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Black gold today is one of the most volatile and profitable resources. What makes oil cheaper or more expensive in real time? Where can a trader make transactions? The cost of oil in real time can be seen on the graph below.

It is worth considering the Brent brand in more detail, since this grade is recognized as the standard all over the world. It was he who became the basis for the pricing of other types of oil, including the Urals brand, produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. Brent contains several varieties of raw materials, the deposits of which are located in Norway and off the coast of Scotland.

This grade of oil received its status due to the reduced concentration of sulfur. The Brent brand is an easy resource type, as the processing process is simpler and the final product is of high quality. The remaining varieties of raw materials are called heavier and heavier due to the increased amount of sulfur and multi-stage production.

From oil, fuel (gasoline) is created, as well as medium distillers, which is the basis for the growth and development of the economies of many countries. The cost of a resource today is formed on the sites of stock exchanges, depending on the existing supply and demand in the market. Online quotes for Brent crude, as well as other brands, are broadcast by the London electronic commodity exchange ICE Futures Europe.

The role of the resource in the Russian economy

extraction of oil

The Russian stock market is very sensitive to changes in the value of this asset. This is due to the high level of development of the oil industry in the country and the presence of a large number of oil fields. In addition, there are several large companies in this sector that are of particular importance to the economy of the Russian Federation: Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft and others. Brent prices are moving in unison with the MICEX index and the value of shares of the leading companies in the country's oil sector.   

Earnings on the asset

One of the simplest methods of investing in black gold is buying a futures contract. In the futures contracts section of the MICEX-RTS exchange, it is coded BR. Such a security has a calculated content, therefore, in reality, oil supplies are not provided for during the transaction. This futures has an average level of liquidity and a turnover of about several hundred million rubles per day.

Reasons for the change in oil prices

Most of the world's resource reserves are concentrated in the Middle East: Kuwait, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others. In times of political instability (change of power, war) in these countries, the value of an asset increases sharply. A tangible decline in prices occurs, as a rule, due to the occurrence of negative facts in the world (economic crisis).

Where and how to make money on oil to an individual

buy brent oil

Each registered user of the trading robot Abi gets access to purchase this asset. A trader can make transactions both independently and based on signals from a trading robot that analyzes market data online. The system provides access to tools to track the most successful opportunities for the sale and purchase. 

An individual can purchase this asset only with the participation of a broker. The scheme is as follows: an intermediary company provides the investor with access to the stock market trading platform, carrying out transactions in oil shares using orders placed by the client. However, not every brokerage firm provides such services. Therefore, the Abi company, in fact, provides exclusive opportunities for making money on oil to all its users.

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