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In today's market, the most pressing topic is risk diversification. Any trading strategy has periods of losses, and the only protection in such periods is to work in several directions, so that losses in one of them are compensated for by the other, and the third would give profit at this time.

This technique is especially important for the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency rates are subject to sharp fluctuations with great volatility, which is why many trading strategies experience large temporary drawdowns. To eliminate the negative impact of drawdowns on the current deposit, measures must be taken to reduce risks.

The idea of ​​diversification is used by the cryptocurrency trading platform Centobot, a review of which is offered to your attention. I also want to recommend you an alternative to this program, this is a robot Autocrypto-bot. One of the best programs for earning In Internet.

The idea and advantage of the Centobot robot

The Centobot system is designed to work in the binary options market. It lies again in the possibility of creating for the user many different trading expert robots working on different instruments and using different principles and indicators. This technique allows you to get a number of advantages:

  • Risk diversification. A strategy showing loss may be offset by another strategy showing profit. The total profit is provided by the third strategy.
  • Increase in income. You can run robots with a fixed risk, this increases the potential income of the trader with the same maximum loss.
  • Loss reduction. When you run several robots, you can reduce the risk on each of them as many times. As a result, this reduces the potential loss at the previous maximum income level.
  • Considering the preferences of the trader. Strategies can use different indicators, depending on the desire of the user. A trader who trusts some indicator more has the opportunity to increase the risk on a robot working on the signals of this indicator, and reduce the risk on a robot working on the signals of the indicator, not reliable enough, according to the trader (however, worthy to work with him).
  • Timely stop trading. There is an opportunity to track robots, the strategy of which ceases to work, and remove them from the trade in time, leaving only those whose strategies are now profitable.
  • Comparison of different strategies. It becomes possible to compare the same strategies on different trading instruments, which opens up the possibility of selecting instruments according to various criteria (according to the similarity of trade, according to “trending”, according to “best indicators”), with further consideration of these features of the instruments.
  • Comparison of performance indicators. There is a possibility of comparing the work of individual indicators on the same trading instrument with further highlighting promising ones.

All of the above features of the Centobot platform are impossible when using one trading robot that works on the signals of one or even several indicators.

In addition, the following features should be noted:

  • The platform interface is very simple and intuitive, accessible even for beginners.
  • The platform user does not need to be an expert in creating automated trading experts, it is enough to know the general principles of trading with their help and the ideas that underlie popular trading indicators.
  • The user does not need to install any additional software on his computer. All robots work on the developer's server, and automatically transfer trading orders to the broker. Management is carried out using a computer or mobile device with Internet access.
  • All robots work continuously, in automatic mode. A trader only needs to periodically monitor their work to make the necessary amendments.
  • For beginners who are still not confident in their abilities and knowledge, it is possible to use ready-made robots that show the best results.
  • The system is focused on the use of cryptocurrencies, however, there is the possibility of using classic popular currency pairs.

Centobot System Interface

To start working with the platform, you must register on the site

The system immediately offers one of several brokers that provide trading services. All offered brokers are well-known companies that provide services for trading cryptocurrencies:

centobot brokers

Main screen

After entering the system, the user enters the main working screen of the settings of the current expert. The panel on the left provides the ability to choose which robot to work with at the moment, and also has buttons for replenishing the account (with the transition to the broker's website) and creating a new robot:

centobot funding

When you select "My robots" from the list, you can manage the selected expert. In addition, there is a button at the top right that allows you to view the history of trading.

The user also has the opportunity to run the best experts, a list of which is on the left.

Creating a robot

The first thing a newbie who has registered in the system should do is create his own robot. To create, you must select the appropriate button, after which a panel with settings will open.

The required parameters are the name of the newly created Expert Advisor and the tools with which it will work. For the first half of 2020, the opportunity to work on 13 cryptocurrencies is provided. In addition, there are also 8 most popular currency pairs against the dollar.

It is necessary to check the box next to the selected pair, and also to install the engine that regulates the desired share of purchases and sales in working with this tool:

centobot run

After selecting the desired tools, you must select three or more indicators that will be used for the work of the created expert. For the first half of 2020, the system provides the ability to work on the signals of the following popular indicators:

  • Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD)
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Stochastic
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Average Directional movement indexX (ADX)
  • Aroon

Indicators are used with their standard settings and standard signals. For each indicator, you can choose a timeframe on which it will work. Three possible timeframes are provided: M5, M15, M30:

centobot indicators

Also at the end there is a switch that sets the publicity. The public expert will be available to other users of the platform, and if he shows good results, he will appear in the list of the best on the user's initial screen. A private expert will be available only to its owner.

The Save button completes the creation of the robot and saves the settings.

Centobot demo mode

After creating an expert robot, you can immediately launch it into work, for this it needs to be unlocked. After choosing a robot, a panel opens with a name, a brief description and launch buttons. While the user has not deposited funds into the account, the expert is blocked. Pressing the “Unblock” button will allow you to replenish your balance and begin real trading:

centobot copy

However, it is possible to run a test run on historical data to make sure the robot is profitable. For this mode, use the “Run Demo” button. When you start the demo mode with at the time of transactions on the right side there are messages with information about current transactions:

  • The name of the robot that made the deal
  • Transaction execution moment
  • Transaction Type (Call / Put)
  • Transaction volume
  • Deal tool

centobot cash

At the same time, the current deposit chart is displayed below:

centobot chart

In real trading, the deposit schedule may be different. The demo mode of the robot is only a confirmation of its performance on historical data and is not a guarantee of future profits. However, a robot that shows good results in a demo test is more likely to show them in real trading. Therefore, demo launches of robots are necessary before placing robots for real trading.

In addition, demo launches allow you to compare different versions of the same robots, correct them, add or exclude individual tools and settings.

Centobot System Support

Since the system is designed not only for experienced users, but also for beginners, special attention was paid to support. You can use the classic e-mail, a link to an e-mail support at the bottom left. But for beginners, it’s easier to send questions via the pop-up chat form in the lower right corner.

Users can get advice on any issues related to the system and its use, receiving a response either to the mailing address or directly in the support chat.


Creation and Launch System trading robots Centobot designed to make trading easier for beginners. A simple interface and a small number of settings allow even an inexperienced user to start trading binary options on cryptocurrencies or popular currency pairs. At the same time, the system allows you to include in the strategies of Expert Advisors the most popular indicators used by millions of traders around the world. Thus, using the Centobot system, novice traders can get involved in real work on conventional and cryptocurrency exchanges, making a profit, like many other, more experienced colleagues.

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