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Affiliate marketing is one of the forms in Internet marketing, which has gained great popularity due to accessibility, simplicity and high profitability. Its main essence is that you promote the goods or services of another company or attract new customers for them through your platform. Well, as a thank you get paid in the form of a cash payment.

This form helps large companies to increase sales of their products, for which they are willing to pay those who help them promote their products and find new customers and buyers. This is beneficial for both the company and those involved in the promotion of its products.

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With the development of Internet technologies, this form of cooperation is becoming increasingly popular. After all, it’s not enough just to do something. You also need to sell a thing!

How to succeed in affiliate marketing

If another similar business outside the Internet requires a lot of money, then the essence of marketing partnerships allows you to become successful even without the presence of start-up capital. But it is important to follow the advice and recommendations from experienced professionals who are experts in this field. Otherwise, there is a risk of failure. In the article I collected for you all the secrets of successful affiliate marketing, so get comfortable and delve into the essence of this modern business.

  • Be patient.

The first thing you need to go down from heaven to earth and understand that this business does not enrich you for millions of dollars. Even if this is what promises tempting advertising on the Internet. And for success it is necessary to have some skills that I will tell you about in the article. Therefore, nothing additional will be required to search. Be patient again! This business will not generate revenue from the very first days. For many experienced pros, the first income begins to go only six months to a year after the launch of the project.

  • Set priorities.

Think not about money, but about your audience and customers. They are much more important, since if you do not care about their interests, you can completely lose all customers and be left without money in the future. Everyone wants to receive a lot of money without exception. But do not forget that the clients you bring as part of the affiliate program may become your clients in the future. They are a source of strength for your potential business! For this reason, you should not go in cycles only at high percentages of profit. Learn to think broader and seek additional benefits for yourself from this business.

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  • Must have a site.

If you want to grow your business seriously and for a long time, then you will need your own website, preferably untwisted. Do not think that you can rise high in this business only by distributing affiliate links through groups and pages on social networks. Even if there is a well-developed vKontakte group with a multi-thousand audience, you can’t achieve the results that can be achieved if you have a full Internet site in the form of a professional site. From the VK group, your content and links can be deleted at any time, which will immediately violate your entire business network. But the site will completely belong to you, you can manage it and do absolutely anything you want. And create your own customer base. To create it is not necessary to pay big money to specialists. Now you can do it yourself on one of the engines, such as WordPress. A little patience and perseverance, and you can easily master it. In addition, the Internet has a lot of useful information in the public domain.

  • Choose a field of activity.

This is a very difficult task - to choose the most suitable market segment for yourself. Many businessmen burned out on this, because they mistakenly believed that their chosen field would be promising and would bring them a lot of money in the future. Not all investments can pay off. And you need to be able to predict the future, so that later it would not be offensive to the time and effort spent.

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To avoid this, it is necessary to study this or that sphere in advance and answer the following questions:

  • How popular is content related to this industry, and how often do people make inquiries about it online?
  • Can I somehow solve the problems and help clients to solve them with my actions and my business?
  • Is there a lot of competition? Are there many companies that are engaged in similar activities on the Internet? Will it be possible to compete with them and earn a lot of money?
  • How clear do I understand this topic? Do I understand her well in order to become the best in the future?

The latter is especially important! Since without the desire to become the best in any field, you will not succeed in any way. You just give up easily and quickly and switch to another thing. Therefore, without the desire to succeed in a particular business, you can immediately forget about the venture to open affiliate marketing.

  • Carefully study the scope of activity along and across.

There are people who create sites on the subject of which they know absolutely nothing. Just so that he would bring them income, since this sphere is untwisted and demanded. I believe that you need to love your job, live it, and have a good understanding of the subject! This is the only way to succeed. This is precisely the guarantee of success for millions of people around the world who were able to achieve their goals in business and turn ideas into reality!

If you don’t have thoughts about how interesting your work is and what you are doing now, then you are unlikely to succeed. Sooner or later, such an activity will begin to weigh you.

If you feel the same now, then think, maybe you should rethink your sphere and find one that really inspires you? To choose a field of activity, it is important not only how popular it is, but also how interesting it is to you personally! You must live this thing!

What to sell as part of affiliate marketing

Suppose you have decided on the area in which you want to open your own business and run it. The next step is to choose what to sell and how to do it. This is an important point, since there is no point in selling everything from this field of activity. You need to focus on one type of product.

To somehow help you narrow your choice, I suggest reflecting and answering several important questions:

    • To understand how to sell a product, the surest way is to use it yourself. And think, would you buy it yourself for your use? If so, why? What exactly attracts you to it?
    • Does the selected product match the content available on your site? And you see, it’s stupid to sell automotive products on a site with women's underwear.
    • Would you be ashamed to sell and advertise this product? How high-quality it is, whether it will harm your future customers and so on. You should initially take care of your reputation and not sell shameful dubious products. After all, this may alienate customers in the future.
    • How attractive is the site of the manufacturer whose products you are going to sell? Does he look decent?

Where and how to look for affiliate programs

Well, from the interesting and creative part of the current review, we move on to the more tedious and painstaking one - this is the search for affiliate programs themselves. You can find them both through individual companies, and entire networks and search engines that collect on their site all the affiliate programs to choose from.

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On affiliate networks, hundreds of sellers are represented who are ready to enter into an affiliate agreement of this kind with you. There are several principles by which such sellers work:

    • sales fee;
    • lead fee;
    • pay per action.

Large companies offer to enter into a partnership agreement. They post affiliate information directly on their own website. But remember that among them there is a risk of getting caught by scammers. Therefore, choose only trusted companies for cooperation.

Placement of affiliate links and banners

They can be placed either inside the text itself, or on the side. After you have entered into a partnership agreement with the company, you are provided with a special link that you place on the pages of your blog or site. And for the fact that users clicked on it or made a purchase, you will receive monetary rewards, which are provided for in advance by the agreement you signed.

To attract as many potential customers to your site as possible, you need to use only high-quality and useful content. That is, one that will interest the buyer and convince him to complete the purchase.

It is unlikely that he will perform any action paid by your partner if the text is poorly written and does not bear any benefit.

For this reason, every article you write on the site should be of high quality. Therefore, it is worth treating this business as a serious business. And it is not enough that the text is simply unique. He must be a salesperson, attracting customers, motivating and intriguing in order to make a purchase. And not intrusive. Therefore, my advice to you is to learn how to write selling texts!

How to attract target audience to your website:

    • write posts on other thematic sites;
    • comments and reviews, support communication on forums, share links on social networks, in general, lead an active social life so that as many people as possible learn about your site and find those who are interested in its subject. And as a result, it will purchase goods for which you will receive money;
    • Subscribe to let your visitors receive email notifications of updates.

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And also my advice to you - do not use the free hosting services that many free website builders or blogging platforms now offer. Better to spend money and buy your own full-fledged paid hosting. But choose the one that will provide quality services without interruption. A free overloaded hosting is unlikely to provide a high download speed.

Varieties of Affiliate Marketing

There are several systems within which payment will be made. Above, I have already briefly mentioned them, now I will tell you more about the essence.

  1. CPC. The seller (advertiser) transfers you payment for each click that was made through a link or banner. To track these statistics you are given a special code. For each click on this link from your site, the advertiser lists a fixed fee, which is negotiated in advance upon signing the contract. Basically, for such an affiliate program it is contextual, teaser, or banner advertising.
  2. Impression Fee. With this option, you pay for every thousand impressions of an ad on your site. This is not a particularly popular type of affiliate marketing as it is not effective for the seller. Impressions do not in any way guarantee that a visitor will click on a link and become interested in a product.
  3. Action fee. You receive payment if a visitor to your site performs an action: he will buy something, download and install something, sign up and so on. This is a very beneficial cooperation for both the advertiser and you as the site owner.


Remember that visitors do not care how many affiliate links and banners you have installed. For them, the content that is on your site is more important. It was for his sake that they visited your site. Well, whether they follow the link and buy goods for which you will be charged - it already depends on the quality of the content you fill. And this is hard and painstaking work. Which in the future will pay off very money! Therefore, the game is definitely worth the candle!

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