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The company "Facebook”, Of course, is one of the leading enterprises in the world of high technology. It is no exaggeration to say that the resource of the same name on the Internet has radically changed the lifestyle of several billion people on the planet. Wherein, "Facebook"Is a corporation, that is, a public joint-stock company whose value of securities, obviously, affects the stock market. What is the significance of stock dynamics?Facebook"And how to work with them (including where to buy shares"Facebook") - we will tell further.

Stock Methodology Facebook

Facebook shares can be bought by any user registered on the broker's website Abi.

It is most logical to build and analyze the methodology of working with FB stocks in two areas:

  • fundamental analysis;
  • technical analysis.

However, before drafting, in essence, various market strategies for operations with this asset (as well as how to buy sharesFacebook»), it seems reasonable to take a short look so far Facebook story.

Fundamental analysis

The core business of the company is advertising. And it should be noted that this is very promising not only from the point of view of stock speculators, but also from the point of view of logic. The popularity of television is steadily and inexorably declining. People are less and less watching the “box”, preferring to spend time on the Internet. And more than 2 billion users at the same time regularly visit their own and others Accounts on "Facebook". As a result, a “divergent trend»: The number of advertisements (and associated capital) that is flowing to the Internet from television (and in many ways, precisely to social networks) is increasing, and the number of users who are watching it is also increasing, which also stimulates additional investment in advertising.

facebook advertising

In addition, if television advertising is very monotonous and, in many ways, is annoying for viewers, advertising on the Internet has the most whimsical forms (from contextual clips to product-Placement) Watching these videos is often simply interesting, and more interest - more investment in advertising.

A social network is an extremely convenient, structured framework within which users subdivide themselves according to their preferences (for example, grouping together). This further enhances the effectiveness of the advertisements displayed. In addition, constantly inventing new convenient options and formats for interaction between various network users, the company's marketers further increase the effectiveness of advertising, and hence the potential revenue of the corporation.

At the end of 2019 "Facebook»Had the following fundamental indicators:

  • The ratio of profit to total assets - 16,02%
  • Return on capital - 19,96%
  • Return on investment - 18,95%
  • Revenue per employee is $ 1,57 million (one of the highest rates in the global economy)
  • Total debt - $ 11,07 billion.
  • The value of total assets is $ 133,38 billion.
  • Gross profit - $ 57,93 billion.
  • Net margin - 26,15%.
  • Total revenue - $ 70,7 billion.

Technical Analysis

The objective of this type of analysis is to generate clear signals (buy or sell shares "Facebook») based on behavior trend, that is, depending on which figure the chart will draw. And it is technical analysis that forms the individual “style” of company shares.

It should be noted that shares "Facebook Inc.» possess a number of characteristic features:

  • Firstly, these are highly profitable securities, the median daily value of the trading volume for which is measured at $ 10,98 billion (according to data from 2016 to 2019 inclusive).
  • Secondly, FB papers have a relatively low intraday volatility.

Over the same last 3 years, fluctuations in the value of shares within one trading session did not exceed 6,73%. Moreover, the largest fluctuation occurred on 03.03.2020: the upper border is 197,24, the lower one is 183,97. Removed from the selectionunrepresentative»The date of July 26.07.2018, 20, when, as a result of a general landslide market fall, in one day the FB shares lost XNUMX% of their value.

The 3-year period is a large enough time lag to characterize the paper “Facebook", as super stable for your profitability level.

  • Third, trend shares "Facebook"In its geometry correlates with index dynamics NASDAQ. This suggests that the relationship here is quite identical, that is, by movement trend index can also be predicted in which direction will move "FB".

General guidelines

The fact that the shares of the corporationFacebook»Due to trend index NASDAQ, tells us that investors, when making decisions regarding the choice of open positions on FB securities, take more fundamental factors into account than technical ones.

Trend index, as it were, forces investors to play short for short periods of time, but as soon as the impact of the speculative factor is suspended, the papers restore the growing trend, since the potential of the project has not yet been revealed to the end.

Low Volatility - This, on the one hand, is good, because it allows you to consider the shares of the corporation as a tactical asset-refuge, even in the short term. However, a relatively small amplitude of fluctuations does not allow to earn on the shares of "FB" scalperswho switch to more promising positions, taking with them capital.

CONCLUSION: shares “Facebook Inc. ” - This is an excellent investment for those who want to earn money with low risk on investments in high technology at medium and long time intervals.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURE: paper "Facebook Inc. ” over the past 3 years, landslide have fallen only after the market, but never for internal reasons.

How and where to buy shares "Facebook»

Papers "Facebook Inc. ” listed exclusively on the US organized financial platform NASDAQ, which unites exclusively shares of companies operating in high-tech sectors of the economy.

Buy shares "Facebook»To an individual, quite possible. However, this should only be done through a broker. That is, for the investor himself - non-resident in relation to the American market, this will be indirect access - through an official intermediary - a broker, who in this case provides access to the trading platform, and he will carry out trading operations with these shares on orders placed by the client.

buy facebook stocks from a broker 24

One such professional brokerage house is the company "Abi". Not every brokerage company provides the above services for organizing remote access. 24option provides, in fact, exclusive features.

How much are the sharesFacebook»

Currently, due to the local decline in stock values ​​(caused by "advertising" coronovirus, as well as the urgent need for correction) toto drink shares "Facebook"An individual can at an extremely interesting price of $ 181,09 per piece. It was at this point that the market froze, leaving for the weekend 06.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX.

It should be noted that this price (according to numerous analysts) is already a premium, since the market last time repelled from this level in mid-October 2019. A modern fall is carried out from the "height" of $ 223,23. It makes sense to wait for strong buy signals.

How much can you earn on stocks "Facebook»

It makes sense to consider this issue, depending on a combination of the following factors:

  • Market: spot or Derivatives.
  • Temporary investment period: short (up to 3 months) or long.

Represent the indicative profitability indicators in the table:


Spot market

Short inv. period (220-173) / 173 = 27,17% (or more than 100% per annum for 3 months)

We apply to the rate of return on spot the leverage ratio is (1: 6), but we work with 50% of the amount - it is funded from the second half marginal score:

27,17x6 / 2 = 81,5% (or more than 320% per annum for the same 3 months).

Long inv. period (e.g. 1 year) (220-160) / 160 = 37,5% (per annum). However, if you catch intermediate falls and highs, this profitability can be safely doubled at least.

37,5x6 / 2 = 112,5% ​​(per annum). However, if you catch intermediate drops, then the yield can be multiplied by 2 and by the amount of financial leverage:

2x6 = 12 (times).

Working with Futures margin is extremely profitable but equally risky.

Short period screenshot:

Facebook stocks

Long period screenshots:

Stocks facebook purchase

promotions facebook sale

Factors affecting the value of sharesFacebook»

We single out tactical and strategic factors:

  • Strategic (by the way, they are all fundamental):
    • the dynamics of the net the appearance of new users on the network;
    • the effectiveness of new user structuring tools being introduced;
    • dynamics of increasing advertising on the Internet.
  • Tactical:
    • exchange take-offs and landslides.

IMPORTANT: in the decision-making process on investing in the shares of high-tech companies, you should not try to highlight as many arguments as possible (for, what, against). The real reasons are always 1-3. We suggest using the indicated!


Promotions "Facebook Inc. ” are a universal tool for almost everyone:

  • for conservative investors working vdolguyu;
  • for conservative investors engaged in intermediate sales;
  • for more dynamic investors whose median investment period is at the level of 1 week.

The only group of investors who are “not happy” about the behavior of FB shares is scalpers. Well, if you think small Volatility - this is rather an advantage. It makes sense to register Account with a 24option broker to get an opportunity not only to be convinced of the indicated advantages, but also to fix a solid profit in a couple of months.

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