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Earnings on the Internet began to gain popularity since the 2000 years, when technologies only began to actively develop and be introduced to the masses. In those days, it was accessible and known only to a narrow circle of people. Now I think there is no person left who would not receive money online. Even the smallest. Well, for some it has become a major source of income!

But there are still skeptics who do not believe that there is honest earnings on the Internet. And many common misconceptions and myths arose precisely thanks to advertising. Which is not always worth believing. Everyone is pursuing their goal, and advertisers are no exception. You need to maintain a sober mind and sensibly evaluate both your capabilities and the ways of earning money online.

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You won’t have millions right after the first week of work, as promised by the happy people from the ads who are on the beach with laptops. Sometimes even turned off, the commercials are so ridiculous!

If you want to earn a lot of money remotely, you will have to put some effort into this, especially at first.

I know this firsthand, as I myself have tried various ways to make money online for many years. And now I decided to bring the most reliable, proven and profitable ways to make money on the Internet.

In reality, you get exactly the same job as in the office. But with only one big difference - you make it from home. And you need to be prepared. The first thing you need is to register your e-wallet in two popular Russian payment systems:

  • Webmoney;
  • Yandex money.

Payment for your work will be transferred to one of them. Sometimes you may come across an option with Kiwi. But this method is not so popular.

Next, you will definitely need a bank card, where you will withdraw your earnings from an electronic wallet. Therefore, if you do not have it, then you need to go to the bank and issue it.

Honest earnings on the Internet with investments

In order to start earning big earnings, investments are required. Interest you Money on the Internet in this regard is no exception. Even if small, initial investments may be required. And if you do everything right, lead and do not abandon this business, then all investments will soon be more than paid off!


This is trading in financial markets. Yes, for beginners it may seem difficult at first. But everything in our life needs to learn. I repeat once again - there is no easy money! But Forex It is considered to be the most profitable of all the methods that will be described in this article.

You can download applications and write reviews on forums without experience and skills. But you will never make big money in such ways. But trading can provide you with huge payments for many years!

On my site, I talk about the secrets of successful trading, strategies, tips and everything that will help you become a pro in trading in the financial markets from a beginner! I recommend not to hesitate, but to start right now.

I myself have come a long way, having tried all of the above methods. And from my own experience I was convinced that Forex is the most profitable option for earning.

Forex Automated Robots

If you do not have time for independent study of market analysis, then you can take advantage of earnings on the machine using Trading Robot. That is, entrust the work of market analysis and opening / closing of transactions with a computer program.

Its advantage is that the robot does not know the emotions, fatigue and other human factors, because of which many even experienced traders lost millions. Such advisers work on the basis of a proven and embedded algorithm in them. And the deal is concluded only at the moment when all signals coincide simultaneously.

Creating your own website or blog

The most popular and one of the most profitable types of passive earnings. But it requires initial investments, which will also pay off for a long time - an average of six months. This is a time of hard work, filling the site with material that will be of interest to your readers and subscribers.

Earning comes from advertising. And of course, the more readers, the higher the pay per click. It will be great if you yourself are a professional copywriter. Then you do not have to pay money for work and writing articles. But be prepared for hard work and time spent on work. But it is definitely worth it! Having worked as it should now, in the future you will receive passive income and no longer worry about finances!

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A blog is a more light version than a site. There are more requirements for filling the site. But the blog can be maintained in a free form convenient for you. But doing this is interesting, exciting to get as many subscribers as possible. Therefore, you need to treat any such thing with a soul!

Group in social networks

We are used to thinking that a group on social networks, for example VK VK, is just a selection of funny pictures with cats and more. But this is also a lot of opportunities for honest earnings on the Internet, which is obtained through advertising.

Now social networks are at the peak of their popularity. And if you have a promoted group with a large audience of active subscribers, then you can earn no less than on your own site. In addition, the effort on this will take much less than the promotion of the site.

Creating your own website is not an easy task. But create a group in social networks anyone with a computer, the Internet and some free time can. You can develop it without investments, for example, by mutual PR. But it will take a lot of time. And if you pay money to a professional, then you will immediately have a target audience of subscribers. Well, then you just have to continue to lead it and publish interesting material.

Earnings on Instagram

If you are a popular person and have a large number of subscribers, then you can earn on your account, monetizing it without any problems. And not necessarily on Instagram - on any social network. Although each of them has its own requirements and features for monetization, but still the general requirements are similar:

  • a large number of active subscribers;
  • many likes and daily visits to accounts;
  • high activity on your page.

How is earnings built on social networks? Yes, just like in VKontakte groups. By attracting advertising. You may be paid money for advertising posts. Or you can get a percentage of the goods sold that you will sell by attracting customers through your audience. And so on. There are many offers in the modern market! The main thing is to choose your own.

YouTube channel

Now modern people prefer not to read posts in the form of text, but to watch videos. Therefore, YouTube gained immense popularity in a short time. His audience has already exceeded two billion. Naturally, on such a scale, honest earnings began to flourish here. Everyone who at least once watched the top popular bloggers, probably dreamed of starting to earn money as well. Moreover, the network has a lot of information that they earn millions of rubles a month.

The more views the video has, the higher the payment, as they get for their number of views. But most of all they get it from advertising. Have you noticed that certain videos that have exceeded several hundred thousand impressions include ads? This is where top bloggers make money. Moreover, considerable amounts. But to achieve this, you need to make a lot of effort and create really interesting and unique content.

It only at first glance it might seem that making money on your YouTube channel is simple. In fact, you will face tremendous competition! And try to stand out among them so that viewers want to subscribe and follow the updates on your channel!

Earnings on Twitch Streams

Every gamer knows about the Twitch platform, which allows you to record the game process and show it all to anyone online.

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At first glance it might seem - why would someone look at how others play? Isn't it better to play and enjoy yourself? But the fact remains - professional streamers now earn an average of one million rubles a month. And this is far from the limit.

But it’s important to remember, as in the situation with YouTube, there are hundreds of thousands of such players. And you need to be able to stand out from the rest so that you want to look.

Affiliate Programs

On the network now you can find many sites, shops, companies that will be willing to pay for the fact that you will bring additional customers to them. This is done mainly through their own promoted sites, blogs and more. Therefore, you need to start to create one.

Well, having created, you can not only receive passive income from advertising, but also from affiliate programs. By the way, many receive even more income from them than from advertising. Therefore, such earnings are very profitable and definitely worth the time spent on it.

But even if you do not have your own website, you can try to attract customers through your page on social networks. Moreover, even such an opportunity is now offered.

The essence of such earnings is that you will be charged a fixed income or in the form of interest from each client who clicks on the affiliate link, signs up or buys the goods.

Resale sites

In general, having mastered the scope of sites and their creation, you can provide yourself with earnings for many years. You can, as mentioned earlier, create your own website, fill it with unique content, and make money on advertising. You can earn income from affiliate programs. And you can resell it, while winding up a certain amount.

chestnyj zarabotok 10

By reselling sites you can earn very good money. Especially if you know how to evaluate the prospects of an Internet project. This is not only honest earnings on the Internet, but also profitable.

Here, everything works according to the main principle of the market: bought cheaper, sold more expensive.

But in order to become successful in this, for a start I recommend creating a couple of your own sites. In order to understand the whole structure of this business and in the future to evaluate how promising and in demand it can be in order to establish an adequate price for the sale.

Resale on Avito

Avito is a platform for placing free ads, the most popular in the Russian Federation. Here usually people sell unnecessary things or buy. But there are also craftsmen who make good money on this site! And this is real art!

The essence of such earnings on the Internet is as follows. You just monitor all the top ads. And you see that someone put up the goods at a good discount. Apparently he wants to quickly sell it, so he decided to throw decent money. You buy it at such a cheap price, and again exhibit it on Avito, but only with a more expensive cost.

But for this you need to be able to assess the prospects of the product - will it be running and in demand? And if you do not analyze the market correctly, then your purchase will be useless and will lie on the shelf for a long time.

Resale of goods from Aliexpress

Another good business where people were able to earn big money. The essence is exactly the same as in the situation with Avito - resale of goods. You order them from China at a cheap price, and then resell them with a high margin.

You can also do this through Avito, or you can create your own online store. And sell the goods through it.

Cheats for such products sometimes amount to 200-300%! And people are willing to pay for it, since not everyone is ready to wait for a few weeks when the goods that are in demand for them arrive.

Creating your own online store and selling your own handmade products

Now handmade products are in great demand. You can also sell them online. People are already tired of banal things. The highlight and individuality in products became more appreciated. It is not necessary to be born a creative person. You can learn everything by yourself.

Recently, a great way is using handmade soap, interior decorations, jewelry and more. Particularly high demand on holidays, when people want to choose something original as gifts.

Buying and reselling domains

This way of making money was in demand even 20 years ago, when the Internet began to develop the masses. Then the sites were just starting to appear, and beautiful names for the sites were free. Now they can be asked for huge amounts of money.

Large companies want a website with a beautiful, short and memorable domain. Therefore, we are ready to buy it for a decent amount.

You can now come up with beautiful domains, and after some time sell them at a higher cost.

There is one small trick that I will tell you a secret. Domains with the names of large companies, but with the assumption of 1-2 minor errors, are very popular. So the copyright is not violated, and the domain will be recognizable, which will increase its attractiveness and, accordingly, the cost!

Honest earnings on the Internet without investments

Since most people who decide to make money remotely do not have accumulated capital, I will start with a list of earning methods that do not require any cash investments. In most cases, you do not even need any knowledge, experience, specialized education. Everyone will be able to start receiving their first money on the Internet.

Fulfillment of minor assignments and tasks

No work is required for such work. You can find them through two popular sites:

  • Work-zilla,
  • YouDo.

People who don’t have enough time to do this are placed here ordinary household tasks: buy food, walk a dog, and more.

chestnyj zarabotok 2

In terms of Internet earnings, you can find many interesting tasks: edit the text, make a translation, leave comments, register on the site, like, ring a customer base, outline a plan for articles, write articles, print texts from audio files and much more.

Here, even a beginner who can only face the Internet for the first time can save up for his starting capital. Customers are quite loyal to such, and willingly give tasks to unrated executives. Speaking of him, the higher the rating, the more expensive tasks you can get. Therefore, do not be lazy!

Not so long ago, Yandex launched one of its projects, which allows you to earn money by completing easy tasks related to sites and search engines. If you are interested, then in the future I can do a full review of the service and the secrets of earning on it.

Although it is considered additional, but many manage to earn good money there! The project for earning is called Yandex Toloka. 

The idea of ​​its creation came from Yandex employees who wanted to make search engines work better. And for this, it was decided to involve people, ordinary Internet users. Which every day use a search engine to find the information we need.

chestnyj zarabotok 3

Among the most common tasks are the following:

  • check information about the organization, take its photo, address, etc .;
  • Compare sites, search results;
  • find forbidden photos;
  • evaluate information on the site - what category it belongs to;
  • evaluate for yourself a selection of photos;
  • and much more.

There are a lot of types of tasks! There are both cheap on a cent and expensive on a dollar. This is a good honest income on the Internet without cheating from Yandex. 

For those who are willing to work diligently, Yandex is willing to generously pay for work. But you need to complete the tasks in good faith. On average, you can easily get 100 rubles per hour.


In other words, this is the writing of articles and texts to order. If you gain experience by working hard for at least a year, you can become a very sought-after professional copywriter who gets very high earnings for their work. This is a popular and prestigious profession, but it requires certain skills and experience. The basic requirement is that you must be able to express your thoughts beautifully.

But you can learn everything, there would be a desire!

If you have always been attracted to writing, then maybe this is just your opportunity to work remotely. You should start your career with specialized exchanges, where there are also customers and performers. The most popular and best of them:

  • Etxt
  • Advego

And many others. Here, too, everything depends on the rating of the author. No one will give an order for 1500-2000 rubles to a contractor with a zero, and even more so a negative rating.

Therefore, try, write beautifully, as requested by the customer, do everything on time. Take care of your reputation. And then you can get high fees for your work!

Audio and video transcription

This is typing. An audio or video recording of a webinar or performance is given. And you need to retype it into a text file. The work is easy, not complicated. You do not need to invent anything and search the network, just retype the text from the finished file.

The main thing you need is good headphones and the ability to quickly type texts. Although, this can be learned over time. The main thing is to catch the deadline as indicated by the customer. You can find such tasks on the freelance exchanges of the same Worksilla.

Honest earnings on the Internet on the writing of term papers and homework

We all did homework in childhood. For free. But few people know that now you can earn a lot of money on this. You can solve puzzles, write essays, term papers, diplomas, laboratories and more.

This will be especially easy for students who have just recently graduated from school and are still fresh in knowledge and skills. You can find such options on freelance sites or specialized, like do-it-lessons. Also sometimes tasks come across on Work-Zille and other freelance exchanges. I even met such craftsmen who created a group in contact, untwisted it and offered their services there to schoolchildren. By the way, this is a good part-time job for teachers and teachers who already have low salaries in schools.

Monetize your hobby

Everyone knows how to do something. Just do not need to stoop and say that you do not know how! Yes, at least bake pies as your grandmother taught you, of which the whole family is delighted!

Now in the age of modern technology, your skills can be easily sold via the Internet:

  • write poetry;
  • music;
  • make cakes;
  • something from the handmade (which, incidentally, is very in demand);
  • take beautiful photos;
  • video editing;
  • Presentations
  • creating videos.

And many many others! The main thing is to find your customer base. You can start with your friends and relatives, but then the traditional word of mouth will already work. Place an ad about yourself on the free portals Avito and Yula. Well, then it remains just to place orders, and do them well! To keep customers delighted. So they will recommend you and others to their friends. Here is the idea for a profitable business!

Online Call Center

With the development of Internet technologies, it became completely unprofitable for large companies to keep entire departments for calling and consulting clients. Therefore, they gradually began to switch to a remote type of work.

You can answer calls either on Skype or using a special program that the employer installs on your laptop. Usually the work schedule here is exactly the same as in the office. Only employees do not need to go anywhere, answering calls is possible while sitting at home in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Jobs can be found on the same Avito and Julia, as well as on job search sites. You can contact the banks directly, since they have long established such a system of call centers.

In addition to classic counseling, you can try yourself as a salesperson, this has always been appreciated by customers. And working online is a great start to gain invaluable experience, and then continue your offline sales activities if you wish.


Dropshipper is an intermediary that searches for potential customers and redirects it to suppliers of goods or services, which in turn pay a dropshipper commission in the form of a percentage of sales.

In Russia, such a scheme is not yet very developed, but it is already gaining momentum. Abroad, many people have long received a stable payment due to such activities.

chestnyj zarabotok 4

This is a diagram of the interaction between the client and the supplier. The supplier himself produces the goods and sends it to the buyer. Which in turn sends the extra charge to you. And you already transfer payment for the goods at the wholesale price.

The benefit here is obvious to everyone. For the supplier - he does not waste time searching for customers, this is your responsibility. Well, you, in turn, do not produce goods, but are only a kind of intermediary. And do not spend your own money on the purchase of goods and delivery.

The term "dropshipping" in translation from the English word translates as "direct delivery". This is one of the varieties of the affiliate program, when the manufacturer of the goods completely shifts its implementation to his intermediary. That is, dropshipper. This is an online store that brings together the manufacturer of the product and the buyer on its site.

The client pays you, and you already from this money pay for the goods to the supplier, who is involved in sending the goods. You earn on the difference between the price at which the customer bought your product from you and the wholesale one at which you bought it from the manufacturer.

Now you can find some online stores that agree to work on such a scheme. But there are still a few.

Sale of photos on photo stocks

This is one of the options for beginner photographers who want to earn money for an expensive camera.

By the way, there are many pros who can thus easily afford to earn 1000 dollars a month or more. The essence of such honest earnings on the Internet is simple - you take pictures and upload them to photo banks.

People buy them, and you are paid a fixed price for each purchase. One and the same photo can bring a steady income. Since the purchase is one-time from each client. By downloading it once, you can receive income from it for many years.

But now the photo stocks are so crowded that their administration puts forward stringent quality requirements. Therefore, if you have an old camera in stock, it is unlikely that your masterpieces will be approved for sale.

chestnyj zarabotok 5

Who is buying them? The same content managers to fill out their sites and blogs. People who make money writing articles. They do not always have their own photos. And you can’t copy someone else’s from the Internet. Therefore, they buy such photos from photo stocks without violating anyone's rights!

Now the network is very much appreciated not for banal photos, but for thematic ones. Dedicated to some holidays, events. Be original! And for one photo no one will pay you a lot of money. But if you love fotkat and do it a lot, then you can secure your earnings in 1,5-2 thousand daily! This can be a great option for passive income on the Internet!

Fishing, hunting, surfing, flowers, photo interiors - ph ideas for photos that are now in great demand!

Writing forum posts

As soon as the webmaster creates his site, he is interested in promoting it so that the number of active subscribers and readers grows. And for this you need active communication on thematic forums so that as many people as possible know about the site.

Therefore, they are ready to pay money to create such communication and activity, which is not real yet. But after that, their own audience is usually tightened already.

If you actively communicate and post on the forums, you can earn about 5-10 thousand rubles a month. Although it will not feed you, it will at least provide an inflow of additional income.

Earnings on mobile applications

This type of earnings will provide you with an additional several thousand rubles per month. This is enough to pay for mobile communications and the Internet. Which is already good, agree? Moreover, nothing is required of you, except how to install applications on your mobile phone.

We do this all the time and every day. And completely free. So why not take advantage of such an offer and earn an extra thousand?

Now everyone has been actively developing a wide variety of applications. This is in great demand, so programmers, copywriters, advertisers and other specialists are constantly required. But this requires experience and skills. But you also need downloads to advance in the ranking. And for this, developers are willing to pay money!

chestnyj zarabotok 6

But to get money for downloading, it’s not enough just to go into the same AppStore. You need to do this through special applications where customers place their offers and orders. By the way, one of the good ones is Appsent, which offers decent pay for tasks.

There is a referral system in which you invite your friends, from whom you get a certain percentage for all the payment actions they make.

My advice to you: Install as many of these job applications as possible. So you can perform more tasks and increase your income.

Cryptocurrency mining

After the 2017 year, when Bitcoin soared in the price of thousands of percent, people began to earn money on digital assets as much as they could. And some even managed to ensure a comfortable old age!

Mining is one of the ways to make honest money on the Internet, which requires a video card. And the more powerful it is, the faster the processes will occur, for the implementation of which you will be entitled to rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

But now gradually this type of earnings is becoming unprofitable. Since every year it becomes more difficult to mine. And more expensive in terms of technology, which is expensive and money. And since at the time of writing the review, cryptocurrencies are not going through the best of times, this has ceased to even pay off. But it takes a lot of time!


On this, I want to summarize my review about honest earnings on the Internet. I have listed, although not all, but the most profitable and promising. I see no reason to list earnings on clicks and captcha inputs. Appreciate yourself and your time! Better spend it on the development of a more expensive profession. As, for example, I told in the article.

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