deposit, the customers of this resource.

pribul centobot 25 04 2020 1

Impressive numbers. Not every experienced trader so successfully buys and sells cryptocurrency. But this is the most volatile and unpredictable asset. A lot of time is spent on his analysis.

Centobot customers mainly choose automatic trading mode, as the system provides a range of smart robots.

Manual signals are not so popular because the first option is much simpler. A user-friendly program interface with adequate technical support and support from the developer actually works wonders. Here even those players who failed to achieve success in the stock and commodity markets begin to earn. The project has existed for a long time and has already managed to acquire regular fans, as well as awards for the best automatic utilities.

Autocrypto-bot: reviews

Before advising any cryptorobot, I went through sites and trading forums. The first indicator of the quality of the utility is the presence of a large number of reviews. Moreover, I considered both positive and negative. The former speak of the success of the program, while the latter indicate the presence of healthy competition, as custom comments can be seen from afar. If other developers recognized Autocrypto-bot as a serious rival, then people really make money there. Here is an example of recalling a real Autocrypto-bot client.

autocrypto-bot reviews

Apparently, the user successfully trades with the help of a robot and does not plan to take his deposit from there. A very clear indicator of the openness and transparency of this project.

If you want to start working with digital assets, then I advise you not to wait until the last minute. A high-quality cryptocurrency robot is always in demand, and its creators may well make access to it paid. If you don't want to spend your whole life on a salary, Register on the Autocrypto-bot website and start mastering the profession of a trader.

Centobot reviews

Judging by the responses of people, this resource is very promising. At the moment, the number of his fans is only growing. Traders write about the accuracy of transactions and high-speed response to orders. And what else do you want to earn with free access to the utility? Here is a review from one of Centobot's clients, which clearly demonstrates the success of this project.

centobot reviews

And if there are already those who are earning right now, why not join these lucky ones? Get it for free valuable experience in automated trading and cryptocurrency skills. The Centobot team will help you become a successful investor, competently managing an ever-expanding trading portfolio.

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