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What company owners take painfully is logos. Their excitement is no accident: a good logo does not just attract the attention of the client, it remains in memory for a long time. A successful logo will make it clear to any person from the very first moment, what are the functions of the organization, especially what area it is developing.

Obviously, the need for a quality company logo is huge.

A trademark can look like a name or its part in a certain typeface, often specially designed by designers and artists, there are logos in the form of a certain symbol or symbol that corresponds to the activity and direction of the company.

On the example of the logos of several popular companies that are recognized as the most successful, I would like to take a closer look at how a decent sample should look and what hidden meanings can be found in it.


The American company is engaged in fast delivery services worldwide, and the logo fully expresses its approach to work. It does not seem unusual at first glance, but if you look closely, there is a white arrow between the letters E and X, hinting at accuracy and speed.

ist logotipov fedex


Service to find housing occupies a leading position in the world. In 2014, it radically changes its logo, which has caused a lot of controversy and discussion among users. What kind of associations he had not caused: from half a strawberry berry to the chin of Peter Griffin’s cartoon character, he looked like eggs and even a vagina.

ist logotipov airbnb

The company claims that the work on the image took more than a year and there are many hidden meanings in it. Not wanting to use the primary associations, the company hid the symbols of people, points on the map and love in the logo.

ist logotipov airbnb 2


The company provides cellular communications, but the choice for a logo is a common squiggle. Many people try to look at the headset in this circled symbol. In fact, it means quotation: in a letter, this is how direct speech begins. In the case of a mobile operator company - the beginning of the conversation, a very expressive symbol.

ist logotipov vodafone


The famous restaurant chain has chosen a difficult logo. The arrows not giving much rest, growing from the letters S and Y, did not appear by chance. Their value - the entrance to the subway and exit from it. The company literally from the logo declares: their products can be eaten right on the run. The colors are also chosen for a reason: there is green - about health and a natural lifestyle, and yellow, a symbol of joy and optimism.

ist logotipov subway


Fans of the Internet, who saw the logo of the famous browser, are sure that they have seen a fox who embraced the entire globe. The name of the browser helps this misconception, firefox in translation from English is a fire fox. Who would have thought that the literal translation of the nickname of the red panda, translated from Chinese into English, just translated as firefox. The company hints with its logo on exclusivity and peculiarity: red pandas are extremely rare and have long been listed in the Red Book.

ist logotipov firefox


The brand of Japanese notebooks hides several meanings in the logo at once. Of course, her logo is not just an elegant spelling of the name, as you might think. The part of the logo on the left resembles a wave, and hints at an analog signal. The last letters of the name are essentially numbers: one and zero. They talk about digital signal and binary code. VAIO stands for, by the way, as Video Audio Intelligent Organizer.

ist logotipov vaio

The Amazon

A popular American company sells everything in the world via the Internet; for advertising its goods and services, it put two meanings in the logo at once. Smile satisfied customer can be considered an arrow, located under the name of the company. It is important that it goes from the first letter of the alphabet to the last, indicating the full range of all kinds of goods that you can always buy.

ist logotipov amazon


A quick glance at the sweetest logo in the list, you can find in it the Matterhorn mountain, which is reminiscent of the shape of chocolate. But by showing a little care, you can find the silhouette of a bear on the slope. The company is originally from the city of Bern, on whose coat of arms is a similar bear.

ist logotipov toblerone


The largest site for traveling people that you can find. Users leave their opinions and opinions on it on all places related to comfortable traveling around the world: hotels, restaurants and more. The meaning of the logo is the following: an owl, symbolizing knowledge, wisdom and erudition, followed by visitors and enter the site. Multi-colored eyes remind: travelers always have a choice. You can hit the road to green, or slow down to a red signal.

ist logotipov tripadvisor


Attentive glance will easily consider the peacock silhouette between the multi-colored petals on the logo of the television company. Petals form a tail. The bird becomes a symbolic way that the channel is proud of its programs and claims a certain high status.

ist logotipov nbc


If you look closely, then on the logo, we can see the face of a person with a smile. An official comment from the company says that LG, an electronics manufacturer, wanted to show its loyalty to all its customers. On the Internet, the logo of this company is often associated with the main character of the computer game Pac Man.

ist logotipov lg


Some compare the logo of a popular Japanese car manufacturer Toyota with the head of a cowboy in a hat. In fact, the manufacturer thus pays tribute to his weaving past. The logo is a stylized needle eye, with thread threaded into it.

ist logotipov toyota

There is another secret. From the individual parts of the logo, you can make the word Toyota.

ist logotipov toyota1


In the matter of the logo for his company, Steve Jobs decided to turn to a professional. The choice fell on Rob Janov. For the future logo, Jobs put forward the following requirements: simplicity, modernity, recognition. The designer, having bought a whole bag of apples at a nearby store, set to work. A week later, the designer showed a finished logo, bitten a colored apple. Bitten apple, from English. Bite (byte), translated as a bite and in combination is a computer term.

ist logotipov apple

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