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Towards progress. Tesla history

Today I will tell you an interesting tesla history. It is about the famous brand and the role of the famous millionaire. Ilona Mask in Tesla. I will also try to show how you can earn on the shares of this promising company, having learned Tesla creation history.

Not so long ago, it seemed that the era of gasoline engines is endless, and the owners of car concerns will continue to receive billions of dollars in profits. However, progress does not stand still, as evidenced by the history of Tesla's creation. New developments strongly influenced the principle of building gasoline engines and changed the direction of development of the automotive industry.

Tesla model 1

Shares of Tesla

Tesla stock trading began in 2010. Then one such security cost only $ 20. Now, after 10 years, it is sold at 10 times more expensive. For it give $ 223,67. What is the reason for this? The fact is that Tesla is a “window” into the future.

In any case, many people think so, and the whole Tesla story says so. The company produces electric cars, which is undoubtedly one of the most promising areas of industry. Only lazy does not speak about ecology right now. Everyone seeks to protect nature, and human health too. Plus, the issue of limited reserves of petroleum products on the planet is important.

Conclusion: you need to produce environmentally safe transport. And electric car is still the most promising way to travel in the light of current trends. And this means that Tesla shares will only grow, and the owners of these valuable papers build up your capital.

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The idea of ​​an electric car

The idea of ​​an electric car is not new. She appeared before the gasoline engine. It is believed that the electric car was "born" in the 1841 year. But the instance, which was more like a cart with a motor, was created back in 1828 year. Now this design looks ridiculous. However, the Hungarian inventor Anjos Dzhedlik was proud of his invention.

Tesla model 13

Following in Holland was created a car on electric power. Then the inventors came to the conclusion that the car could work with non-rechargeable batteries. And in 1847, in Pittsburgh, the locomotive drove along the rails from which it received electrical power.

At the end of the XNUMXth century, Ralph Ward launched a line of omnibuses on electricity through the streets of England. These were the progenitors of modern buses. Events contributed to the development of electric vehicles in France and England.

Tesla model 12

In Russia and America at that time, electric cars were mentioned only on the pages of newspapers. But in 1898, the Russian engineer Ippolit Romanov showed his brainchild to the public - a two-seater on an electric drive that “raced” at a speed of 37 km / h. Soon the inventor created 4-local cars and omnibuses, which could go to 24 passengers.

In America, in 1897, a whole fleet of electric taxi cars was already operating, and Philadelphia became the ancestral home of electric rail transport.

So where is Nikola Tesla here? If electric cars appeared before the Nikola? Nikola Tesla himself (1856 - 1943), the great Serbian scientist who emigrated to the United States, after whom a modern electric car company was named, did not abandon the idea of ​​creating an electric car. He studied electricity and, with his discoveries, advancing time on 100 years, made revolutionary discoveries in this field of science. Many inventors of the time tried to invent working versions of electric motors, but this was not possible. Some have concluded that such engines simply can not be efficient, resource and successful in production. The asynchronous AC motor he invented, which Nikola Tesla showed in 1887, was later used by electric vehicle developers.

The main problem that did not make rational use of an electric motor was that they were single phase. Nikola Tesla showed electric motors, where there were two or more phases. Later, the scientist patents his invention, a multi-phase AC motor. For objective reasons, this invention did not become popular then, during the development of oil companies and internal combustion engines. Essentially its electric motor, the beginning stories electric cars, he put it.

The first serial electric car. Tesla history

Tesla began with two talented engineers, Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. Mark is an environmentalist, Martin is a big fan of sports cars. Moreover, he believed that such cars should not "eat" much. These ideas, which have run like a red thread through the history of Tesla, have been embodied in their brainchild - a powerful and fast electric car.

Mark Tarpenning was born in Sacramento. At the University of California, he received a bachelor's degree in computer science. He began work in Saudi Arabia in a large conglomerate Textron.

Martin Eberhard was born in Berkeley. He studied at the University of Illinois, where he received a master's degree in electrical engineering and a bachelor of computer technology. He started his career as an electrical engineer at Wyse Technology. The company was engaged in the production of cloud computing systems.

Tesla model 2

Eberhard and Tarpenning met their mutual friend Greg Rend. It happened in California in the nineties of the last century. Young people were very different from each other. Eberhard is impulsive, talkative, bursting with energy. And Tarpenning is the exact opposite. The modesty and restraint of the latter complemented and balanced this tandem.

Friendship soon turned into a business union, friends began to work together. At first they were engaged in the provision of consulting services to firms that were engaged in disk drives data.

Their impeccable business sense drives them into the still unoccupied e-book market. They found NuvoMedia and launch the Rocket iBook. After perfecting their product and taking the firm to a wave of success, associates sell it to Gemstar-TV Guide for $ 187 million.

While working in the field of e-book production and consulting services, they constantly wondered in what other area electronic advanced batteries could be used. The decision came unexpectedly when Eberhard, after the divorce, decided to console himself with a purchase of a sports car. And here two fellow entrepreneurs decided to create an electric car, having invested money and strength in it. From that moment began the story of Tesla.

At the beginning of the two thousandth, unit vehicles on electric propulsion were already produced. One day, Eberhard saw a small yellow Tzero typewriter from the California manufacturer AC Propulsion. The model was electronic, and ran like Lamborghini. And then Eberhard understood in which direction he should work.

Friends suddenly saw the extensive prospects that they are given by lithium-ion batteries that are completely unused in the automotive industry. Such batteries now stand in all smartphones and laptops, but then they had nothing to do with the automotive giants.

For a hundred years, lead-acid batteries have been used for gasoline cars; no other options have been considered. Such batteries suited everyone, they were not eager to improve, as they provided excellent power and efficiency.

However, progress made its way. Eberhard and Tarpenning decide to design a car with a lithium-ion battery and an asynchronous electric motor, marking the beginning of the Tesla story.

Such an engine converts the energy of an electrical alternating current into mechanical rotation. Simply put, an asynchronous motor is a stator and a rotor. The stator is a hollow cylinder, the walls of which consist of plates of electromagnets superimposed on each other.

Tesla model 3

Copper coils placed on the inner walls of the stator, when energized, create an alternating electromagnetic field. The rotor is also a cylinder with a shaft in the center and electromagnets. It rotates inside the stator by changing the poles of the magnetic field. Such motors are used in household fans.

When using an asynchronous engine, some parts are needed that are necessary for a gasoline engine car:

  • driveshaft;
  • exhaust system;
  • big engine;
  • gas tank

An electric car, in fact, needs only a battery, engines for wheels, a control and cooling system. However, inventors Tarpenning and Eberhard on the way to the goal were waiting for some difficulties.

Mark and Martin, having weighed and evaluated all the risks, in 2003 opened their company, called Tesla Motors, in honor of the inventor of the asynchronous motor. They did not choose a name from echo-friendly environmental terms so that the company was immediately associated with breakthrough, movement and progress. However, this is understandable, because as you call a boat, so it will float.

From that moment on, a thorny path began to an electric car with a lithium-ion battery and an asynchronous motor. Eberhard and Tarpenning gave electric cars a chance to win their place in the sun and push out their fire-breathing gasoline competitors. The Tesla story began.

Ilon Musk and Tesla

Tesla Motors is closely associated with the name of the famous young millionaire Ilona Mask. Let's see who it is, what does it have to do with this company.

Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971. Since childhood, he was distinguished by curiosity, already at the age of 10 he was enthusiastically engaged in programming. At the age of 21, he entered the University of Pennsylvania.

Tesla model 4

In 7 years, Mask was already the founder of a large company, which was engaged in the security of electronic payments. In 2000, Confinity bought One of the branches of the concern under the name PayPal also worked with electronic payments. A couple of years later, eBay bought PePel online auction, which by then had achieved significant results. At the same time, Ilon Mask at that time owned 11,7% of PayPal shares worth $ 165 million dollars.

Having received such a result, one could go further. In 2002, Ilon Musk already creates his own company for the production of space launch vehicles and calls it SpaceX. After months of 12, he invests $ 10 million in Solar Sity. The project involved the installation of modular solar panels in private homes.

The irrepressible Ilon Mask is quite seriously promoting the idea of ​​the colonization of Mars, and is also going to put into orbit a multitude of satellites in order to provide Internet access to all corners of our planet. The wonderful brainchild of a millionaire is the Hiperloop project. With it, the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 600 km passengers can travel in just half an hour.

And what is most interesting, Ilon does all this not in the race for millions of incomes, but for the sake of technical progress and changing the world for the better. It is for this purpose that in 2004, Ilon Musk invested $ 7,5 millions in Tesla Motors.

Difficulties in the path of electric vehicles in the history of Tesla

Tesla is a great startup. And two people took him, very, very far from the automotive industry. Each stage of the work carried something new and unfamiliar. Tarpenning and Eberhard dared to take on a project that would prove to the world the need for the production of electric cars. These moments are not slow to affect the release of the first pilot model cars on electric propulsion. After all, everyone had to learn from the basics.

The first to be put into production was The Roadster. This took place on an area of ​​5,5 million square feet formerly owned by General Motors and Toyota in Fremont. By 2006, Tesla's workforce had grown to 600.

The prototype of the EP1 racing electric car was soon ready. The second investment round helped raise about $ 40 million. Of these, 13 was introduced by Ilon Musk, the rest of the amount was formed by injections of venture funds Compass Technology Partners, Valor Equity Partners, VantagePoint Capital Partners and business angels, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Further development of the history of Tesla could take place only after entering the information field. The management of the company signs contracts with several advertising agencies. In July, the 2006 of the year in Santa Monica, the presentation of The Roadster. Celebrities were invited, including the then-acting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tesla model 5

It was conceived to form a “list of a hundred”. These were supposed to be the first hundred people to buy The Roadster. They were asked to come with a checkbook, test drive the car and buy it. Each such car had a sign with the autographs of Eberhard, Tarpenning and Elon Musk, who participated in the history of Tesla's creation.

After the presentation 127 cars were sold. But then a wave of discontent and problems began. The Tesla Motors team began to eliminate the shortcomings.

Nevertheless, about Tesla started talking. Publications appeared in America’s leading publications The New York Times, The Washington Post. However, not all articles liked Ilona Mask. In 2006, a protracted conflict began between him and the founders of Tesla Motors Eberhard and Tarpenning.

The journalists attributed to Mask the role of the “early investor Tesla”. He insisted that he was equally involved in the development of The Roadster along with Tarpenning and Eberhard. Later, Ilon provoked confusion altogether, saying that he was also a co-founder of the company and had the right to enter the history of Tesla's creation.

Gradually, a lot of disagreement and misunderstanding grew. At this time, the team is actively working on The Roadster. A lot of questions remained unresolved: from the acquisition of components and reliability testing to serial design. If the development of an element was completed, then proposals were made for even greater optimization.

So the release of the car was delayed, all the deadlines flew. Accounting was tangled, the staff grew. Eberhard could not combine a huge pile of managerial work with the technical development of the electric vehicle. Needed was a new CEO who could unload Eberhard.

By disrupting the release date for the electric car, Ilon Musk himself had a hand. In any case, many US media think so. He often made constructive suggestions for improving The Roadster, but he was rarely in the office. All this made confusion. Eberhard and Musk hoarsely argued for hours about the design of the electric car and its “stuffing”. And the CEO was never searched. Eberhard virtually ceased to cope with the duties of the administrator.

Components for cars were made in different countries of the world. Insufficient attention to the choice of partners, confusing bookkeeping and incorrectly calculated cost price of cars led to the fact that the planned cost of $ 85 thousand increased to $ 200 thousand. As a result, at the request of the board of directors, Tesla Eberhard resigned. He was promoted to president of technology.

Eberhard said goodbye to Tesla long and ugly. Litigation and severance payments lasted for years. At this difficult time, the company was temporarily supervised by Michael Marks - the former CEO of Flextronics, a major electronics manufacturer. But soon he was replaced by Zeev Drori, who came from the post of general director of the car manufacturer Clifford Electronics.

At this time, Ilon Musk in Tesla was learning deeper and deeper. He managed to prove to everyone that he is an excellent manager. But at the same time he was a tough, even despotic and aggressive leader. However, his work style bore fruit. In just one year, Musk recreated Tesla's control system, radically shuffling the entire staff of the company. Tarpenning did not accept innovations and left his brainchild in 2007 year.

However, the hard guide Mask gave impressive results. The Roadster has not yet come out, but the whole world is already buzzing about it. And in 2008, Tesla was ready to show her car to the world. Began a new round in Tesla creation history. At the same time, a control audit showed sad figures. The development of an electric vehicle cost the company $ 140 million, which is five times higher than the originally planned budget. At the same time, the car market began to fall. Concerns one after another declared bankruptcy.

Tesla model 6

Ilon Musk, trying to save the company, has invested several tens of millions of dollars from her own pocket. Then again turned to investment funds. The situation is leveling out; in 2008, Ilon Musk in Tesla is the general director.

Tesla car line

Already by 2012, the number of electric vehicles produced was 2600 units. Moreover, the characteristics of the car exceeded all expectations. The Roadster accelerated to 100 km / h in 3 seconds, drove 350 km without recharging, and traveled at a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

In 2012, this model was withdrawn from sales, as it was made on the production facilities of Lotus, with which the contract expired.

At the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, a prototype of the second, most economical Tesla Model S was unveiled. It rolled off the assembly line in 2012. This car easily covered 426 km without recharging, and charged the battery “to capacity” in half an hour. A car in the most expensive configuration accelerates in 3,1 seconds to 100 km / h. Tesla Model S starts at $ 75.

2015 year was marked by the release of a crossover Tesla Model X, passing on one charge to 500 km.

Musk is moving progressively towards fulfilling the Tesla mission: prices are falling, and the characteristics of the car are closer to those of cars with petrol engines. The company produces its most economical modification Tesla Model 3 in 2017 year. The average version costs about $ 35 thousand dollars. At the start of pre-sales, the car reserved for itself 325 thousands of people.

In the 1917, the Tesla Semi electric truck was presented, which, without recharging, will easily overcome the 800 km.

In the autumn of 2020, the mass production of the first SUV Model Y will begin. The car will be able to go to the next charge of 370 km, and accelerate to 100 km / h in 5,9 seconds. Maximum speed 193 km / h. In this case, the basic equipment will cost $ 35 thousand. The story of Tesla continues.

Tesla Outlook

Cars on electric Tesla are becoming more popular. Gas stations are built around the world. For example, in the USA such recharges are absolutely free. Sales of electric cars are constantly increasing, and the world is waiting for all new models.

Nikola Tesla received the energy of their ether, which made it possible to make the car completely autonomous. But the secret was then lost. Ilon Mask promises in the near future to create a non-volatile electric vehicle. So, soon we will find out if the secret of receiving energy from the ether is open or if Tesla engineers saved for us other secrets.

Tesla car models



Model S

Model X

Model III

Model Y

Year of construction






Power reserve, km






Acceleration to 100 km / h

3,0 sec

3,2-4,4 sec

5 sec



Full charge time, hour.


35 minutes.


From 0,3 to 10 (depending on the charger)

Depends on the charger

Price in America, US $

109000 (basic)

62 (basic)

140000 (basic)

35000 (basic)

39000 (basic)

Maximum speed km / h





193 (basic)

  Tesla roadster 7 Tesla model s 8 Tesla model x 9 Tesla model 3 10 Tesla model y 11
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