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To find out by what laws the world works, you need to join it to the maximum. The same is true for studying the work of financial systems. Those who are afraid to plunge into organized trade are missing out on a ton of useful knowledge.

To trade, you need to open an account with a broker, so that you will have access to financial trading floors. But access can be of different quality. For example, some broker platforms They work fast and offer convenient aggregated analytics, while others cannot boast of this.

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There are several factors that distinguish a good platform from an unfinished one. So that you can always make only the right decisions, I’ll tell you how to choose the best platforms for trading. 

How did broker platforms appear?  

The first stock exchanges had nothing like modern trading. On the unfenced street exchanges of New York at the end of the 18 century, exchange traders made deals with special gestures. Nearby were buildings, from the windows of which the back office workers watched the merchants. Their task was to fix the deal.

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Today, trading in organized markets has moved to the Internet. High performance trading programs have replaced back offices. The hustle and bustle of the trading floor, known from American films, has been replaced by calm, orderly online trading. It is available in any terminal - no matter where the trader is located.

Organized stock and other markets are represented by online programs. Broker's platforms easily cope with the redistribution of premiums on CFDs, with dispatching a gigantic number of orders that are placed by the participants of the site.

Platforms of brokers and requirements put forward to them

A quality program is characterized by the following parameters.

1.     Operational reliability

This means that the program works without failures. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing money due to a sudden freeze.

Let me give you an example from the stock market futures segment. All price movements must be multiplied by the amount of financial leverage. High risks lead to stress and tension, because margin account reserves are limited.

Suddenly, the course does not go in the calculated direction, an early margin-call is expected, and at the time of X, the platform freezes. You understand that the problem is in it - after all, the Internet and the laptop are in order. To regain access to transactions on the platform, you need to log in. At the entrance, a high probability of seeing that the positions are zeroed is a delay, and this is due to the fault of the platform.

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Nothing can be done, it is highly likely that the transaction will be unprofitable.

For this reason, the functioning of the platform must be uninterrupted.

2.     Analysis Capabilities

The basis of a trading strategy is the analysis of circumstances and factors that affect the price of an asset. Probably experienced traders can make decisions without the right data. However, the lack of opportunities for technical и fundamental analysis - This is a casino, not an investment.

The availability and completeness of fundamental information for analysis is what distinguishes electronic platforms. With them you can carry out technical analysis.

The higher the completeness and quality of the digest (information must be checked and systematized), as well as the convenience of drawing up analytical figures on the working field, the higher the rating of the trading platform and the number of its users.

Unfortunately, I have not yet met broker platforms that would fully meet my information needs. I suggest you use my live schedule.

3.     Well-thought broker platform interface

If the layout of the picture on the platform screen is as convenient as possible, then traders will opt for this program.

When access to important functions is opened when scrolling the screen, this indicates an ill-conceived interface - platform developers need to urgently fix this. After all, a change in the situation in the markets occurs in seconds, and a lightning reaction is needed from the user. This is not possible if all indicators are not collected on one screen.

4.     Difficulty level

Novice traders should focus on simple programs that will help you quickly figure it out. After all, the program should be comfortable, and if it is too complicated and designed only for professionals, then this can scare away beginners.

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In the future, with the deepening of knowledge and the accumulation of experience, it is possible to choose programs with a more complicated interface.


It may seem that broker platforms identical to each other - especially since on the computer screen they look approximately the same. In addition, they all have instant transfer of orders to the site, recalculation of the balance of margin accounts, technical support with the provision of advice. But only a few nuances distinguish a good program from a poor one, and this directly affects the success of the trade.

I advise you to study any platform you like that offer opportunities for making money.

Today on the market there are various brokers worth literally a few, you can get acquainted with all in my ranking of brokers. For all the time I evaluated the functioning of many platforms, studying their convenience, quality, reliability, number of tools and financial assets, and the availability of support. Not all brokers passed my “strength test”. But then I made a list of the best and trusted binary options brokers - it is with them that my cooperation continues. I can recommend them to you with confidence.

To choose a suitable broker, you need to take into account the year the company was founded, jurisdiction, the size of minimum bets and deposits, a demo account, bonuses and trading signals. You will find all this and other information in my articles.

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