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Tesla, a multinational company, has become a pioneer in the automotive industry, making electric vehicles economically viable, popular and fashionable. However, it should be recognized that cars that do not need fuel to move, in fact, shifts the generation of the energy they need to stationary power plants. This is yes, however, who would have thought it was so profitable not to mess with fuel! The device of the car is facilitated - now its production does not require several thousand units and assemblies at once, the car becomes easier, more technologically advanced in repair and maintenance, and therefore cheaper.

Stock price and Tesla company history clearly reflect the success of this transnational corporation. On the dynamics of the price of its securities, it is quite acceptable to draw conclusions about the current success of the project as a whole and about its future prospects for the near and distant future. Buy Tesla shares - This is a completely justified and rather interesting investment move, and in this regard, it seems rather interesting to conduct a more detailed financial analysis regarding it.

Tesla Shares - Forecast

The problem for market players is that everyone has long been waiting for a thorough correction of the papers of the high-tech sector of the NASDAQ. The index has long been growing (albeit smoothly), which could not inspire confidence in its further positive prospects.

Forecast for Tesla shares, in this case, it closely correlates with the dynamics of the NASDAQ, because these papers have long been recognized as “indicative” in the structure of the index.

This means that the permanent attention of market players is riveted to them, and the rise or fall of the TSLA exchange rate determines, respectively, the rise or fall of the entire segment (just like that, not vice versa).

It is undeniable that in the medium term until mid-2020 buy Tesla shares It will be possible even cheaper.

It should be noted that the real decline is not a purely American “trick”. The global commodity and stock markets of everything (stocks, debt securities, oil, other raw materials) are falling. Only currencies are stable (since they are quoted relative to each other), and in addition, safe haven assets (for example, gold and palladium) are growing. The reason for the collapse was the notorious coronavirus, but the reason is still precisely the overheating of organized sites around the world.

Over the past 12 years, the global stock market has capital, according to various estimates, from 1,6 to 2,3 times more than it was invested in the real sector. Where did the money go? Partly, at their expense, highly liquid reserves of many “fired” were formed startups. But the growth of the speculative “cornice” cannot be denied either. The current collapse is a banal improvement of the situation.


According to various analytical agencies, the world market has already “missed” capitalization in the amount of at least $ 10 trillion. only for the past 1 week! This is very impressive, because such an intense fall has not been recorded long ago. For 5 days, the American S & P500 index “dropped” by 12,1%. Over a hundred years of the history of the organized American market in February, the fall was only as powerful three times:

  • February 23, 2009 - 11,6%;
  • February 27, 1933 - 11,2%;
  • over 10% in 5 days - now ...

So if u do forecast for Tesla shares for the next 2 months, it is purely negative. The fall will continue, but it’s hard to say what levels the price of its securities will go down to. Many analysts say that they will fall at least by the same amount. Others argue that for these securities the bottom has already been passed, because, due to their liquidity and attractiveness, investors in the future will prefer to "run away" not in gold, but will strive buy exactly Tesla shares, anticipating their subsequent growth associated with the fundamental undervaluation of this issuer.

Perhaps the last thesis is too bold, albeit logically sustained. However, it seems more justified to simply state that amid declining market liquidity, Tesla's stocks will become almost deterministic with NASDAQ. So you can draw buy signals by analyzing potential pivot points of the index.

This was a purely tactical analysis (not even for 3 months, but less), but let’s try to predict further what will happen at longer “distances”.

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How and where to buy Tesla shares

Of course, an individual needs to work exclusively through a broker - a professional participant in the securities market. That is, through the infrastructure they provide: software, settlement accounts and custody accounts.

Brokerage house 24option provides its customers with access to all sectors of the global financial market (both in terms of tools and the geographical location of these sites). Including, with the help of 24option access to American exchanges is carried out, where can buy and considered Tesla shares.

I draw your attention if you do not have experience, then trading with this broker can be done using auto trading. You must register on the site Trading Robot. Great for beginners.

How much are Tesla shares

kupit akcii tesla inc s 2

Just at the moment, you can observe an unprecedented “collapse rally” at the site of high-tech companies NASDAQ. At the close of the session 20.02.2020 Tesla Inc. share price was $ 899,41. As for the situation at the close of Friday (28.02.2020), the price of one share here was already $ 667,99. (The fall so far exceeds only 25%).

How much can you earn on Tesla shares

The current fall clearly demonstrates the full potential of earning on Tesla Inc. shares. Moreover, and most importantly, we are talking about earning with a minimal share of risk, because:

  • the dynamics of securities is determined with the NASDAQ course, and only a very naive person can assume that high-tech American manufacturers will suddenly crash in the long run;
  • shares of Tesla Inc. are one of the most liquid structural components of the index. In fact, the reversal of the index can be judged by the dynamics of Tesla shares and vice versa.

Fundamentally, the company's products in the world have not just success, but growing success. No one doubts that after a short- or medium-term drop in overall liquidity in the market, the company's securities will not only “grow” back, but also significantly increase in price. Therefore, if the negativists are right, and the depth of the fall will double relative to the current values ​​(that is, relative to 20.02.2020/100/XNUMX, the shares will become cheaper by half), this means that in accordance with a cautious, conservative forecast, the investor will be able to earn at least XNUMX% per annum. For few people think that it will take more than a year to restore the previous value of shares.

But this is not all: after all, “on the bottoms” you can buy call options on TSLA. It implies the ability to work with leverage (1: 7), which increases 100% immediately ... by (1 + 7) = 8 times to crazy 800% per annum. However, one should not forget that when working with leverage it is reasonable to have funds in the margin account in the amount of 100% of the amount on which options are acquired (this is in case of a rather risky strategy). “Marginal” money, of course, does not grow, so roughly reduce the amount of potential earnings by half - to a modest 400% per annum.

kupit akcii tesla inc s 5

The 24option brokerage company allows domestic residents to trade on the American platform NASDAQ in online mode. Including access to the segment derivatives, where can buy options on Tesla shares.

Factors affecting the value of Tesla shares

The current (tactical) factors affecting the value of Tesla Inc.'s securities were discussed in detail above. However, the grounds on the basis of which forecasts can be made regarding the restoration of the company's capitalization no later than a year are more interesting. There are several reasons:

  • The world is interested in electric cars.

This is a fundamental vector. All countries together and each individually wish to escape from hydrocarbon dependence. This provides not only undeniable environmental and political advantages, but also significant economic benefits, as the country's trade and balance of payments are improved (strategically important fuel imports are reduced). So sales of electric cars in the world will only grow, and cars will decrease.

  • Among electric vehicle manufacturers, Tesla Inc. occupies a leading position.

Despite the fact that Tesla is a start-up organized from scratch, the dynamics of the company’s development at the moment exceed what existing car manufacturers (with a history) demonstrate to us. In various parts of the world, Tesla opens gigafactories for the production of both battery cells and automobiles; new models are released to the market; regular price reductions.

Even this couple of factors form a strong argument for millions of investors who purchase shares in the company in the hope of an increase in its fundamental capitalization. And these calculations are justified from year to year.


In connection with the rally that began on the world financial markets (to decrease), it is very important not to miss the moment of entering the market. And if you have already made a logical and promising investment decision to purchase TSLA, then the next important question for you is the question “where to buy Tesla shares". In other words, it is extremely important now to prepare the infrastructure for subsequent purchases. And experts of the 24option brokerage company will help you with this.

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