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Over the past decade, modern technology has become an integral part of our lives. App appeared earnings for Смартфонов and computers. The development of wireless communications and affordable Internet has led to the fact that today almost every day they go to the global network. Most people have smartphone or a tablet and a home computer or laptop - now you won’t surprise anyone with your own PC. Thanks to these devices, anyone can install the application for money and start making money. This page compares the most popular ways to get rich with Smartphone and the internet.

Types of earnings on the Internet using mobile applications

You can get money online in dozens of different ways. Let's look at the most common of them and find out what the average application earning can bring.

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Downloading applications

It’s easy to make money by installing certain games and applications from App Store or Google Play. For each download you will be credited with money. Depending on the chosen platform for making money, you can withdraw funds either to an electronic wallet or a bank card, or to a mobile account.

Sometimes, in addition to downloading and installing the application, you need to leave a review, rate it, or simply open it and use it for a certain time. For additional tasks, payment will be increased. On average, an application brings in earnings from three to fifteen rubles per download. Unfortunately, the reinstallation will not be paid - the money is charged only for the first download.

If low income does not scare you away, you can start earning money by installing programs right now. IN Google Play и App Store There are many applications created specifically for this, including:

  • AdvertApp;
  • Earn Cash;
  • Money App;
  • PayForInstall 

Download one of the above applications and follow the on-screen instructions to create Account and get paid for the installation.

View videos and ads

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Watching ads and videos for money is one of the easiest ways to generate income. You can do this either from your home computer, or using a tablet or Smartphone. The main drawback of this method is that it is very slow. To get the money, you will have to study the commercial from beginning to end.

There are a lot of applications for making money watching videos. You can download for free VideoVTopeGlobe MobileAdvertApp and any other similar program for Smartphone on Android or iOS... They all work in almost the same way: after installing the application, you only need to create Account and watch a video from a list for a certain amount of time. After the timer expires, the funds will be automatically credited to your account, from where they can be withdrawn to a bank card or electronic wallet.

In most cases, the application earns up to 10 kopecks per viewing of advertising, but for long videos the reward can be increased. Be that as it may, you will not be able to do this all day due to restrictions, so in this way it is impossible to earn a decent amount.

Entering captcha

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Through the application, money can also be received for input captcha. Many services on the Internet allow you to make a little money on decoding characters. As you might guess, this method requires perseverance: to get at least 40 rubles, you will have to enter captcha at least a few hours. It is more convenient to do this from a computer, or by connecting to smartphone or tablet Bluetooth-keyboard.

Online service Ru captcha for Смартфонов and computers allows you to get money for solving characters. For 1000 decisions, it’s realistic to get up to 50 rubles here. The platform has its own application Ru captcha muzzle for phone and Windows, but it’s optional to use it - enter captcha for money, you can directly from the site. Withdrawal of funds is carried out in many convenient ways, including transfer to a bank card and wallets WebMoney и Yandex.Money.

Earnings in social networks

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Almost every modern person has a profile on social networks - for example, in InstagramVK or classmates. A special application allows you to earn money for likes, reposts and comments. Please note that the profile used should look real - a page without friends and photos will not interest customers.

All applications that allow you to earn on actions on social networks are very similar to each other. Every day they offer various tasks from partners and sponsors, for the implementation of which you can get money. To the most popular programs that allow you to earn on likes, comments and reposts in Russia include:

  • AppCent;
  • CashPump;
  • Money App;
  • whaff Rewards;
  • AdvertApp;
  • Earn Cash.

In these applications, profitable comment orders appear regularly. reposts and likes news and photos in FacebookInstagram и VK.

Making money on social networks is very simple. By installing the application and binding to it Accountyou will have to repost, comment or like specific entries. All actions are carried out directly on the social network. You do not have to do this from your main profile - some specially create a new Account and develop it in order to use it later for earnings.

Automatic earnings

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Instead of manually doing work on the Internet, you can use the computing power of your Smartphone or computer. Install the application for automatic earnings and get money while your device works for you. Rewards will be accrued for performing various tasks, including:

  • Follow the links and watch the video;
  • Joining groups and subscribing to profiles on social networks;
  • Writing reviews about goods and services;
  • Trading in the currency markets.

Special programs can browse websites, like, do reposts and perform other simple tasks. These include AutodengiSocpublicAltmix and many other applications that automatically earn money. They are easy to use and do not require special skills from the user.

A significant drawback of such programs is the very low profitability. For example, the application Autodengi on average, it brings about 30 rubles a month, and most of its analogues - even less. Of course, you can use several programs at once, but even in this case, the monthly earnings will not exceed several hundred rubles.

The best apps for making money

A huge number of various programs are available on the network that will allow you to make a profit online. We examined the most profitable ones to determine which particular application brings the most money.

Applications for automatic earnings on the currency exchange

If you don’t know anything about foreign exchange markets and don’t have time to study markets, a good online robot with artificial intelligence will help you to make a profit automatically. Unlike simple applications for making money, a virtual assistant for Forex  will bring you much greater income.

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Free Robot Homepage Abi

Making money with automated trading apps is easy. For example, a free robot Abi It allows you to start earning in just a few minutes: from the user it is enough to register and make a start deposit, and all the rest will be taken over by the developed artificial intelligence. In addition to ease of use, such applications for auto trading offer the following benefits:

  • Robots for auto trading very effective. Assistant Abi for Forex  capable of analyzing hundreds of different indicators and indicators in a few moments to make the most profitable transaction;
  • The application allows you to earn money from any device. No need to install additional programs on a computer or smartphone - just open the site in any browser and enter your Account;
  • Apps for trading Do not need rest. Unlike humans, artificial intelligence is ready to work day and night to increase capital. With such Forex -bot like Abi, you can get richer even during sleep!

Given all these features, robots for automated trading on the currency exchange are one of the most profitable ways to make money on the Internet. Not a single simple application for earning will allow beginners to receive thousands of dollars a month! Just go to the official website of the robot and start making money - you don’t even have to install additional applications.

Applications for automatic trading earnings cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency - This is the same asset as any stocks, goods and traditional currencies. Despite the fact that they do not have a physical form and they are presented only in digital form, everyone can earn on their sale. Trade cryptocurrencies carried out according to a similar scheme as the exchange trading Forex .

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Free Homepage Crypto Work

If you do not want to lose money, you must have developed a strategy for the competent management of capital. Fortunately, thanks to modern technologies, now it is not necessary to study the market for months and become a professional analyst - a good application to make money on trading cryptocurrencies can bring automatically. System Autocrypto Bot can do everything for the user - you just need to register and make a start deposit.

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Interface Crypto Robot: to start earning, just make a deposit

As with applications for auto trading on Forex robots for cryptocurrency exchanges independently select the most profitable strategies and monitor the market around the clock. Application profitability like Autocrypto Bot limited only by your capital - successful traders manage to get thousands of dollars every month. 

To start using Crypto By robot, just go to the official website of the service with Smartphone or computer and create a personal Account. All the necessary information about crypto trading and tools for trading are available right on the page, so you do not have to install additional applications and utilities on the device. Try Autocrypto Bot free and start earning on Crypto-currency!

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