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The international Forex market attracts the attention of both experienced traders and beginners who are just beginning to understand the basic concepts, terms and mechanisms of trading. As you know, the most profitable deals are concluded by those who are able to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and notice all the key factors affecting price movements. But any trader faces various problems: from the complexity of conducting trading with several assets at once to the banal fatigue and erroneous actions associated with the emotional and psychological components. But what if it is possible to automate all routine processes and conduct market analysis taking into account a huge number of factors, which is beyond the power of any person?

With the advent of automated trading systems, traders can entrust the process of managing financial flows to a special program - the Forex robot, which works 24/7 and is able to conclude profitable transactions independently without human intervention. One of the key benefits Forex robots consists in the fact that they do not make typical mistakes made because of carelessness or inexperience. Although users are offered a wide selection of various services for automating work in the Forex market, the bot showed itself better than others Abi, which will be discussed in this article.

Why use robots for Forex trading

The trading sector has also been influenced by technological progress. Any trader strives for two things: simplify their work, increase their own profits. Forex robots are this high-tech novelty in the field of trading. They can greatly simplify the process of earning and automate the execution of most processes. Existing programs are divided into three main types:

  • Transaction Indicators. The main task of such bots is to collect and analyze data, on the basis of which it is possible to draw conclusions about the advisability of opening a transaction at a given time.
  • Trading Advisers. Unlike indicators, these robots collect data and analyze them on their own. They give a signal indicating the best moment to enter the market.
  • Automatic traders. Unlike an adviser, such a bot is able to open a deal at the right time (user intervention is not required).

The Abi robot (reviews of this service are positive) is a configurable program that combines the functions of all the above automated systems. This means that Abi can be used as an indicator of transactions, as an adviser or program that is able to independently conclude the best transactions without human intervention.

Who will suit the robot Abi

Abi trading bot is an online service and is in the ranking top forex robotstherefore it does not need to be installed on the computer. Due to its versatility and cross-platform, it can be used on any device, even those that work on mobile operating systems. Having studied Abi reviewsleft by numerous users of this system to automate trading, we can conclude that it is suitable for the following categories of Forex market participants:

  • Novice players who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to conduct market analysis, correctly interpret the signals from the broker. Beginners can use Abi as a tool for automatic trading, which independently determines the type of binary option, conducts market analysis on several assets at once, concludes profitable transactions based on built-in algorithms.
  • Users with average experience. The robot is able to facilitate the tasks of users who do not have perfect knowledge in the field of Forex trading. Due to its ability to span several trading assets at once, Abi quickly and efficiently finds the best entry points, ensuring stable high profits.
  • Professionals. Although experienced players have sufficient knowledge to find the best entry points, they are unable to analyze the market for several assets at once, due to the banal limitations of human abilities. Experienced traders use Abi to perfect their trading skills.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that a trading robot will suit absolutely everyone, regardless of knowledge and experience in the market.

Features and Benefits Abi

Abi robot

Many traders who have used the service, note the versatility and effectiveness. Abi Reviews about the system confirm this. They highlight the following advantages of the bot:

  • The program is available to everyone for free. No investment is required to get started with Abi. The only condition is making a deposit (however, these funds will work for the trader, bringing good profit).
  • No installation required. The application works as an online service.
  • Cross-platform - traders can use the trading robot on PC and mobile devices.
  • Simple and intuitive interface. Both an experienced trader and a newcomer to the Forex market can configure the application.
  • System configurability. Abi allows you to make fine-tuning in the system. Users will be able to independently manage risks and set the desired amount of profit.
  • The presence of several built-in deposit management systems, making Abi suitable for both tidy financiers and those who are willing to risk large amounts.
  • Support for a huge number of financial assets to analyze and search for the best deals.
  • High-quality work of the support service, whose specialists quickly answer all user questions.

The only drawback of the robot is the lack of a 100% guarantee of profitability. Abi robot, reviews of which are left by both beginners and experienced traders, is able to give the correct signals in 70-80% of cases. Subject to proper management of funds, the bot is able to generate very good profits. Try installing the Abi robot yourself to see for yourself.

Installation and setup of a robot for trade automation

One of the key features of Abi in comparison with other trading automation systems is the simplicity of its configuration. To connect this effective tool, you must do the following:

  • Go to the official website ru.binrobot-lady and fill in the fields of the online application.
  • Choose a broker. Most professional brokerage companies cooperate with this service, including BinaryTilt, uTrader, 24option and many others. The key features of these brokers are an impeccable reputation, long work in the market, favorable conditions for traders of any level. I recommend Russian-speaking traders to choose BinaryTilt and 24option, since these sites have Russian localization and provide support for Russian-speaking clients.
  • Make a deposit. Initial investment is a requirement of any broker, while Abi is available absolutely free. Having made a small deposit, the trader has good chances of making large profits.
  • Configuring a trading automation system. By properly setting up Abi, the trader ensures his continued success in trading activities in the Forex market.

Abi's configurable options include the following:

  • System. The user chooses between three main systems: classical, Fibonacci or Martingale. The differences between them are in the accuracy of forecasting and potential profit, respectively. Information about the risks of using a particular system can be found on the network.
  • Choose the size of the deposit. Each broker sets his own minimum bet size. Before choosing the best option, it is recommended that you carefully study all the features of brokerage companies supported by Abi.
  • Setting time limits for expiration of options. The value of this parameter is determined individually, depending on the preferences of the trader and the strategies used by him. Beginners are advised to use the default value.
  • The maximum number of transactions that can be concluded at the same time. The value of this parameter is limited only by the amount of deposit made by the trader. The more trades, the higher the chances of a larger profit. But the risk of loss also takes place.

Also, the Abi robot (reviews of experienced Forex market players speak about the advisability of its use) suggests choosing financial indicators and assets to work with. The service will start working immediately after completing its configuration. You can evaluate the profitability of the bot using the screenshot provided by one user:

Abi robot profit

As a result of the above, we outline three main reasons why you should use the Abi bot:

  • Reducing the emotional and psychological burden on the trader. The robot operates according to well-defined algorithms, eliminates any human factors that often cause a new trader to lose a deposit.
  • No need for in-depth study of the basics of market analysis. The program contains all the necessary parameters, which are the basis of its working algorithms.
  • Increase the amount of free time with the trader. Even if a trader uses Abi as an indicator of transactions, he spends significantly less time analyzing the market. Abi as an automatic trader does almost all the work for the user, providing him with a good profit.

The considered robot is a professional tool for traders of any level, which is available for use free of charge. It has compatibility with most of the leading brokerage companies, uses custom trading algorithms based on sophisticated trading systems (Martingale, Fibonacci, classic). After reviewing Abi reviews, everyone can be convinced of its effectiveness. This is exactly the tool that should be tried by every Forex market participant who wants to automate routine processes and increase their profits.

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