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In the modern world, many new mechanical trading systems have appeared quik, Weissman, Antonov and others. And now a person is in constant search for new, profitable and promising ways to earn money. Mechanical trading systems are one of those ways! Below in the article you will find 2 such systems Abi and Autocrypto-bot, you can get them for free, you just need to register. in my ranking top forex robots, they occupy the top lines, by the link you can see how much profit they can bring.

The development of the Internet has made available Forex trading, the conclusion of transactions in the stock and foreign exchange markets, thereby gaining the opportunity to significantly improve their financial situation. And all because this field of activity can bring huge revenues that do not have a ceiling!

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Now everyone can become a trader, it all depends on your desire and aspiration. Everyone can trade, but only a few can successfully conclude deals. To do this, you must have certain skills. This is all real and possible, but it takes time, which many do not have because of the need to attend their main office work.

But the modern market is so diverse that in addition to complex manual trading, there is also a trading system. With the advent of such automatic way to make money in financial markets, traders split into two camps: some believe that the future lies with robots and trading advisers, while others are still skeptical about this and believe that only a person can fully understand the market.

What is a mechanical trading system

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This is a computer program that analyzes the market on the basis of an algorithm laid down in advance in it. It can work with currency, stock, commodity and cryptocurrency assets.

There are many traders who blindly believe that trading robots and systems are able to trade better than humans. They really have their advantages, as well as the disadvantages. And in order for the program to trade in profit, it is necessary to take into account some of its features.

The main differences between trading robots and traders

But first, let's talk about the differences and advantages between a trader and a trading robot. They propose to do this in the form of a table.

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Trading robot

Yields to emotions, fear, greed, which are the main enemies of successful Forex trading

He does not know emotions, is able to trade only on the basis of the algorithm embedded in it.

Man by nature cannot work around the clock; he needs rest. Due to fatigue, the quality of work will be lost, inattention will lead to an increase in unprofitable transactions.

A computer program can trade around the clock without fatigue and loss of quality of work.

A person can not always equally simultaneously analyze several markets.

It doesn't matter to the robot how many currency pairs you tell him to analyze, at least 10 or 20. And he will do it with equal efficiency.

A person under the influence of psychological factors can disrupt his strategy.

The robot follows its algorithm and never departs from it.

A person is not always able to quickly make calculations and calculations.

The program does this lightning fast, quickly responding to any changes in the market.

The presence of human intuition sometimes allows you to identify the most suitable moments for opening transactions, to better understand the market.

Sometimes it is without the emotionality of the robot that it becomes its drawback, since it cannot see what the trader sees. All the same, the market consists of living people around the world who make deals with each other.

The trader also takes into account fundamental analysis, news, rumors and more.

Advisor can not take into account fundamental analysis. That is what will happen in the future. It uses only technical analysis.

The trader is able to take into account, depending on the market situation, other tools for analysis.

The robot trades only on the basis of those indicators that are embedded in it in the algorithm. It turns out that a huge mass of other factors is left overboard.

The work of the adviser depends on the technical component. That is, if a power outage occurs, the computer freezes, then it will not work.

Types of mechanical trading systems

  • Business advisors. They independently analyze the market and issue trading signals. But they don’t conclude deals. Responsibility for this lies entirely with the trader. He makes the final decision whether to follow the trading signals that the program gives or not.
  • Trading robot. This option involves the complete transfer of responsibility to the shoulders of the program. She not only analyzes, but also independently makes deals. That is, it opens a position, closes it, sets stop loss and take profit levels and other parameters. This option is more suitable for beginners who absolutely do not understand anything in market analysis, but want to earn money on the Internet.The trader can watch the work and intervene at any time, but now more and more people are opting for them due to lack of time. 

How to create a trading system

In order to independently create a profitable program, a trader must possess not only programming skills, but also at least basic ones in the field of market analysis.

Good news! Programming skills are not a prerequisite for earning with a mechanical trading system, you can use the free trading robots that are on the Internet. For example, a robot Abi or Autocrypto-bot.

You can trust the creation of professional programmers. But you should already have a proven trading strategy in your hands, according to which you have been trading in the market for some time, and it demonstrates successful results.

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There is another option - turn to special companies, where, in addition to programmers, professional traders also work, which, based on your preferences, will also make up a trading strategy. But it will cost much more already.

Moreover, the services of a high-quality programmer will cost you dearly. Yes, and do not regret the money for it, as your future success will directly depend on this. And believe my personal experience - all costs will more than pay off.

On the contrary, if you turn to unscrupulous specialists, they will make a mowing program that will constantly make mistakes. And this is even if you have your profitable trading strategy.

Now let's talk about the price. On the network you can find many free trading robots and advisers. But in essence quality ones are units! However, they do exist. And by the way, I mentioned some of them above in this article. But there is no guarantee that you will pay a lot of money and get a quality product. Therefore, you should always read reviews about the company you want to entrust with the creation of your future mechanical trading system.

Classification of robots by type of trading strategies

There is no such universal robot that would trade according to all possible trading strategies. Do not shove everything you want into the program. From this, the quality of his work can be greatly lost. It is better to use several robots at the same time, each of which works in one narrow direction.

  • Trending. Such systems are capable of determining trends in the market; their algorithm contains formulas from one or more trend indicators.
  • Flat... The price does not always rise or fall. Sometimes it stays in a horizontal trend, that is, in a flat. In other words, such trading is conducted from horizontal support and resistance levels. Accordingly, such a trading system contains instruments that determine these levels.
  • indicator. At the heart of their algorithm indicators technical analysis, such as Moving Average, MACD, Bollinger, Stochastic and others.
  • Bezindikatornye. They do not use indicators, but they give out signals based on candlestick and graphical analysis. By the way, many experienced pros consider it to be more perfect, the indicator one that lags behind. This includes candlestick patterns, graphical analysis patterns, Pivot levels, support and resistance, and others.
  • Scalping. Such robots conclude several dozen short trades per day, the profit on which will be equal to several points. They are simply based on market fluctuations that occur every second in the market.
  • Martingale. A very risky technique that is mistakenly considered a win-win. It may be such, but the trader’s account should simply have a huge amount that can cover at least 10 stages of doubling bets. By the way, such programs are based on the principle of doubling the bet amount, if the previous one closed in the red. In case of a win, the profit from it will cover the losses of the past.
  • On the breakdown of the support / resistance level. The market is constantly changing; it cannot constantly stay in a trend or move in a horizontal flat. But sooner or later, such levels break through, and the price rushes to the formation of new trends. Such robots determine the moments of breakdown and conclude deals in his direction.
  • Multicurrency. Basically, trading programs are designed to analyze a specific currency pair, since each of them has its own characteristics and nuances. But such multi-currency robots can give signals for any trading asset.
  • Combined. Several of the above methods are used simultaneously. But they are not very effective; it is better to use several highly specialized programs.


Mechanical trading systems are definitely the future of trading. But do not naively believe that this is a magic wand and your holy Grail, which allows you to simply click on the "Start" button and row money with a shovel. First of all, you need to create a program, optimize it, test, configure. And constantly monitor it, because at any time there may be news that will collapse not only all markets, but also your deposit account, if you do not disconnect the program on time.

But these are the only drawbacks of automated trading. Already, many people around the world receive a stable passive income thanks to such programs. And this does not need a huge start-up capital. Simply find a program with a suitable work strategy.

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