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Once I was in search of work. And in the newspaper "Work" I saw this ad: "It takes a PC operator to work at home 2 to 3 hours a day, payment - 500 rubles an hour." Of course, I understand that money does not fall from the sky and, already having experience of all kinds of deceptions in the labor market, I was ready for another divorce. She called and I was invited not for an interview, and not just anywhere, but already to Moscow City! The office was almost at the top, with a beautiful view of the city. After questioning and a short conversation, they said that first you need to get training for one to two weeks. Then I immediately suspected a trick and asked: "How much does the training cost?" However, it turned out that training is free. I signed up for an introductory lecture. When asked what the work itself was, they answered that the company was international and was collecting information on the international financial market. They need to process a large amount of information, so they are currently recruiting additional employees for temporary work. They will send me tasks, I will do the work and send screenshots to my curator. Screenshots are needed by their analysts to analyze the market.

Forex training in Moscow

work in Moscow City

The next day I came to the lecture. I looked around - the people who came with me seemed to be all decent, and that reassured me a little. It turned out that in the hall, in addition to job seekers, there are also investors. That is, someone came here to consciously invest their money. The lecture was very interesting. They briefly talked about the activities of the company. I also learned a lot of very interesting information about how banks turn our money on the international financial market and how organizations such as a pension fund do it too. Profit up to 400%. After the lecture, everyone left, impressed by what they heard.

Then classes with the curator began, each of us recorded for a certain time, it was very convenient. In one common room, several people studied at once, each with their own curator.

They explained to me that there are people who have come, like me, to vacancies, and there are those who are trained to increase their money. I saw these people and heard from their conversations that we are not all here for the part-time job.

And so the training began. Honestly, before I, like most of the public, had nothing to do with anything like that. But they quickly brought me up to date, everyone told and showed.

Forex broker in Moscow

To begin with, they suggested downloading a program on your home computer to do homework. This is a program for entering the international financial market (as I understand this market is Forex). There are many similar programs. Next, you need to register in it and choose a broker. A broker is a conductor who will launch you to the financial market, it’s kind of like a mobile phone provider. The broker takes a percentage for his services. This broker takes a small percentage and carries out a withdrawal of money within 2 hours, as it bases its activities on cryptocurrency backed by the American dollar. And the person who makes deals in the financial market is called a trader. It was reported that we will all work in a training version, such as a simulator. This is done like this: a demo account is opened, there is already $ 50 in virtual money on this account and go ahead - analyze the chart, open deals and make a profit, on the virtual demo account. So for a while I became a trader (albeit with virtual money).

Forex Analysis

platform for opening deals

The meaning of Forex trading is as follows: you select a currency pair and make a deal in your trading account on a computer. There are only two types of transactions: buying, or selling. You can make money both on falling prices and on the rise. The main thing is to conclude a deal. In the simulator, the bet is always only 1 dollar, and virtual (and in real life they usually bet on some amount).
Next, set the limits to which the course will go:

  • take profit - set in the direction of the transaction, always bet 100;
  • stop loss - set aside the opposite direction of the transaction, always 40.

Such rules were given to us in this training. If this is not set, then you can immediately draw all the money. And then, you either earned or lost, if you correctly determined in which direction the transaction will go, you get 100 points (that is, your rate is multiplied by 100) 1 point = 1 US dollar. But if you did not correctly determine the price movement, you lose 40 points or 40 dollars. And how to find out the direction of the price movement, prompt the employees of this company. They teach different methods by which you can determine when and how to make the right deal. In addition, they have an analyst who is engaged in market analysis. It gives signals on which currency pair to bet and what type of transaction to conclude. The forecast is sent to customers by e-mail every day. They too (since I was studying) began to send a forecast. Yes, indeed, when I made deals according to the forecast, I usually made good money (of course, virtual money). Visually in the program it looks like this: a black field with a green graph - called Japanese candles, depending on whether they are transparent or matte, the exchange rate for a decrease or an increase is determined. On the left of the screen, select a currency pair. In each lesson, we studied different methods of market analysis and how to determine which transaction to conclude.

There are many methods, these are different graphs, depending on the intersection of lines in certain planes, all this can be calculated to increase your earnings. Solid math. A very and very intellectual and very exciting activity. I was told that my job will be to find profitable deals and send them to analysts to make a forecast. Every day, one method was studied and homework was given: to conclude transactions according to the studied method. The next day, the task was checked (the correctness of the conclusion of transactions and how much money I earned) and the new method was explained. In general, the office was interesting. The analyst regularly beat the bell (there really was a pretty impressive bell) and reported some financial news.

I learned a lot of interesting things there, for example, about the impact of the new year on the value of Coca-Cola shares. And what needs to be done to make money on this. We find the brown session, choose Ko (these are Coca-Cola stocks) and, before the Christmas holidays, we conclude a deal to buy. Then the stock will rise. And after the holidays, somewhere the numbers of the 6th stock fall, before that you need to open a deal to sell.

And so, every day, the analyst made recommendations based on various political events.
Well, for example, one more interesting trick: every first Friday of any month from 15:30 to 15:40 you need to open a deal for any currency pair with the dollar. At this time, America is experiencing an increase in the number of jobs. Accordingly, unemployment benefits are declining and the dollar is growing. If you use all this information, you can make good money.

Forex Reality

forex office

The training lasted several days. Then they asked me if I wanted to open a real account and earn real money, not virtual. To which I replied that I naturally have no money, and that I first plan to get a job with them. After a few more lessons, they made me a second offer, to open a real account for at least $ 5000, in order to start making real money in this market.

By the way, in the simulator, indeed, most of the transactions worked out in plus and my virtual account reached a good amount.

I was so carried away by trading that in the end I even conducted my own experiment. I stopped putting stop loss, and looked what would happen. A deal, even if it goes in the wrong direction, will still “walk” one way, then the other, and since there is no lower limit, someday it will reach your take profit anyway and work out in plus. But this is possible only with a large supply of money in the account (and I just had 50 virtual dollars). If there is little money, then it is categorically impossible to do this, when the limit is not enough, the program will set an automatic stop loss. And all the money will be lost.

This is probably the way banks spin money, they have almost unlimited money supply and they do not need to put a stop loss. Therefore, all their transactions are only a plus. But these are just my personal speculations on this subject.

So, at the end of training I was taken to the director, saying that I am a capable student and that I can earn a lot of money. I thought that they would take me to this job, and the director again began to broadcast that I needed to open a real account. I decided that I would not open an account, I will try to study this topic myself. This was my last day at this office.

But on the other hand, I saw real people who turned to them in order to spin sums much more than 5000 dollars, I heard snatches of conversations and it was really so. For example, in the lobby, I saw two men discussing with an employee that they needed to create a financial pillow of $ 100000 to start a business selling some kind of electronics, and then I saw one of these men in training. That is, it turns out they already knew about this company from somewhere and came here on purpose. By the way, the staff are all nice and the director too.

I will also talk about the conditions that were offered to investors. At first, more in-depth training (the one that I went through was only the initial stage) is free, then, for those who wish to study as a cool trader, this is already paid.

It is precisely because of further paid tuition that our roads parted with a broker.

And constant support with a consultant, that is, he constantly supervises you and gives recommendations on how best to conclude deals. Well, the daily forecast of the analyst. For all this, they want 10% of your profit. All this is kind of nice, but ... the question is, why do they want to get my modest percentage? There is only one answer - there are a lot of people like me and this is put on stream, with every 10% - this is a substantial amount. At the same time, it was clear that all curators themselves also trade on Forex (some in their free time open their personal laptops (not the ones that teach us), and it is clear that they check something just on a live chart). In general, of course, this is all interesting, I think that with the use of the techniques it is really possible to get rich pretty well.

I read on the Internet about this broker in Moscow, they write that a broker, as a broker, earns himself, and allows others to earn money. And yet other information about this broker was negative. Although negative reviews can also be ordered, from competitors, so at the present time this is not an indicator. Considering that Sberbank itself provides brokerage services for much higher interest. I keep thinking about the people who came to this firm deliberately as investors. They knew what they were doing, and perhaps one of their acquaintances had already used this method, it is not without reason that they ended up here.

Forex Program

forex robot Abi

As for me, thanks to this work, I learned a lot, acquired new knowledge, and I can say I learned a new profession. In addition, she herself studied possible investments, and found out that trading programs and robots exist to help traders and investors. Roughly speaking, these programs and robots are such an analogue of a broker consultant, only his recommendations are free, you don’t need to give the robot back 10% and the threshold for entering the market is not $ 5000, but only $ 250, for me this is a significant difference.

Abi Trading Robot is a high-class mechanical assistant trader, compatible with most of the famous brokerage platforms. I myself have already managed to appreciate the convenience and versatility of the system along with many market participants.

The main advantages of this adviser are:

  • The ability to trade the market with three algorithms to choose from: the Martingale system, the Classic strategy or the Fibonacci principle. The client can specify the desired option in the settings, depending on the personal preference of analyzing the movement of assets.
  • High efficiency of transactions. Perhaps this is the most important indicator of the effectiveness of a trading robot. 87% of operations became profitable.
  • The client can independently determine whether he will rely on the signals given by the robot, or whether he will completely switch the trade to automatic mode. In the second case, the purchase and sale of assets will be carried out by the system without human intervention.

To get started, the user needs register on the Abi website... The procedure itself is simple and does not take much time. After that, the trader can decide on the trading algorithm. I recommend choosing the Classic option as it is ideal for both newcomers to the exchange trades and experienced market participants. After that, you can set up signals and indicators, and then start making money.

Advanced traders working specifically with the Abi robot advise using automatic trading mode to a minimum. According to most experts, an independent analysis of the market based on the signals received from the system is a more reliable trading method. After all, even a proven algorithm in a certain situation can fail, which will lead to a loss of funds. Therefore, it is very important to foresee all the risks and be safe.

forex robot profit

The figure clearly shows the income received during the month of using the Abi robot. For half a year, the amount is approximately the same. I can say that the results are very encouraging. The robot perfectly navigates a huge mass of rapidly changing data, bringing tangible profits to the owner. It is impossible to ignore the fact that now volatility on the exchanges is sometimes just off scale. Therefore, you should not consider a trading robot as a panacea for all losses.

Overall, this tool is considered profitable and highly effective. Therefore, I recommend that even novice traders try to trust a digital assistant.

Forex Result

I work for myself, now I do not have curators and I do not need to share what I have earned with anyone. As you can see, my story with the Abi forex robot turned out to be successful and I hope that this is for a long time.

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