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1 pictrs adidas i puma

The confrontation of famous brands Adidas vs puma - An interesting and unusual story, because the company was created by brothers. Perennial duel brothers Adidas-Puma It was a boon to buyers, because it contributed to the development of both firms. The result is obvious: Puma and Adidas shoes are known and loved all over the world. She likes to be worn by businessmen, politicians, Hollywood stars ... But few have heard of the rivalry that led to such success. Today I would like to tell a little about it.

How did the story begin               

Today, Adidas and Puma are companies whose annual turnover is billions of dollars. Their profits also reach billions, so purchase of shares of these firms - one of the most reliable and profitable investments. As shows the story of adidas and pumabrands have almost always been successful and are not going to take positions. If you buy their shoes and clothes very nicely, then you can make good money on promotions.

Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, the founders of the legendary companies, were born in the German town of Herzogenaurach. Despite the fact that the age difference was only two years, they did not get along very well. Strengthening the relationship and prevented the political preferences of the brothers.

2 pictrs adidas i puma

When Adi and Rudy started manufacturing shoes, before the confrontation Adidas vs puma it was still far away. Interest in the sport inspired Adolf to create boots with spikes. In addition, in the post-war period there were many disabled athletes in need of orthopedic shoes. The brothers began to cut out its upper part from decommissioned military uniforms. The soles were made from old automobile tires, and a familiar blacksmith was attracted to the manufacture of spikes.

Registered in 1924, the company with which it began the story of adidas and puma, was called the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Opened it in a small laundry room. The collaboration of the brothers proved successful. Adolf was engaged in the development of shoes, and the energetic and sociable Rudolph was looking for markets and expanding business ties.

In 1925, Dasslers launched the first sharp-spike boots on the market. The novelty was an incredible success, and first of all it was appreciated by the players.

3 pictrs adidas i puma

The product range and production gradually expanded. But real success came to the brothers in 1928, when at the Olympics, held in Amsterdam, German athletes performed in shoes from Dassler.

4 pictrs adidas i puma

By the beginning of the 30s, Adi and Rudy bought out the factory they had previously rented. In addition, it could expand. More than 100 pairs of shoes were made on the day now. The range was three dozen models for different sports, as well as roller skates.

In 1933, Hitler came to power. The Dassler brothers sympathized with the Nazis and did not hesitate with the choice: they immediately joined the NSDAP. Adi and Rudi had no doubts about the success of their company in Nazi Germany. In addition, the ideology of the new regime promoted the cult of a healthy body. For sports shoe developers, this turned out to be very useful. Everything was fine, but Duel brothers Adidas-Puma was just around the corner.

5 pictrs adidas i puma

Nice the story of adidas and puma continued with a partnership agreement with track and field athlete Jesse Owens. At the Olympics in Germany, held in 1936, the athlete competed in Dassler boots and won as many 4 medals. It was another good move: sales began to grow rapidly. True, the provision of shoes to a black athlete caused outrage of the leaders of the National Socialist Party.

creators Adidas vs puma and World War II

The outbreak of World War II in 1939 contributed to the decline in production. By that time, the brothers already had two factories, but one had to close.

In 1941, Adolf was taken to the front, and when he returned, he found that the manufactory was already working for the needs of the army. It was not possible to re-equip it for the production of grenade launchers, so the company began manufacturing military shoes and parts for weapons. In accordance with the order of the Minister of National Industry, the factory staff was retrained.

6 pictrs adidas i puma

During the Second World War, relations between the brothers deteriorated sharply. According to rumors, Rudolph began to actively cooperate with the Gestapo. After the fall of the Third Reich and the end of the war, Rudy ended up in an American prisoner of war camp. Upon his return, he learned that Adolf had written a denunciation of him. Since then, the relationship between the brothers went into outright enmity.

Shoe empire division

7 pictrs adidas i puma

8 pictrs adidas i puma

Actually Duel brothers Adidas-Puma started in 1948 year. At this time, the father of Adolf and Rudolph is dying - the only person who could reconcile them. Both the friendship and the joint business of the brothers came to an end. The family factory was divided into two parts.                

Adi wanted to name his company Addas (after the first letters of the first and last names). But since this name was already taken, the company received a more sonorous name - Adidas.

Rudolph chose the name Ruda for his production, but it did not last long. Over time, the elder Dassler changed the name to Puma - his nickname, which he received in his youth due to love affairs.

Противостояние Adidas vs puma reflected on the life of the whole town. Herzogenaurach was actually divided into two parts - on both sides of the river. Both brothers' families and other residents, who mostly worked in competing factories, were at enmity.

Brand development and rivalry

After the gap, each of the brothers began to work hard to develop their own brand. Already in 1949, Adolf broke the agreement with Rudi and began to use two strips - the symbols of the Dassler company. True, to the existing bands Adi drew a third, and the logo was registered.

9 pictrs adidas i puma

In the same year, another significant event occurred in the sports world. Adolf developed a new shoe model, in which rubber spikes could be replaced. The following year saw the shoes, adapted to play on a frozen or wet field.

For the Olympics in Helsinki, held in 1952, Adidas shoes have already been chosen by many athletes. In the same year, Adi, who loved to create and invent, decided to expand production. The company took up the release of branded suits and sports bags. Buyers well received a new product, and production was put on stream.

Rudolph did not lag behind his younger brother. In 1949, Rudy invented screw-in spikes for football players and launched mass production of modernized shoes. The new technology, called the Super Atom, has earned the recognition of famous athletes.

10 pictrs adidas i puma

The next stage of confrontation Adidas vs puma started in 1954 year. Hannover 96 players, shod in Puma brasil boots, won the FCK team in the final match. But at the World Championships, the German team won, shod in Adidas shoes. From this point on, rivalry ceased to be conducted on an equal footing, but the struggle continued.

The Fifties for the Dassler brothers - a time of continuous litigation. For example, in 1958, Adidas products were sold under the motto: “Adidas is the best sports shoe in the world!” Outraged by this advertising slogan, Rudolf sued. He argued that such words are misleading consumers, because the Brazilian national team, which won a brilliant victory, was shod in Puma shoes.

11 pictrs adidas i puma

This is Rudy's case successfully won. In turn, Adolf also sued several times, accusing his brother of stealing technology.

The confrontation of the sons of the Dassler brothers

12 pictrs adidas i puma

In the factories of Dassler worked many relatives of the Dassler brothers. After the death of their parents, the business of Adolf and Rudolph was continued by their sons. Horst and Armin agreed to observe some neutrality and not to sign an agreement with Pele, the best footballer in the world. In addition, it was decided not to lure each other celebrities who advertise the products of companies. This made it possible to avoid a sharp rise in prices in the advertising market.

But the great Pele was dissatisfied with this state of affairs. He expressed his indignation to Armin, and Puma broke the promise. The firm launched an advertising campaign in Latin America, and the famous Brazilian received a substantial fee for advertising the brand. The reward was $ 120 - a lot of money for that time. It is not hard to guess that this event exacerbated the mutual hostility of the families. Duel brothers Adidas-Puma continued ... 

Achievements and advertising contracts of companies in 70-s

The seventies were successful for both companies. In 1970, Mexico hosted the World Cup. At its opening, Adidas officially unveiled the Adidas Telstar soccer ball. Four years later, a new ball model was released - Adidas Telstar-2.

In 1972, a new symbol of the illustrious company appeared - “Trefole”. This flower meant the unity of the spirit of the Olympiad, as well as the presence of the brand, on three continents.

13 pictrs adidas i puma

By the way, over time, designers have developed two more logos for "Adidas". In 1994, a new version of the symbolism with three stripes was released. In 2001, the Adidas Style Sport logo was introduced to customers. It is made in the form of a globe, which is crossed by three lanes. This meant that the company keeps up with the times and works for buyers almost anywhere in the world. Today, all three types of logo are used on the products of the brand.

In 1972, the German team won the European Football Championship. At the Olympics in Munich, "Adidas" becomes the main sponsor, and even the national team of the Soviet Union chose this brand for the Olympic outfit.                                

The success of the brand contributed to the victory of tennis player Stan Smith. The athlete, who won the international tennis tournament, was shod with Adidas shoes. The model in which he spoke, immediately gained immense popularity and was put into mass production.

Another interesting fact is that this unusual novelty has become the best-selling brand in the entire history. So, in 1988, the company sold 22 a million pairs. The corresponding result was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

14 pictrs adidas i puma

Up to this point, tennis sneakers have never been made entirely of leather. In addition, for the first time, fans saw a triple perforation line in place of traditional Adidas bands. Of course, now the popular model is available in different versions: suede trim, with velcro, in any colors.

Puma tried to keep up with the famous competitor. In 1972 at the Olympics in Munich, pentathlon competitions were held. The gold medal was won by the British athlete Mary Peters, who played in the Puma shoes. American Randy Williams won the long jump, and Ugandan John Aki-Bois won first place in the 400 meters race. All these athletes who received Olympic gold also had Puma sports shoes.

15 pictrs adidas i puma

A real breakthrough was the appearance of shoes on the velcro. The development of this technology belongs to the company "Puma".

But the leadership of "Adidas" was not going to take positions. In 1974, German footballers, including Franz Beckenbauer, again preferred the shoes of this company. In the final, they managed to beat Holland and become world champions.

At the Olympics in Montreal, which was held in 1976, the Adidas outfit was chosen by 86% of athletes. Their choice was clearly successful. Athletes took home 75 gold, 88 bronze and 86 silver medals, which became a kind of record. This outstanding achievement has not been beaten so far.

Despite internal conflicts, representatives of the Dassler family have done a lot for the development of companies. As shows the story of adidas and puma, the position of brands in the international market has strengthened even more.

Sale of successful companies

At the end of the 20th century, the business of Adidas and Puma ceased to be a family business. Armin Dassler broke up with his share of Puma a year before his death, in 1989. Over time, they began to gradually redeem the French multi-brand holding Kering. At the beginning of 2007, the French already owned 80% of the shares of famous shoemakers.

The same thing happened with the company of Horst Dassler. His sisters, who after the death of the owner got the company, could not cope with the management. In 1990, most of the shares were bought for 440 million German marks by French businessman Bernard Tali.

16 pictrs adidas i puma

Duel brothers Adidas-Pumaas the competition between famous brands, lasted until the end of their lives. The founders of the companies died in the 70s without reconciling, but the clan hostility endured them. Until recently, employees of two firms were forbidden to buy clothes created by rivals. Out of principle, they supported different sports teams, drank different beers and could not even marry each other.

But times are changing, and now the relationship is not so tense. In 2009, top managers of competing companies first shook hands. When the truce of leaders became known in the market, the shares of Adidas and Puma rose sharply in price.

What future awaits these illustrious brands - time will tell. But experts believe that a tough standoff has benefited the development of both firms. Millions of people love and enjoy their products. And few people know what passions at one time unfolded around famous names.   

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