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I'm sure many people think that high income on stock transactions is pure coincidence or trivial luck. However, I assure you, it is impossible to make big money without using the proven secrets of successful traders. Agree that learning from others' mistakes is much more enjoyable than learning from your own. The positive experience of professionals who have achieved impressive results is no less effective in personal practice. It is the advice of experienced traders that will help you achieve success in Forex trading and avoid common beginner mistakes. So, 10 safe secrets from the best stock exchange experts.

Continually improve your skills

Those who have not learned anything new today are already one step behind their competitors. Remember, the market is not static. He does not stand still as a dead weight, constantly offering food for the mind. A successful trader is constantly learning something new: assets, Tools, signals, introduction of innovative technologies. In this separate world, self-education rules. I have been engaged in trading for more than a year, so I can safely say that there is always something to read on this topic. Do you consider yourself a pro in currency speculation? Do not stop there. As they say, there is no limit to perfection.

I want to warn those who have just begun to show interest in exchange trading right away. You should not immediately go all the way and zealously buy up participation in paid seminars and trainings. Often, their organizers just want to cut easy money. Start the basics: study the literature, read dialogues on specialized forums, look for free videos from professionals. If you wish, you can find a lot of useful information on the Internet that you don't have to pay for.

Learn risk management

forex risk management

The second important principle of a competent trader: drawdown is not the end of the world. Of course, losing money is not very pleasant. But don't panic. The market does not like anxious and fussy people, severely punishing them with zeroing the account. Believe me, every professional gambler regularly observes the drawdown of his deposit. But everything must be done wisely and not be afraid of negative positions.

Here you will come to the rescue risk management... One bet should not be more than 5% of the entire portfolio. Even if the bid did not work in your favor, the loss will not be critical. All the main secrets of traders are designed for sober calculation on the part of their follower. It is better to earn a little, but constantly and without sudden jumps.

Use Forex Robot

Sometimes it seems that trading should be based solely on one's own strengths. However, conservatism in the market fades into the background. Forex has long been a platform for automated trading, which is very successfully engaged in mechanical assistants. The most experienced traders from all over the world give preference to analytical robots, which not only quickly generate information about trends, but also give accurate signals to trade. These skillful programs are able to increase the deposit, while the owner is sleeping or engaged in self-education.

A trader does not need to constantly be at the computer and control every transaction. Just register once on the selected resource and configure the algorithm of actions. No stress and inept mistakes. The robot manages to trade assets at their minimum and maximum values. A living person simply does not have time to make an application for a broker at this moment.

From myself I can recommend a robot Abi... This Expert Advisor has good reviews and shows good results in practice. In my opinion, Abi is the most easy-to-use utility that even a novice player can figure out.

Do not forget about the trend

Be sure to monitor the direction of movement of the asset. The time intervals of quotes in the past will give you an understanding of how the price of this resource behaves. This rule is suitable for both commodity exchanges and Forex. If the trader knows the general direction for sure trend, then the risk of false entry and loss of funds is minimal.

Choose a reliable broker

reliable broker

Trust your money only to stable and honest partners. There are a lot of professional market participants, but some of them clearly sin by twisting the numbers. You can also run into a scammer who simply will not return your money from your deposit. All the secrets of successful Forex traders, as a rule, are based on a serious approach to choosing a brokerage company for cooperation. Use rated brokers.

Remember the free cheese. Partners who bribe with low commissions should immediately alert them with their cheapness compared to the giants of brokerage. If you came to Forex with the goal of making money, focus on the life of the company and its fame among the players. Small companies that do not have sufficient popularity are most often created to drain the deposit of their client. Do not count on an easy start and do not save on a partner. You can lose even on obviously positive deals. Avaricious, as you remember, pays twice.

Develop your strategy

Do not look for ready-made solutions on the side. After all, each trader has his own game policy. Someone trades very aggressively, and you just can not withstand the pace and fallen emotional stress. Other participants are too cautious and miss the obvious profit due to fear of a penny drawdown. Look for your middle ground, try and find individual solutions and Strategy.

One method of earning, prescribed even by very competent traders, is not enough. Narrow-profile analysis tools will be required. Learn by eye to identify forex traps. Complement the strategy with new "loopholes" and improve your skills. Develop an action plan in case of a trend reversal. Do not forget about world news, during the publication of which you can both enrich and merge everything.

I can name only one win-win loan option that I recommend to every trader. Trade with the help of successful robots. The settings of such a utility have already incorporated a basic strategy that can be easily adjusted depending on the market and your own preferences. Based on Abi’s automatic assistant, you can create something completely unique while the program earns start-up capital.

Put aside emotions

keep your head in the cold

This is a very important tip that will allow you not to chase the ghost of a big jackpot. Do not hope that players who have been working on the market for a long time will easily give you their professional Secrets... Traders are often overwhelmed with emotions from which there is no one universal salvation. Excitement and greed have emptied the pockets of many investors. In this case, I can advise you to always choose "tit in hand". If you are obsessed with obsession, remember that this is not a casino. Everything is much more serious on the stock exchange. Only sober calculation and a cool head will allow you to emerge victorious from any situation.

Work on your mistakes

Every negative trade is an experience. Analyze all the actions you have taken and identify inaccuracies in order not to repeat the annoying mistakes in the future. I advise novice players to keep a special diary. In it, you need to write down each move, as well as the thoughts on the basis of which the deals were made. The diary will help you track successful and unsuccessful actions for correct strategy correction. Don't throw it in after a couple of weeks. Try to record trades for at least two months. I assure you, this is a very effective method. improving trading algorithm. Since the data volumes are huge, you should not rely on your own memory, but the paper will endure everything.

Do not try to recoup

Do you want to hear the main secrets of traders? Only strictness and discipline! Don't go after the rate hike. Martingale rarely allows anyone to come out in a quick plus. This requires special tactics and methodology. It is clearly not worth starting your activity as a trader with a high-risk strategy. A drawdown is not a reason to throw all the money on the account into a trade. Sudden success should also not lead to uncontrollable excitement. We look at reality soberly, trade clearly and harmoniously, without departing from the chosen strategy.

Focus on large investors

secrety traderov bh 4

This is the last rule of a successful trader. Do not forget to control the market situation and look at the actions of players with a large budget. Sometimes their tactics can lead to a very interesting and profitable thought. In addition, market makers are a kind of indicator of the overall trading mood.

To summarize. Earnings on Forex is available to everyone, but only if you are ready to control yourself and follow the rules. Do not chase cheapness and do not forget about the continuous improvement of your skills. Try new, master modern technologies. Register on the robot’s website to receive passive income. Keep a personal diary and record success or failure. All the secrets I have listed will help you quickly master the Forex market and have a stable income in any economic situation in the country.

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