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For many members of the Facebook social network, the story of its creation is of great interest. This is truly one of the most successful projects of our time. Shares valued very highly and provide an opportunity to receive a stable income. Regardless of how the company is doing at the moment, the quotes change slightly, so that the profit is provided to their owner. Today I would like to tell you about how the social network developed and what allowed the developer to achieve such results.

historia facebook akcii facebook 1

A few words about the creator of Facebook

Facebook is not only a powerful global social network. This is one of the most popular brands of the XXI century, known to any modern man. Of course, whoever would not be able to create a virtual empire. This idea was implemented by Mark Zuckerberg - a talented programmer and an outstanding personality.

This man, who was recognized as the youngest billionaire in the world in 2010, is treated differently by people. Some consider him a genius who made a great contribution to the development of mankind. Others are convinced that Zuckerberg is an unprincipled upstart, and he has received a gigantic state undeservedly. Still others think that the founder of the network is simply a successful merchant who has managed to turn a small service into a global platform for communication.

To understand this will help the story of Facebook. As a result of her study it becomes clear: Zuckerberg is an incredibly persistent person, ready for many things to achieve his goal.

historia facebook mark cukerberg 2

How did the story of Facebook begin

The billionaire’s passion for programming has been observed since childhood. Even in the sixth grade, the guy created a computer game "Risk", the action of which develops in ancient times. The next stage was the development of a special program for the father of a little genius. With her help, employees of the company in which the father worked could communicate freely.

After that, Marc, together with a friend, came up with the original music application “Synapce”. It was intended for the independent formation of "playlists" of listeners who would satisfy the preferences of a particular user.

The latest innovation has attracted the attention of giants such as AOL and Microsoft. Bill Gates even expressed a desire to buy a “music box”. But Mark Zuckerberg already in his youth was distinguished by prudence and refused the offer. The guy explained his decision by saying that "sincere inspiration is not for sale." However, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have yet to continue communication, but more on that later.

Why Facebook is so called

The social network Facebook, the creation history of which causes such interest among Internet users, has actually begun to emerge during Mark's studies. Interestingly, a young man with a huge potential programmer entered the psychology department of Harvard University. This was another non-standard solution of the future billionaire.

But the idea itself appeared earlier, while Mark was studying at Phillips Exeter Private School (New Hampshire). There, the young talent was given a book called The Photo Address Book. More precisely, it was not a book, but a reference book for students, which all graduates of this school received. It contained addresses, phone numbers and photos of classmates. The data was periodically updated, and it was very convenient. Since the full name seemed too long for the students, they simply called the directory “The Facebook”.

After joining Harvard, Zuckerberg discovered that in a prestigious educational institution there are no such useful publications. Then the initiative student turned to the leadership with a proposal to create an online directory. But Facebook history says that university leaders rejected the idea. The reason allegedly was to ensure the protection of confidential student data. They say that Mark was outraged by the refusal and promised to achieve his goal.

Facemash scandal: how the genius amused

One day, Mark, then a Harvard student, lifted his spirits with whiskey: a girl threw him. It happened in 2003 year. An unusual idea arose in the inflamed brain of a drunk guy. He hacked the university database overnight and created a simple site called Facemash.

On the pages of the resource, which was available only inside Harvard, the programmer posted photos of female students. Users were asked to rate the attractiveness of girls on a special scale. Zuckerberg did not forget his offender, devoting to her personal blog entry with expletive words.

The success of the bully was overwhelming. In the first two hours after launching the portal, it attracted 450 visitors and the photos were viewed 22 times.

True, innovation is not all appreciated. The students themselves turned out to be displeased, and the Harvard administration simply became enraged. The site was instantly covered, and the young cynic was severely punished. But Mark is not upset. The guy got his share of fame, and the university hostel long sounded toasts in his honor.

historia facebook facemash 3

Facebook start: creation story continues

4 February 2004 in the world there were a variety of events. So, on this day the famous auction "Sotheby`s" was held. On it, collectors competed for the right to buy the sculpture “The Little Dancer” by Edgar Degas.

But this date was especially important for the history of world social networks. February 4 in a small dorm room was launched the project "The Facebook". In addition to Zuckerberg, three more people took part in the creation of the social network. These were the friends of the future billionaire: Eduardo Saverin, who later became the first financier of the company, as well as Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskowitz, who were engaged in programming.

All four were very young, but full of hope and ambition. The initial task, as now, was the promotion and the formation of the target audience. It was achieved with the help of good old spam. Oddly enough, mass advertising campaigns brought excellent results.

Winklevoss brothers and their relationship to the virtual empire

The Facebook company, whose creation history is so interesting to fans of the social network, developed not without complications. So, after 6 days after the launch of the project, the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron, challenged the rights of developers. Together with his friend Divya Narendra, they said that Zuckerberg and the team had stolen their idea, which became the basis for creating Facebook.

According to the brothers, in 2003, they wanted to launch their own Harvard Collection at the university. Inspired by the success of the Facemash resource, the students turned to Mark. Tyler and Cameron gave the programmer control over the source code, offering a share in the future company instead.

But Zuckerberg did not keep promises and created Facebook, borrowing their development. Another student joined the charges - John Thomson. As a result, a revealing article appeared in the local newspaper Harvard Crimson.

Of course, Mark denied all the charges and refused to close the resource, citing the fact that Facebook has a unique code and other differences.

Then the indignant brothers went to court. The trial lasted for several years and ended with the conclusion of a settlement agreement. Zuckerberg agreed to pay Winklevses compensation in 65 million dollars. 20 million of them were transferred in cash, and the twins received the rest in the form of company shares.

Representatives of the IT community reacted to litigation differently. Many considered the brothers ordinary trolls, who received huge money undeservedly. This opinion was expressed even by one of the creators of Twitter, John Adams.

But there are people who are confident that the billionaire really stole some of their ideas from the Winklevoss. Their mistake was that when they turned to Mark they did not enter into any agreements with him. Therefore, the history of Facebook is mainly associated with the name of Zuckerberg.

Further development of Facebook social network

At the very beginning of its emergence, the Facebook network was focused only on Harvard University. But over time, Mark realized that the project is promising in terms of advertising. The idea was to turn it from a regular student portal into a global resource.

In the spring of 2004, students from Yale, Stanford and Columbia University were connected to the network. Gradually, other elite educational institutions joined the project, as well as major universities and colleges in the USA and Canada. The audience of the resource is rapidly increasing.

Of course, to expand the project required investment. Own resources of Zuckerberg and his associates was not enough. So that the story of Facebook continued successfully, Mark decided to repeat the path of Bill Gates. He went to the Creminia Valley and settled in the city of Palo Alto.

There Mark, along with Dustin Moskovitz and two assistants, rented a house on a quiet street. He still remembers this period of his life. According to him, the young man devoted almost all his time to programming. Even when his girlfriend left him, dissatisfied with this state of affairs, the guy was not upset. After all, he had a favorite Facebook, with the help of which it was possible to instantly organize a fun party.               

An important event in the life of Zuckerberg was his acquaintance with Sean Parker. The entrepreneur was widely known for creating a network of Napster, as well as numerous litigation with record companies. Unshaken, Sean immediately liked Mark, and he also had connections with major investors in Silicon Valley.

historia facebook sean parker 4

Through Parker, Zuckerberg meets Peter Thiel, one of the co-founders of PayPal. The businessman immediately assessed the prospects of a grandiose Internet project and agreed to take part in it financially. The Facebook empire was invested $ 500. The result appeared almost immediately: within six months, the social network gathered a million users. From that moment on, the company came to grips with venture capital investment.

At this time, Mark realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to combine his studies and business. The decision came quickly: the programmer gave preference to his beloved work and decided to part with Harvard.

Familiar Zuckerberg recall that in those years he was not at all like a solid capitalist. The young man often came to business meetings in home clothes and in general looked odd. But behind the ridiculous appearance was a businessman with an iron grip. Mark always acted quickly, consciously and without regret, parted with partners who did not meet his expectations.

In 2005, a new stage in the history of the network began. The prefix "the" disappeared from her domain name, and the resource began to be called simply Facebook. The management of the company spent $ 200 on changes. Since then, the status of the project has also changed. It is no longer considered a student-only service. Now anyone could register on the site and chat with friends at their pleasure.

Facebook and its achievements

The number of participants in the social network began to grow rapidly. When it exceeded 50 millions, Zuckerberg began to receive profitable purchase offers. Particularly persistent was Yahoo! The company management has offered for the project 900 million dollars. But the programmer, who evaluated the enormous potential of his brand, refused.

But with Mark managed to agree his ideological mastermind Bill Gates. In 2007, the head of Microsoft acquired 1,6% of Facebook shares. The purchase price was 260 million.

The deal was profitable for both parties. So, Bill Gates created his page on the social network. It was a great ad for Facebook. True, the account was subsequently deleted: Bill just got tired of responding to messages from numerous "friends." In turn, the creators of the project guaranteed to Microsoft the placement of its advertising to 2011 year.

historia facebook gates cukerberg 5

In 2008, Forbes magazine named Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire in history. At that time, his fortune reached 1,5 billion dollars. And it was not the limit.

Among the shareholders of the social network there are several entrepreneurs from Russia. For example, in 2009, the Digital Sky Technologies company acquired a package of 1,96% preferred shares. According to official data, it is controlled by investors Alisher Usmanov, Gregory Finger and Yuri Milner. The value of the securities amounted to 200 million. Later, businessmen decided to buy some more shares, and now the participation of Russians is 10%.

But Mark Zuckerberg is not one of those people who stop there. Another success was the development of an API designed to connect different applications (online games, informers, calendars). In addition, in 2010, an agreement was reached with Skype to facilitate the integration of giants.

In 2013, Facebook has created a platform for smartphones running on Android. Thanks to the emergence of the resource, which became known as “Facebook Home”, the number of users has grown even more. In 2015, the billionth visitor registered on the social network.

It is worth mentioning about the acquisition of the company Instagram service, which took place in April 2012. By that time, it was a long-known resource, the number of visitors to which reached 30 million. Despite its popularity, its capabilities were only partially used. In fact, Instagram was just an application for iPhones and other Apple gadgets.

Facebook is currently being viewed in the 68 languages ​​of the world. Promotion is complicated only by the fact that in many regions the speed of the Internet leaves much to be desired. But the developers of the company have tried to solve this problem.

One of the big steps is to create a light version of Facebook Zero. In addition, the leadership of the virtual empire interacts with cellular providers, including Russian ones. The purpose of cooperation is to provide customers of telephone companies with the opportunity to quickly and seamlessly view social network pages.

historia facebook facebook zero 6

Facebook today

Today, Facebook is a company that generates billions in revenues. As of 2016 year, its annual turnover reached 27,6 billion dollars. Impressive and net profit, which amounted to 10,2 billion dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg is still the largest shareholder: he owns an 28,2% stake. The American venture fund Accel Partners with 11,4% of shares lags slightly behind. Participating in the development of the company and takes Dustin Moskowitz, who owns 7,6 percent of the shares. Among other influential shareholders are Group and Peter Thiel, who in time estimated the potential of an ambitious project.

The Facebook company, whose creation history does not know any particular upheavals, is a real example of success that a goal-oriented person can achieve. Of course, you can look for people who will do everything for you, and you will only receive income. But if you count only on a miracle, dreams of profit are unlikely to come true.

Therefore, I would like to say that you should not wait for the weather by the sea. In order to achieve something, you need to light up the idea and start to implement it. Of course, mistakes are possible on this path, but do not be afraid of them. After all, they learn from mistakes, and it is better not to miss the chance. Otherwise, one may later regret that he was afraid to start a new promising business.

As for the social network Facebook - of course, this is one of the most successful projects of our time. The company is at the peak of its success, and in the future, I think, only quantitative growth is possible. But once again there is an energetic person with abilities who wants and can create something new on the Internet.

If you are interested in the story of Facebook, I advise: start acting. Get new knowledge, set yourself a serious goal and confidently move towards its achievement. Such a thing may well be Forex trading. He is able to bring not only a solid regular income, but also real pleasure from the process.                            

Significant dates in the history of Facebook

28th of October 2003

A Facemash site is being created, for which Mark Zuckerberg was threatened with expulsion from Harvard University.

04 February 2004 city

Zuckerberg launched the project “The Facebook”, designed for Harvard students.

2005 year

Social network got its current name.

2006 year

The company has provided the ability to register to all users who have an email address.

2008 year

According to Forbes, Zuckerberg is recognized as the youngest billionaire in history.

2009 year

Facebook shares are bought by Facebook Group Digital Sky Technologies, which is controlled by Russian investors.

2010 year

Times magazine called Zuckerberg "Man of the Year."

2013 year

Facebook has developed a platform for smartphones that run on Android.

2015 year

The billionth user is registered on the social network.

2016 year

The company's annual turnover reaches a record 27,6 billion.

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