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The key to profitability of the trader is strict adherence to the rules of the selected trading system. The result of transactions made intuitively, most often become uncontrolled losses and a decrease in deposit. It is precisely the strict adherence to the trading strategy that allows you to make a profit on a regular basis, and, just as importantly, to notice the moment when it stops working.

Another problem that traders face is loss periods. Any trading system has periods of losses, and measures must be taken to reduce the negative impact of such periods on the deposit. This is especially important for cryptocurrencies, whose rates are subject to large fluctuations.

The solution to both of these problems is to use expert trading robots, that is, special programswhose code contains the rules of trading strategies that are automatically executed without human intervention. At the same time, it becomes possible to use not just one strategy, but many at once, which reduces the impact of temporary drawdowns for individual systems and diversify risks. 

I bring to your attention a platform review Daxrobot, which allows you to create trading experts for trading on binary options, solving both of the problems described above.

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The principles of the DaxRobot platform

The basis of the DaxRobot platform is the ability to create expert robots for trading in the binary options market based on the signals of one or more indicators. The interface of the system is quite simple, which allows you to create experts not only experienced traders, but also beginners in trading. The platform allows you to work with popular currency pairs and with cryptocurrencies.

The following sequence of actions is envisaged.

  • Registration in the system and replenishment of the trade deposit.
  • The selection of experts from among the ready-made or the creation of your own, working according to the rules specified by the user.
  • Testing the work using the demo launch.
  • Launch selected experts and monitor their work. As necessary, turn off unprofitable, and turn on new ones.

At the same time, you do not need to have special programming knowledge, it is enough to understand the general principles of trading and have an idea about the signals that the indicators used give.

Advantages of the DaxRobot Platform

Due to the simultaneous use of several trading experts, the platform allows you to:

  • Either increase profit, at the previous value of risk, or reduce risk, at the previous value of profit.
  • Diversify the risk of individual strategies. Any strategy has periods of losses, however, the likelihood that several strategies have the same periods is very small, which allows one strategy to compensate for the losses of the other, and profit from the third. In addition, you can reduce the risk on the strategy that is currently unprofitable.
  • Take into account personal preferences of the user. As a rule, users who are familiar with the work of technical indicators tend to use some and avoid using others. In the DaxRobot system, users have the opportunity to choose which indicator to work on, and in addition, it is possible to reduce the risk where a less preferred, but still worthy indicator is used.
  • Compare the performance of various indicators, strategies and tools. By launching several experts, one can distinguish those that show better and more stable results by trading history, noting on which indicators and trading instruments they work. The probability that a strategy that has shown good results will show them in the future, at least for some time, which makes it possible to increase the risk on it.
  • Track in time Strategystop working. The market is constantly changing, and any expert needs to periodically adjust the settings, and even sometimes to remove it from the auction, avoiding unnecessary loss of the deposit.

These features are not available when working with one expert or when trading manually. 

In addition, you should pay attention to the following features of using the DaxRobot platform:

  • The platform is focused both on the use of popular currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.
  • As mentioned above, the user does not need to have special programming knowledge.
  • The interface of the platform is very simple, and allows you to create experts not only experienced traders, but also beginners.
  • Users who are not confident enough in their abilities may not create their own robots, but use those created by other users, there is a special rating for this.
  • All running experts work on the platform server continuously and around the clock. Trading orders are automatically transferred to the broker's website. Therefore, the user does not need to install any additional software on his computer.

To manage running experts on the user's computer, you also do not need to install any programs - just have access to the Internet and a browser that allows you to access the site. 

DaxRobot System Interface

To work, you must register on the site

When you first enter the site, it is proposed to choose a broker that provides the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. For the first half of 2020, one broker is offered - DaxBase, in the future the list of brokers will be expanded:

daxrobot broker

Upon registration, initials, phone, account currency, email and password will be requested.

The main window

The main window of the system is designed to run existing robots and manage them. If the user is the first time in the system, then he needs to either create at least one expert, or use existing ones. Top 10 is located on the left:

daxrobot top 10

When choosing, a panel is displayed containing a brief description and characteristics, it also allows you to start the demo mode or unlock the robot, and run it to work with a real account:

daxrobot make money

There are also buttons on the left with which you can replenish your account and create your own robot:

daxrobot buttom

Also above the main window there is a button with which you can see the history of trading.

Creating a robot

The user has the ability to use other people's settings, however, this approach is good only for beginners. More experienced traders usually already have some ideas about preferred trading and the principles that they would like to use.

For this case, the DaxRobot platform provides the ability to create your own robot by clicking the corresponding button on the left.

After that, the user gets to the panel where you need to set all the parameters of the newly created robot:

Name in the corresponding panel:

daxrobot string

Desired trading tools and the preferred ratio of purchases and sales on them:

daxrobot runners

For the first half of 2020, it will be possible to trade eight popular currency pairs or four cryptocurrencies.

Also, creating a robot requires connecting at least three desired indicators. In the first half of 2020, it is possible to work with the following indicators:

  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence-Divergence)
  • CCI (Commodity Channel Index)
  • Stoch (Stochastic)
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • ADX (Average Directional movement indeX)
  • Aroon

The work uses standard signals of each indicator. But the user has the opportunity to change the timeframe of their work. There are three possible timeframes: M30, M15, M5:

daxrobot choice of settings

The “Public” switch makes it possible to provide an expert to other users of the system and participate in the rating. Private expert is not involved in the ranking.

The creation is completed with the Save button. After that, the entered name appears in the list of "My robots":

daxrobot my robots

Launch in demo mode

To start a created or selected robot from the list, you need to unlock it. To do this, when choosing a robot there is a corresponding button.

However, before starting it is recommended to make trial launches of the robot on historical quotes. This will ensure that the expert strategy is profitable. To do this, use the "Run Demo" button.

Demo mode is the work of the robot on historical data, as if it was already working at that time. At the same time, transactions are made, however, all this happens not with real data, but with a virtual account created only for this demo pass. And at the same time, price data arrives at the robot much faster than if it came in real work, so the demo pass is much faster than real work.

Each completed transaction is displayed in a pop-up window, while the following are displayed:

  • Moment of transaction
  • The name of the robot that completed the transaction
  • Transaction Type (Call / Put)
  • Deal tool
  • Transaction volume

daxrobot copy program

Below is a chart of trading results for the current demo launch:

daxrobot chart

It should be noted that the demo launch is a launch on historical quotes. In real work, the schedule will be different, and the profitability of the demo launch does not guarantee future profitability. Demo launch allows you to verify only the health of the selected expert.

But, such a check is necessary because it allows you to make sure that the expert has a potential earning potential, and in addition, the probability of this is the higher, the better the expert will show himself in demo mode.

In addition, the demo mode allows you to make corrections to the work of existing robots, increasing their potential profit, add or exclude trading tools and indicators.

DaxRobot Platform Technical Support

The DaxRobot platform is designed for both experienced traders and beginners in the trade. Therefore, the developers of the system paid important attention to technical support. Any questions can be conveniently resolved through the technical support chat pop-up window.

In addition, the system also has regular email. 

Users can get advice on any issues related to the system and its use, receiving a response either to the mailing address or directly in the support chat.


The goal of the DaxRobot platform is to simplify the process of creating a package of robots so that non-coding traders can create and use robots according to their preferences.

Despite the simple interface and a small number of settings, the system allows you to start trading using the most popular trading indicators on the most popular currency pairs or cryptocurrencies. Thus, even novice traders can start real trading using real opportunities available to more experienced colleagues.

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