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Coronavirus continues to terrorize humanity: every day the number of people infected is growing, and there is still no vaccine for the virus. While ordinary people are looking for things to do in quarantine at home, experts predict a repeat of the scenario of the 2008 financial crisis. What awaits us in the future and how can you earn money in this difficult time for everyone? Let's figure it out!

When the world community first heard about the outbreak coronavirus in China, few expected the epidemic to reach planetary proportions. Today due Covid-19 countries close their borders, and people switch to a remote mode of operation. This could not but affect the financial markets: many experts believe that the current economic situation is comparable to the 2008 crisis.

Economic downturn already observed in countries that have been hit hardest by the virus. For example, in China, industrial production decreased by 13,5%, reaching a minimum over the past 30 years. At the same time, losses from coronavirus in Italy are estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars.

Not only world industry suffered. Due to quarantine in most countries, the volume of services has fallen sharply. People prefer to socially distance themselves to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Cinema closes and fitnessclubs, large concerts and events are canceled.  

Vaccine from coronavirus have not yet been invented, and the number of cases is constantly growing. How will the world be transformed given the current circumstances? We've studied Quarantine 2020 latest news and determined which areas of business will change the most in the near future.

Golden age content-makers

The global pandemic is the best time to bloggersyoutuber, streamers and other manufacturers content. During quarantine, the demand for virtual entertainment is noticeably increasing.

Evidence of this was a sharp increase in interest in video games among the inhabitants of China. In the midst coronavirus they try to leave home as little as possible. Money that used to go to movies, concerts, cafes and other entertainment is now used to purchase games, subscriptions and other virtual goods.

At the same time, the tourism industry and the whole event- the industry is going through hard times. For obvious reasons, people refrain from traveling and going to concerts and stadiums. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), due to Covid-19 this year air carriers around the world lose from 63 to 113 billion dollars.

 Food services and food producers

girl and delicious pizza

During quarantine, the profits of food producers and companies involved in their delivery will increase. Many food industry experts have spoken about a spike in sales of groceries, canned goods, and instant foods. They do not exclude a shortage of popular food products and price increases.

Along with the increasing popularity of food delivery services, the profit of enterprises from the hotel and restaurant business is declining. People stop going to cafes and restaurants. The most affected by the pandemic are institutions that do not provide personal delivery services - their revenue may be halved. According to the publication Liga.Netrestaurants that have it will lose only 20-25% of their profits.

Freight Market Development drones

As the latest news from quarantine 2020 show, along with the pandemic, a new round of development of freight drones. because of coronavirus People are wary of couriers and prefer contactless delivery. In technologically advanced countries, the popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles that will not exactly infect a client with a virus will increase.

According to the co-founder militants, the largest producer of agricultural drones in China, after the outbreak in the country, the company has already managed to sell more than 4000 pieces of equipment. It is expected that the company's revenue in 2020 will increase at least fourfold - up to 30 million yuan ($ 4,22 million).

Development of services for remote work

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, people in many countries are switching to a remote mode of operation. Most world famous companies (including The AmazonFacebook и Google) have already sent employees to work from home.

This is the best time to develop special services that simplify collaboration on distance. Also, the popularity of sites for freelancing and other ways of remote earnings.

Because of self-isolation, people seek what to do in quarantine at home. Fortunately, the Internet offers great opportunities for everyone. This is not only a limitless source of entertainment, but also a tool for making money. Today, anyone can earn money without leaving home.

For example, many start trade on exchangesCoronavirus increased Volatility markets, so a pandemic is a great time to earnings on programs, securities and cryptocurrencies. To become a trader, you do not have to be a financial expert. Modern services for trading allow you to make a profit automatically.

Effective platforms for remote earnings like Abi suitable even for beginners without experience trading. The robot can be used both from the phone and from the computer - the user only needs to make a deposit. The system will independently conduct market analysis and conclude the most profitable transactions, generating profit.

Similar services exist for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, a free robot Autocrypto-Bot accessible to everyone and very easy to use. Anyone can create Account and make a profit. It is not even necessary to set up a robot - users can enjoy fully automatic earnings.

New market development prospects Смартфонов

health apps

Coronavirus made people worry more about their own health. It is likely that manufacturers Смартфонов will be able to profit from this - for example, by integrating body thermometers into devices.

In the future, this will open up a ton of new opportunities for healthcareapplications and startups. Earnings from the phone more, easier and more real.

Interestingly, thermometers were built into telephones before. Smartphone Galaxy S4 released Samsung in 2013, had a temperature sensor. Seven years ago, this feature was not very popular, but because Covid-19 everything can change.

The development of virtual reality technology

The pandemic could give a good boost to the entire VR industry. As Quarantine 2020 latest news showthousands of people are interested in purchasing a virtual reality helmet.

March 23 was the long-awaited continuation of a series of games Half-Lifecreated specifically for VR devices. Industry experts believe that in the future the number of such projects will increase.

In addition to games, helmets of virtual reality allow you to visit various attractions and events without leaving your home. For example, already this year a major cryptoconference Consensus, which can be visited by any owner of a VR device.

Alcohol sales growth

Profits will increase among alcohol producers. because of coronavirus mass events are canceled, so more people will throw home parties. In addition, bars are closing in many countries, which will also spur the sale of alcohol to the public.

Home development fitness

fitness home

While the owners fitness-centers, gyms and pools suffer enormous losses, manufacturers of home exercise machines consider profit. In many countries due coronavirus going home is the only way to keep fit. Unsurprisingly, stocks of a bike manufacturer Peloton go up despite the global financial market crash.

Along with sales of sports equipment, popularity will increase video tutorials and applications for fitness. Against the background of quarantine, information on the best goods and services for practicing at home is published even in large publications that are not related to sports.

Collapse of markets eventindustry and tourism

According to experts, the extent of travel losses due to coronavirus can reach 47 billion dollars a month.

Representative of the world famous analytical company loop Capital Markets Rob Sanderson He said that this will affect not only travel companies. According to him, income Google from advertising in the tourism segment for the first quarter of 2020 will fall by 15%. He expects that the profit of the search giant will continue to decline in the future.

Analysts Needham also predict a reduction in advertising costs. According to them, companies will reduce the marketing costs of goods and services - most of all this will affect the areas of travel, consumer goods and entertainment.

Insurance industry development

In connection with coronavirus worldwide insurance costs will increase. Despite the epidemic, most large industrial enterprises cannot provide employees with the opportunity to work remotely. In addition, do not forget about the police, doctors and many other specialists. Covid-19 will force all these people to insure themselves against infection.

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