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The popularity of earnings in financial markets is partly due to accessibility. Now you do not need to go to the broker's office and work on their terminals, as it was 20 years ago. It is enough for modern traders just sitting from home to open an account in a couple of minutes on the site, deposit money and start trading.

And due to popularization, the number of services that brokers offer to improve the process of trading on Forex is growing. This includes the Forex Boxing, about which you can now find a lot of reviews on the trading forums. But there are many questions and misunderstandings around him. And to dispel them, I decided to take a little time on this and write a short review. I will say right away that this information will be useful for professionals, the needs of both beginners and professionals will satisfy Abi robotwhich is easy to configure and works stably.

Forex Boxing Official Website

Before you start using the services of this service, you need to open the site, which is located at


He offers to simplify earnings on Forex due to innovative technologies and other professional solutions for the trader that are available on the site. In short, it provides fully automated trading by providing on a remote basis professional terminals that are already equipped with the necessary set of indicators and built-in advisers. At any time, a client can log into his account from his laptop and manage his trading terminals.

The first thing you need choose a broker, where the round-the-clock automated trading through the Forex Trade Station will be conducted. After the service offers for a fee, the placement of trading working terminals, robots, programs for automatic trading, indicators and more.

But in the process of studying the Forex Boxing site, users may ask a question - what is the advantage of this service and the difference from the same virtual windows server?

If on such remote servers you get virtual hosting on the server, then a full-fledged place is allocated here for clients, which has high power, performance, stability and uninterrupted operation, as well as reliability and protection of personal data of clients.

As soon as you conclude a contract, you will immediately receive a trading platform on a real physical server, to which you will have access remotely from any of your devices. This is not a virtual sphere that is very unstable.


If you have entered into Forex transactions at least once, then you perfectly understand how important the stability of the trading terminal is. Any freeze can lead to the disruption of a profitable transaction or even to losses, since you do not have time to close the transaction in time.

In the case of Forex Boxing, a trader does not need to worry about the technical components of the same computers, change system settings, and more. This is a ready-made platform that is pre-configured for quality work by professionals. Performance is provided by the company. Well, the trader is just required to fill in the trading terminal and work without fear that the system will fail.

Services from Forex Box

Thus, registration in the Forex Boxing program is the best way out of the situation with interruptions in the operation of terminals for many traders. At the same time, transactions are concluded through any brokers. The service provides an opportunity not only to work on a stable platform, but also to automate the trading process.

It turns out that Forex Boxing is a kind of hosting that hosts platforms and other trading applications that allow you to conclude transactions in the financial markets.

In addition to the working terminal itself, the client is allowed to download technical indicators, robots for automated trading, and advisers to this provided hosting. Trading systems and stuff.

But there are limitations that are established in the framework of the Rules and Policies of the company:

  • the trader is prohibited from using the terminal and dedicated hosting for purposes other than automated trading;
  • try to access other users' data or change system settings;
  • creating deliberate actions to bring down the server or interfere with its normal functioning in order to ensure its own benefits;
  • upload and store files on the server that are not related to trading in financial markets;
  • Distribution of referral and affiliate links on sites that may harm the company's reputation.


The Forex Boxing Service is an innovative server for automatic remote work, which will protect its customers from the risk of technical failures and malfunctions in home computers. Together with him, the trader may not worry about the performance of the program!

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