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Today my article refers to the introductory course of the world of Binary Options. After examining it, you will learn:

1) What are binary options;

2) Where to buy binary options;

3) How can I make money on the binary options.

So let's go! Referring to the most famous online encyclopedia WikipediaWe can see this interpretation:


«Binary option (Digital option, the option of "all or nothing" option or a fixed return) - an option that, depending on the implementation of the agreed conditions at the agreed time or provides a fixed amount of income (premium), or does not bring anything. Since the option to buy in advance at a fixed price, or a grand total positive (in the amount of the difference between the premium and the price of the option), or negative (the value of the option price). "

Agree, dryly and in a scientific way. But do not worry, now explain to all!

Binary Options - A simple, affordable and versatile way to trade on the exchange. Can be traded currency pairsSuch goods as gold, silver, oil, Stock market index - Dow Jones, RTS, NASDAQ, but you can shares well-known companies - Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google and many others.


Trade system itself is very simple, understandable even to children. The choice of two buttons callи put (Up and down respectively). Your task - to make a prediction. Goes the price of the asset up? for a certain period of time or down ?. The option can be opened for a period of 30 seconds up to one month.

Options are bought on special platforms that are designed binary options brokers. You can check out my Binary options broker rating. They collected all the necessary comparative characteristics, and if you want you can go on a detailed review of each of them. After registration, which takes no more than 3-minutes, you will have access to all the necessary tools for successful trading. A useful materials (Strategy , signals , news и books ) That I specifically selected for your site, you will be good helpers.

Now let's clearly Let us examine a concrete example, and understand how you can make good money on the binary options.

News came out this morning that Sberbank's net profit for January 2015 fell 8,5 times compared to the same period a year earlier. Agree that the news is not the most rosy, and most likely the market will react to this message by dropping the price of the bank's shares. Therefore, I go to my binary options broker's personal account and open a fall trade.

1) Among the proposed asset choose SBERBANK;
2) The term of the option (expiration time) put on 30 minutes;
3) Opt put (Down), as an option to drop the price of the shares;
4) Choose the amount of investment
5) You can just see the payout at the positive and negative outcome of the transaction
6) confirms the public option

Now we can only wait. If the price of the shares will be at least one point lower than at the time of purchase of the option, the profit will be 70%.

Some time passed and I attach a screen of his successful transaction. Forecast load and I got 70% net profit.


That's what I LOVE binary options. This is the most profitable exchange tool! In addition, all available.

Summarize. The question seems to me "What are binary options?" disclosed in full. You know where you can buy them and how they can earn. Agree, this exchange tool is trustworthy. After all, it can bring you good profits in the short term. I do not need to be tied to the workplace. You can trade from anywhere in the world, the main thing that was the Internet.

Now everyone can trade on the stock exchange, due to availability and ease of of Binary Options!



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