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Trading is an activity to profit from the difference in the rates of financial assets at different points in time. One of the most profitable types of trading is margin trading in currency pairs in the Forex market. Due to the fact that currencies have high liquidity, the broker often provides considerable leverage, which allows to significantly increase the profitability of transactions.

Many newcomers make transactions at random, without a clear plan, which inevitably leads to a predominance of losses and a decrease in the size of the deposit. Stable profit is not possible without following certain rules. The totality of such rules makes up the trading system, which is the key to successful work.

In this case, the following difficulties arise:

  • Where to get the rules of the trading system, and how to verify that the implementation of these rules really makes a profit? There are a huge number of trading techniques that can be assembled into an even greater variety of trading systems. But very few are profitable of them.
  • Even if the system is selected and verified - how to ensure the constant implementation of its rules, how not to make mistakes? Compliance with the rules consists in constant painstaking monitoring of current quotes, verification of indicators, and, if necessary, the execution of trading actions. Moreover, all these actions should be performed regularly, every hour or even more often, without interruptions and errors, which is very difficult.

To solve these problems, traders have long been using forex trading robots - special programs for earningcreated in order to automatically comply with all the rules of the trading system. A trading robot completely frees a trader from routine operations to comply with the rules of the trading system, and modern traders use them more and more often.

Free, easy and intuitive for beginners - Daxrobot.

I also suggest you get to know currency robots better.

Forex currency robots in the terminal and online

Trading robots trading in the Forex currency market can be divided into two large classes: those working in the user terminal and online robots.

A robot running on a user terminal is an executable file of a special kind that is executed using software called a terminal.

The terminal uses the existing Internet channel in order to receive quotes from the broker's server and send trading orders to the broker given by the robot.

Thus, among the features the robot in the terminal The following should be noted:

  • The robot runs on the user's computer, which must always be turned on and always have access to the Internet.
  • The robot can be created by the user himself, however, this requires some special knowledge.
  • It is possible to order the development of a forex currency robot to a programmer, but it can be expensive.

Another type of robot is an online robot. The difference between an online robot is that such a robot runs on the server of its developer. The user has an account and a Personal Account through which he can launch the robot and manage it. Thus, among the features online robots The following can be distinguished:

  • The robot works on the developer's server, which is engaged in maintenance and system settings.
  • The robot is created by the developer himself, the user only controls - the choice of financial assets, indicators and their settings.
  • The user does not need to have programming skills, it is enough to have a basic understanding of trading and the techniques used by the robot.

Both types of Forex currency robots have their fans. As a rule, traders who are familiar with programming and have the ability to create robots prefer robots operating in the user terminal. Traders who do not have the ability to create robots are more likely to use online robots. Personally, I prefer online robots that do not require special programming knowledge. An overview of one of the systems for creating and using such robots I want to offer you.

Online Robot by DaxRobot


Forex currency trading principles

DaxRobot is a resource designed to create robots trading in popular currency pairs based on the signals of several indicators.

The user has the ability to set for each robot the currency pairs on which it will work, the indicators used and their timeframes, as well as the share of purchases and sales in work. After creating one or several robots, they are launched and run on the developer's server, transmitting their trade orders to the broker's website.

The user does not need to install any programs on his computer, you can generally work with a mobile android devices. Simply register, make an initial deposit, and start the robot.

Operating procedure

Website for a free currency forex robot, register:

When registering in the system, the user will be asked to choose a broker who will trade. After replenishment of the deposit, it will be possible to create robots.

After clicking the corresponding button, a page opens on the left, where all parameters of the created robot are set:

  • Name of the robot;
  • Currency pairs on which he will work;
  • The ratio of purchases and sales at work;
  • Indicators used by the robot (at least three);
  • Timeframes on which indicators will work.

Creating a robot is completed by clicking on the Save button.

After creating the robot, there is the possibility of a quick test run on historical data to evaluate how profitable the created robot would be if it were trading on history.

The user can not only create their currency robots for Forex, but also use the robots of other users that are in the system, as well as make signals of their robot available to others.

Currency pairs for trading

For the first half of 2020, the DaxRobot system provides the ability to work with the following currency pairs:

  • Euro / Australian Dollar (EURAUD)
  • Euro / US Dollar (EURUSD)
  • British Pound / US Dollar (GBPUSD)
  • Dollar / Swiss Franc (USDCHF)
  • Euro / Yen (EURJPY)
  • US Dollar / Canadian Dollar (USDCAD)
  • Australian Dollar / US Dollar (AUDUSD)
  • Euro / British Pound (EURGBP)

In addition, it is possible to run robots on some popular cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Laytkoin
  • Ether
  • Bitcoin cache

All cryptocurrencies are quoted against the US dollar.

When choosing financial instruments for a robot, it is possible to set the ratio of purchases to sales. This installation should be used depending on the general market situation of the pair used. If the pair is currently growing, the share of purchases should be increased, if it is falling, the share of sales. Given the flat nature of the situation, it is reasonable to take the same number of purchases and sales.

Choosing Profitable Currency Pairs

When creating currency robots for Forex, a very important point is the choice of a financial asset. The DaxRobot trading system uses the most liquid currency pairs. But, their behavior is significantly different. The greatest movements in different pairs occur at different times of the day, and the size of these movements is also uneven. In addition, indicators on different pairs also give a different number of profitable signals. Therefore, one should not think that having created and launched several robots, the work of the trader is over. The routine part of the work is over. And the most important part is continuing. It consists in selecting the most profitable currency pairs and selecting the most profitable robot settings for them. Moreover, profits in the past do not guarantee future profits. The market is constantly changing, and the key to deposit growth is the constant switching between robots that are working right now.

For example, on my robots, the EURUSD pair has been the most profitable recently.

Here is a chart of the most profitable robot that has been working since the beginning of February 2020:

pair profit eurusd

The second most profitable robot also runs on the EURUSD pair:

profit for the second robot for the pair eurusd

In both cases, the main profit was provided by sudden movements that began in connection with the global crisis.

The third most profitable robot has been working for a long time, since the summer of 2019.

Eurjpy pair profit

This robot has a different growth pattern. There are months when he does not complete transactions, waiting for the best moments. And the global crisis did not greatly affect his work.

Forex Forex Robot Opportunities

Of course, most readers are primarily interested in the question "how much can you earn." 

Unfortunately, trading is not an area in which a certain amount of money is issued on a monthly basis at the box office. Even the best charts presented by me show that the best robots in the Forex currency market had whole months when they not only did not increase the deposit, but even reduced it. Well, talk about the "losers" who showed a negative result ... I often do this when, for example, I create a robot for purchases, including the corresponding installation in the "Buy" position, and the pair starts to fall steadily. Of course, such a robot cannot be profitable, and the sooner it is turned off, the lower the loss.

Therefore, the overall result of work is difficult to predict even when you have been working for a long time. Approximately you can evaluate the result of the displayed amounts.

For example, here is the amount that was withdrawn at the end of February February 2020:

making profit on webmoney wallet

There were great conclusions. Now is the time to make money. I hope that my and your conclusion arrived at the end of the summer, will be more.


Trading is a very promising opportunity to increase capital.

Of course, there is a lot of uncertainty and chance. In addition, there are obvious errors that also lead to losses, such as the one I wrote about - when a robot is launched in a growing market for a falling one and vice versa.

However, the systematic monitoring of the behavior of various financial assets, and the timely inclusion of trading systems that use the features of this behavior will allow you to regularly make a profit.

Try it, and, not right away, but you will succeed. I use DaxRobot as one of the simpler options that doesn't require too much knowledge to set up. There are more complex online robots, in addition, for those who know how to write programs, it is possible to write robots on their own to work in the terminal on a computer. However, it's wiser to start with something simpler. You may be lucky and you won't need complicated things.

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