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Trading currency pairs in the Forex market is one of the good opportunities for additional income. Often for successful traders, this earnings becomes the main job. Traders who have developed their profitable trading systems are beginning to trust investments, which further increases the income of traders.

A trading system is a set of certain rules that must be followed at regular intervals - every day, every four hours, every hour. Modern trading turns into a routine activity, so it makes sense to shift it onto the shoulders of a specially designed Action - trading robot. Such a program will work independently, requiring only periodic adjustment, as changes occur in the market.

I offer you a review of one of these programs.

Da Vinci Pro: Forex Robot

Da Vinci is a robot for the forex market, actively advertised on the Internet, for users in Russia.

da vinchi robot forex

According to the developers, its algorithm contains the author’s development of the team using neural network technologies.

For the work, the neural network must be “trained” - that is, it is presented with a number of input tasks (for trading robots these are historical quotes), and the neural network based on this information creates internal connections, which then, after training, can be used to identify other similar situations , and based on this, make supposedly realistic forecasts.

The advantages of a neural network and robots based on neural networks include identifying patterns that a person may not notice.

The minus of the neural network is in the absolute absence of common sense. For example, if several times before sharp movements in history there were accidental interruptions in the receipt of quotes, and “gaps” formed in the quotes, then the neural network may well “decide” that such a gap is a sign of a quick sharp movement and will open a deal in this case, although there is no real connection between the break in the Internet and quotes. 

The principles additionally used in the Da Vinci robot are the placing of a grid of orders with an increase in lottery - Martingaleone degree or another aggressiveness.

The use of these techniques is controversial. There is no consensus on their usefulness or harmfulness. From my own experience I was convinced that netters and “martins” work well in flat markets during small movements, making it possible to get regular, quite noticeable profits. However, the use of such robots during large trend movements is unacceptable.

Well, if the signal is profitable. But, if the signal is false - the grid of orders at best will create a large load on the deposit. And much more likely - will lead to its discharge.

You need to understand the essence of the work of the netter on the martingale in order to use it without much risk. All this does not speak in favor of this robot.

Most likely, the Da Vinci robot also has some other technologies, the essence of which is not disclosed. Perhaps they reduce the risks, but whether it is so or not is impossible to verify.

Da Vinci, a robot for the forex market: official site

You can use the Da Vinci robot by going to his website:

The start page presents the robot, briefly gives its description, in the form of the main illustration monitoring of the Da Vinci account is provided, where this robot on Forex earned 15% per month for two years in a row, and as a result earned more than 2 thousand percent:

da vinci profit chart

The chart looks, of course, very attractive, but only periodic temporary drawdowns (yellow line of the chart) and serious deposit loads (bars in the lower part of the chart) show the nature of trading by martingale, and as I said, using this method, in my opinion, is in no way cannot be recommended.

Also on the main page there is a FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions:

  • How long does the robot work?
  • Why can you trust Da Vinci?
  • Is robot control difficult enough?
  • Is it possible to understand a robot without special knowledge?
  • How to make sure the robot works reliably?
  • Is there cheating here?

The questions are followed by fairly robust answers, in addition, several videos are offered for illustration. This is not to say that the videos are not detailed enough, however, you can already see from these videos that the user needs to have robotic control skills, understand the operation of the terminal, and moreover, at least superficially the principles of working with VPS (Virtual Private Sever, virtual private server) that is not suitable for everyone. It is not clear why the trader’s work is so complicated.

Da Vinci, forex robot: personal account

But let's say we are interested in the Da Vinci program. Register your personal account. It turns out that the personal account is registered on another domain, which causes suspicion. 

What else causes distrust is the payment by Ethereum cryptocurrency:

da vinci takes ethereum

Cryptocurrencies are progressive, but I would prefer that the payment be in rubles, dollars or euros. In which case, you can see who this money is going to or simplify charjbeck.

After paying the robot - you are invited to open an account with the broker RoboForex:

da vinchi and roboforex

Personally, I prefer others Brokers, RoboForex does not have the best trading conditions.

When opening an account, it is recommended to set a leverage of 1: 500 and a cent account, which once again confirms the grid-martingale nature of the robot. Such a large leverage is necessary precisely for such robots.

But, finally, you get links to files in your account:

  • Instructions for registering and creating an account with a broker RoboForex
  • Installation Instructions for Da Vinci Robot
  • MetaTrader4 terminal installation file
  • The executable file of the Da Vinci robot.

links to instructions

In essence, for a robot to work, it’s enough to have a terminal installation file and a robot executable file. The terminal is installed on the computer, like any other program, after which it will be possible to run the executable file in it.

Since the terminal should work around the clock, it is reasonable to place it on a virtual server on the Internet. In the video and instructions posted on the site, these steps are discussed in detail. However, from the same instructions it follows that this task is not at all easy, the trader should be at least a confident computer user, the slightest non-standard situations can lead to questions that cannot be answered, the help of more knowledgeable people will be required. I’m afraid it’s not suitable for most beginners. Personally, I prefer something more convenient and reliable, where I do not need to deal with setting up access to VPS and installing a terminal.

Da Vinci in the forex market: reviews

Having figured out how to launch the Da Vinci robot, we ask ourselves the main question - what can we count on? What are the impressions of those who have already used it?

After short searches on the Internet for the query “Da Vinci, Forex Reviews”, we understand that “everything is very difficult”. The internet is full of negative messages. I have not seen rave reviews. But the angry “he leaked me the whole deposit!” - a bunch. A typical deposit schedule here is this:

da vinci schedule

I will express my opinion. The reason for the negative reviews in the Martingale Da Vinci.

Netters, especially with a martingale lot increase, work well in a calm flat market with little movement. And even so, they require careful tuning of the martingale coefficients. Da Vinci does not provide such a setting. Even worse, he continues to work in strong market movements - it is during these movements that the same deposit drains occur, which many reviewers say.

So the Da Vinci robot for forex, judging by the reviews, makes money only in the "quiet" market, although it gives periodic drawdowns of funds. Sooner or later, sharp price movements happen, and if they are not guessed, goodbye deposit. It is necessary to constantly monitor the expert. But, such work requires knowledge that not everyone has.     


Da Vinci is a martingale class robot. This is not to say that "this robot is a scam." Just to earn money with the help of this robot, experience is required, and most importantly, constant attention to it. Without these conditions, the discharge of a deposit is a matter of time.

On the Internet it is easy to find monitoring of sinks with a typical “martingale” picture - first a smooth and beautiful growth, and then a sharp huge loss and drain. I named the reason above - for robots of this class, any sharp price movements are fatal, and they periodically happen.

Another problem of the Da Vinci robot is the need to install a terminal, launch a robot on it and monitor it. For me, this is a serious minus. Personally, I prefer online robotsthat work on the servers of the developers themselves, relieving me of the need for unnecessary proceedings, leaving only the ability to run and manage.

Of these online robots, I like the most, Those interested can find other similar systems on the Internet. Online robots are much more preferable and profitable in any case.

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