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A living organism is recognized as the most complex mechanism with excellent adaptability and endurance. It would seem, why do people need robotsif he himself is considered the crown of creation? And yet, science does not stand still, constantly demonstrating the real wonders of engineering fantasy. Just a couple of centuries ago, people drove a horse-drawn carriage, and now they are already conquering space.

However, the wider the scope of the research, the more resources are required for successful missions. They began to entrust monotonous and routine work with special digital algorithms. Gradually, the robots took on all the complex and physically difficult procedures. Today, this technical novelty will not surprise anyone. Mechanisms are firmly entrenched in the everyday life of man.

Robots in the modern world

Artificial intelligence is being improved and developed. Robots are involved in banking, medicine, industry. And even entertainment now can not do without the participation of these clever assistants. Every year, skillful mechanisms expand their range of capabilities, mastering an increasing number of very different jobs.

Forex Robots

Even in the field of exchange trading, it is now impossible to do without the help of a smart autonomous mechanism. Most traders actively work with resources, trusting transactions with digital experts. At the same time, a person does not even need to constantly be at the computer and monitor the actions of the trading robot. The embedded algorithm allows the assistant to independently analyze market changes and discover the most profitable entry points.

forex robot Abi

I worked with several robots and I can say that the Abi robot impressed me the most. Its effectiveness against the background of other mechanical experts is simply unique - 87% of winning trades. This is even higher than the profitability level of an experienced trader. And given that the program can easily trade around the clock, the income from it will be many times greater than with manual transactions.

The main advantage of the robot is the lack of emotions. The utility never doubts and makes a decision based solely on the stable performance of the exchange. As a trader, it was very easy and easy for me to work with Abi, since the automation of the purchase and sale of assets eliminated the occurrence of stressful situations. And what could be better for a player than calmly doing business?

I also want to note that Abi robot equipped with the most simple settings and intuitive interface. Even a novice trader will cope with it. I especially recommend this assistant to players who are just gaining experience in speculating in Forex currency. Based on the built-in algorithms of automated trading, it is much easier to create your own schemes, and technical analysis becomes more understandable. So if you want to increase the profitability of your deposit, try the Abi robot. In this case, high technology is completely on the side of the trader.

Robots on guard of human health

Robotic labor has long been very successfully applied in the field of medicine. The introduction of digital assistants in surgery is now particularly active.

da vinchi s robot

High precision and unique capabilities of the robot allow it to perfectly cope with operations, including intracavitary. An excellent example of successful human-machine collaboration is the experience of South Korean physician Yang Wu Kim. It was he who in 2017 at the Moscow Clinical Scientific Center performed an operation on the stomach of a cancer patient using a Da Vinci S. Robot. Moreover, most of the intracavitary actions were performed by the robot. Despite the age of the woman (at that time she was 77 years old) and the unusual circumstances of the procedure, she had an excellent surgery.

Cybernetics has long been used to restore lost limbs to people. Already in the last century, the film industry touched on the topic of cyborgs - living organisms, partially consisting of iron parts. However, then a Hollywood creation called Robocop seemed just a fantasy. Today, this incredible phenomenon in the past has become a reality.

Dentures have become more comfortable and perfect, since now patients can move bionic limbs through impulses sent by the nervous system. To make human life easier and more comfortable - here why do we need robots.

bionic prosthesis

Amputation of an arm or leg is not a sentence today. After the diseased limb is removed, the surgeon connects the remains of the motor nerves with some major muscle of the body (for example, the pectoral, if the arm is amputated).

Everything else seems to be something from the realm of science fiction. When a person has a desire to stretch a limb, the brain impulses signals to the muscle with attached nerve endings. This is fixed by electrodes that supply information to the prosthesis processor using the connected wires, driving the bionic arm. Moreover, the signal transmission rate is as high as in a living organism, so a person will not notice any difference. A cybernetic prosthesis acts as coherently and deftly as a real limb.

No less surprising is the fact that with the help of a robotic arm or leg, the patient can feel pressure, heat or cold, as well as touch. Is this not a triumph of science?

cybernetic retina

However, the possibilities of using cybernetics in medicine do not end there. With the help of the latest technology, man has managed to regain his lost sight. In June 2017, an implantation of an artificial retina was performed in Russia for a deaf-blind patient aged 59 years old. This device creates a pixel image, and the brain recognizes them as separate outlines in black and white.

Space robots

The expanses of the universe are still almost unexplored. That is why the endless starry sky attracts and excites scientific minds. However, harsh conditions do not always allow research to a living person. And here special space robots come to the rescue, which work with ease at a high level of radiation and extreme temperatures.

ISS robot

The mechanisms do an excellent job of collecting samples for study, as well as fixing high-tech equipment. Already in 2021, the Russian robot will be launched on the ISS. His responsibilities will include servicing spacecraft and carrying out work in an open airless space.

High technology for security

Robots are actively used even to prevent fires. Specially designed devices are equipped with a set of sensitive sensors that instantly capture the smallest smoke. From now on, you can not be afraid for the safety of your home.

Some military bases use robots as alleged opponents. Soldiers can train on them and hone their fighting skills. Artificial intelligence very accurately repeats the habits and movements of man. More robots are useful in intelligence and on the field of hostilities. The use of such models gives the army a significant advantage, since the mechanisms are difficult to disable. It is believed that during the war in Syria from Russia resorted to the help of just such robots.

military robots

Intelligent manufacturing technology

Factories, factories and enterprises of various kinds have long been using the labor and capabilities of modern robots. In automatic mode, painting, styling, welding and other high-precision operations are repeated, repeated many times.

Most often, such mechanisms are made in the form of a device similar to a human hand. Industrial robots are equipped with moving axles and are considered universal assistants in production.

production robots

The use of high-tech mechanisms has resulted in a significant increase in labor efficiency. Living workers were able to free themselves from the same operations in order to engage in more complex intellectual tasks.

Robots in agriculture

Most of the field operations are great for robots. After all, monotonous and routine work takes much more time and effort from a living person than from a well-functioning mechanism. Now, planting crops, weeding from weeds, cultivating and preparing the land, as well as harvesting special devices.

The most advanced states and at all strive for agriculture without the participation of people. Static and mobile robots do an excellent job of their duties. They can even engage in milking and cattle services, as well as cutting hair. Experts give positive forecasts for the full transition to agricultural robots. According to experts, this will increase the productivity and profitability of the economy, which will lead to cheaper end products for the consumer.

Everyday life with robots

The use of high technology used to be associated exclusively with space images and bulky androids conquering another planet. But now smart devices surround us even in everyday life. And I do not take into account scientific and technological centers and factories. We can run into robots even in our own apartment.

robot vacuum cleaner

A self-contained vacuum cleaner that independently conducts cleaning is the most common example of the beneficial coexistence of man and mechanism in the same house. Representatives of artificial intelligence clean pools, master massage and even tidy up the lawns around the house. Do you still think why do we need robots in an ordinary apartment? It is time to move to a new standard of living and shift most of the grueling efforts to the reliable and trouble-free shoulders of a mechanical au pair.

By the way, more and more often you may encounter the Smart Home system. It is especially popular in Europe and America. This is a real independent network that controls home security, water supply and electricity.

Entertainment robots

The robot has become not only a fast worker, but also an excellent friend. Adults and children do not mind getting such a mechanical friend in the form of a modern toy. Shop shelves are literally bursting with a variety of new products that can dance, sing, fly and even read bedtime stories. But that's all for kids. Toys for the older generation are distinguished by more complex mechanisms and a huge number of built-in functions. True, such home robots will cost much more. But can money be an obstacle for lovers of radio-controlled models?

Some devices have become very human-like. As a rule, they are endowed with the capabilities of a companion and more complex basic intelligence. One of the most popular robots was a humanoid named Thespian, created in England. The developers turned him into an interesting and smart interlocutor. The robot is able to play theatrical performances and recite poetry with expression, complementing speech with emotional facial expressions and gestures.

Thespian Robot

The most high-tech are humanoid devices. Chinese scientists have put together mechanisms that joke and successfully support intelligent conversation. Some models of humanoid robots are so similar to living creatures that sometimes frighten viewers with their realism. This is due to an uncontrolled sense of fear in relation to an inanimate object that looks exactly like a representative of the peak of evolution.

humanoid robot

It is difficult to unravel the nature of such a reaction. Psychologists believe that somewhere on a subconscious level, a person is horrified by the perfectly symmetrical face of a humonoid robot in combination with mechanical constrained movements and speech, devoid of any emotions.

Robots in Education

Teacher robots are another cybernetics exclusive. Such devices can move around the classroom during the lesson and broadcast the training picture on the built-in monitor. Due to this, the effect of the presence of the teacher is created, which solves the problem of an acute shortage of qualified personnel in educational activities.

However, science did not stop there. The Remote Students device, developed by VGo, allows children and students who have health problems and cannot attend classes on their own to study. A special robot will do this for them.

VGo Robot - Remote Students

The child controls the equipment remotely, so that the device will be able to move from one class to the next. Using Remote Students, the student communicates with his friends and answers the teacher's questions.

Robots are ideal assistants for the education of children with autism spectrum disorder. It is very difficult for such students to concentrate due to the distraction in the form of non-verbal signals from the environment. With the help of smart devices, they will be able to gain knowledge in a calm and comfortable environment.

The functioning of the Nao robot, created by the Aldebaran Robotics team, contributes to increasing the level of human communication skills. The Ask Nao version is designed to teach basic behavioral habits in a playful way.

Robot Nao

Another useful development is the interactive robot Kaspar, created at the University of Hartfordshire. His appearance is considered not too attractive, but the children get along well with this device.

Kaspar robot

The developers of this mechanical toy deliberately did not make it too realistic. Kaspar helps children to gradually socialize, and also teaches them to understand the facial expressions and gestures of living people.

Presentation Robots

The staff of commercial banks daily encounters a huge number of customers. Since most of the operations are similar to each other, specially created robots began to cope with them, freeing workers from excessive workload.

In August 2017, Sberbank introduced its users to this “office of the future”. The updated service now includes a promotion, which not only answered questions from visitors, but also entertained people with dancing and singing. The built-in face recognition system allows the mechanical assistant to memorize his interlocutors, take pictures and show emotions on the monitor.

presentation robot Sberbank

This list of applications for robots in the modern world is far from complete. Every year, progress surprises us with the creation of technical innovations designed to simplify people's lives. To date, the scale of robotization is already striking the imagination of any science fiction writer.

Pros and Cons of High Tech

The use of smart devices has both advantages and disadvantages. Here is a short list of the benefits of robotics:

  • high quality of the final result and the absence of errors due to the human factor;
  • sympathy and interest on the part of clients (this is especially useful at public events with a large number of guests);
  • an unprecedented pace of work of a mechanical assistant who does not need to allocate time for lunch and rest;
  • optimization of staff (staff frees from routine work and focuses on highly intellectual work);
  • saving and reducing costs (the high cost of the robot quickly pays off).

And here are the disadvantages inherent in the implementation of mechanisms in all spheres of human life:

  • robots need maintenance and periodic repairs, and in the case of forex, settings and software updates;
  • all devices require power sources, and energy costs are sometimes very high;
  • reduction in the number of living employees, which contributes to an increase in unemployment in the country;
  • gradual decrease in human mental abilities, for which almost everything can now be done by a specially trained mechanism.

So how does a person differ from a robot?

Previously, it was believed that the ability to create is a unique feature that is unique to a living person. But this fact confidently refuted the emerging neural network. Now we can safely say that robots comprehended creative art.

A striking example is the project of Christopher Hesse, to whom he gave the name Edges2cats. This device is able to transform simple graphic drawings into photographs. And, as you see, he succeeds well. Try recognize the authorship of a soulless machine in the final image.


What is the future ahead of us?

Now the difference between a robot and a living person is huge. We can say that this is a real abyss. But year after year, scientists are stubbornly improving artificial intelligence, giving it an ever-increasing number of diverse functions. Some analysts suggest that in a few decades, robots will be able to boast a more complex mind, significantly superior to the thinking of their creators.

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