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Many Russians face financial difficulties from time to time. The situation when the purse is empty, completely unsettling, deprives a person of psychological comfort. But do not despair. Even if a certain amount is required very urgently, you can always find a way out. Today I would like to consider several proven ways to improve the financial situation. If a need money, one of the options is sure to help you.

1 output. Earnings in the financial markets with a trading robot Abi

Almost all users have heard about Forex trading, but not everyone dares to try it. People are confused by the lack of experience, fear of new, fear of incurring financial losses. But you don't have to be a pro to be successful in the financial markets. To help market participants in 2014, a Abi robot. Thanks to the automatic adviser, some players earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.


Robot Abi - a program designed to automatically analyze the market situation. It is installed completely free of charge and provides profit with minimal participation of the trader. All a person needs is to download a robot and set up simple parameters. In the future, you can only appear in the workplace from time to time to control the situation and withdraw money from the account.

Market analysis is based on six technical indicators. The trader has the right to choose which indicators the robot will use. If knowledge and experience in trading is not at all, you can use the default settings.

Autotrading services have been successfully used for a long time:

  • Newbies in the Forex market who do not know anything about market analysis. In such cases, the entire responsibility for the successful conclusion of transactions falls on the Abi program.
  • Professional traders. These are people with extensive experience in trading in financial markets. They have already achieved a certain success, but due to lack of time they want to transfer part of the work to an automatic assistant. After all, even the most competent participants do not have time to simultaneously analyze a large number of currency pairs. Accordingly, part of the profits is lost, and with the help of the program this error can be corrected.
  • The rest of the network users who want to receive passive income without much investment and extra effort. As you know, it takes some time to learn the basics of trading, and I want to start multiplying funds right now. With the help of a robot program it is quite realistic.

Thus, this method of earning is suitable for almost everyone. To use the program you need to register on the website of one of the brokerage companies. You will also need to make a minimum deposit: each broker sets its amount independently.

After connecting the program, the Abi robot will begin to select the optimal entry points. In many cases, it acts correctly, which allows the trader to trade with the maximum benefit. The program is able to work around the clock without fatigue and unnecessary emotions that interfere with ordinary people.

To assess the prospects earning with abi, before starting a real trade, you can practice on a special demo account. If everything suits and there is success, it is worth starting a little using the funds from the deposit. But, as shown by feedback from participants, the potential of this program is definitely there.

In addition to automatic trading, the Abi robot has other possibilities. For example, it is able to provide signals for trading in financial markets online. This tool is suitable for traders who prefer to trade manually, but want to take advantage of useful tips and analyze the market situation as accurately as possible.

2 output. Borrow from a private investor

When you urgently need money, you should consider borrowing. Not only banks and MFIs, but also private investors are engaged in lending in Russia. In the network you will find many such proposals, in particular, on the following resources:

  1. and other sites with ads.
  2. Thematic portals (for example,
  3. Financial forums.

If you search, you can get money instantly, at a small percentage and almost without documents. In return, you will be required to receive a receipt for the funds, personal data and, possibly, a copy of the passport.

But I advise you to be careful. The Internet is a gold mine for all kinds of scammers who can pose as investors. Therefore, always ignore requests to send a small amount (usually 500-1 rubles) as insurance or commission. An avatar should also alert you instead of a photo of your counterparty. Also pay attention to the date of registration of the person and the number of loans that he has already issued.

2 easy money dj q

3 output. Loans on other Internet resources

If you need to take money quickly and without hassle, Webmoney loans can come to the rescue. To get a loan you will have to register in the system, but you will be protected to a certain extent from scammers.             

Of course, WM-loans are most likely issued to active users of the resource with business-level wallets, which starts from 20. But even beginners in the system are often approved loans, just the amount will be less.

3 easy money dj q

In addition, I recommend to look at sites such as,,

Pay attention to this option, as P2P-lending. This is a method of providing borrowed funds, when the creditor is not an organization (as in the case of an MFI), but an individual. The interest rate here is several times lower than that of microfinance companies, the conditions for issuing money are as simple as possible, and the borrower's credit history does not matter much.

4 easy money dj q

You can use this method on such portals as,,

4 output. Getting a loan with a bad credit history

When you need to take money, but bad credit history interferes, do not be discouraged. At your service - dozens and even hundreds of offices, ready to help people with overdue loans. I give examples of such sites:

5 easy money dj q


6 easy money dj q

Sometimes credit brokers can provide real help. Representatives of this exotic profession work with banks, MFIs and private investors. For a certain percentage, the broker will increase the chance for approval of your application to the maximum. An example of one such company is

7 easy money dj q

5 output. Refer to friends and acquaintances

Among your friends there will surely be people ready to help out at a difficult moment. They will not require you interest (or interest will be minimal) and will agree to a short delay in debt repayment.  

But this method has a significant disadvantage. Friendship and money are things that go wrong together. It is unlikely that someone will like to wait indefinitely until you pay off the debt. In case of problems with the return of the relationship will be hopelessly spoiled. If a friend refuses to help you, you can get into an uncomfortable position. So this option is better to keep in case of emergency.

6 output. Borrow from colleagues

This is one of the most popular ways to get hold of a thousand or other to paycheck. It is even easier to strain a colleague than to contact a friend or relative. This person is next to you, knows when pay is expected, and can be rest assured that you will not have to look around the city.

In general, I can call this option quite working. But the money will have to be given on time if you don’t want the whole office to look askance at you.

7 output. Turn to relatives

Much depends on who you are from and in what relationships you have with these people. Of course, parents, both well-to-do and living on a single pension, will never refuse and will not rush to repay a debt. But do not take it for granted. Those close to us are especially dear, and being honest with them is very important.

Before asking for a loan from mother-in-law or mother-in-law, think three times. If they help you out, they will consider themselves entitled to control where you spend the funds, give advice and generally interfere in your life in the most undesirable way. For this reason, it is much more comfortable to turn to strangers.

But to borrow the required amount from a brother or sister is an acceptable option. In most cases, these are people of about the same age as you, with whom you have friendly relations. You can ask them not to talk about your difficulties to their parents, and in case of problems with the return of the debt - to agree on a reasonable delay.

8 output. Sell ​​a car or real estate

Another way to handle the situation is when need money - To sell a car or move to a more modest apartment. If you have a good foreign car, you can temporarily part with it and buy a cheap car. You live in a two-room apartment - exchange it for more modest housing with surcharge.

Often people, not wanting to part with the property, ignore such methods. But in any case, it is better than to collect loans at huge interest rates and be in debt. And do not be upset. Almost everyone has material difficulties, but over time you will surely be able to earn and recover all the benefits.

8 easy money dj q

To sell the property at a bargain price, do not be lazy to make high-quality photos. After that, it will remain to make an announcement indicating all the advantages of the car or housing, and place it on the most popular sites.

12 surest ways to get money without a refund

If you do not want to part with a flat or a car, and loans to MFIs and acquaintances are not your topic, there are still chances to find the necessary amount. I can offer whole 12 ways to get money without having to give it away.

1 method. Use the services of a pawnshop

Lombard is a good way out for those who have valuable things. When there is nothing to buy food or pay for the phone, parting with a golden ringlet is quite a reasonable option. In addition, an item dear to the heart can always be redeemed under loyal conditions.

9 easy money dj q

In Lombard organizations without any extra questions they will help out with money, it is enough to meet the following requirements:

  1. Reach the age of 18 years.
  2. Provide a Russian passport.
  3. Have available a jewel with a minimum number of defects.
  4. To determine the term of the loan. It usually ranges from 2 to 30 days, but can be extended.

In addition to pawnshops, precious metals accept purchases (usually prices here are even higher). Also a beautiful earring or ring will gladly accept a thrift shop.

2 method. Sell ​​other valuables at a discount

If there are no expensive decorations available, there may be other valuable property in the house. A collection of stamps or coins, paintings, household appliances - for all this you can help out quite good funds. But when need money urgently have to make a discount.

11 easy money dj q

Places for the sale of such property - Avito and other popular message boards. Here you can find absolutely any product, from expensive cars to little things, which some people consider trash.

But for each product sooner or later there is a merchant. The main thing is to set the right price. If you have problems with this, it is enough to select the appropriate section and see the prices of competitors. It now remains to add a photo, a colorful description of the thing and wait for calls. To speed up the process, you can pay a little extra, and your ad will fall into the VIP-category.

3 method. Use grace period credit cards

The grace period, which is also called the grace period, is almost always provided to credit card holders. Its essence lies in the fact that for a certain time (it can be 30, 60, 100 days) the client has the right to use the bank's money without interest. It is allowed to spend money on anything, the main thing is to have time to return it in due time.

12 easy money dj q

Thus, if you have problems with money, you can get a card at any bank, for example, for 15 rubles. When the repayment time approaches, we issue another credit card in another bank and pay off this debt. Sometimes this is how you can gain time and get out in a period of lack of money.

Of course, this method is only good if financial receipts are expected. A credit card is the most expensive banking product, and you need to use it carefully. When a client fails to cope with the repayment, not only interest, but also penalties begin to accrue. As a result, the case may end up communicating with collectors and deteriorating credit history.

In Russia, many banks issue cards with a grace period, for example:

  • PAO Sberbank.
  • Tinkoff Bank.
  • Alfa Bank.
  • Bank Renaissance Credit.

Between credit organizations there is a lot of competition. Before ordering a credit card, it makes sense to compare the conditions and get acquainted with the rules for using the card.

4 method. Help rich people: myth or reality

In the network there are many sites that publish requests for material assistance. Users ask money for the treatment of loved ones, clothes for children, the restoration of the house after a fire or, for example, for the realization of some kind of dream. In many cases, such announcements find a response: there are a lot of responsive people in Russia.

13 easy money dj q

I offer you several sites where you can ask for help from rich or just caring compatriots:

  2. Ya-

To qualify for funds, you must register on the site and provide information about yourself. It is also important to win over people: to do this, describe your situation in detail, publish photos. Required and details for which money will be received.

In most cases, you must specify the purpose for which the profile is created. This may be a search for a sponsor, a desire to help others or to tell about your dream:

After selecting the appropriate category, you can post an ad.

5 method. Letting your own living space and temporary moving to friends

If you have friends who are ready to provide temporary shelter, this method will help you quickly improve your financial situation. It looks like this:

  • Place an ad on Avito or a similar resource.
  • Specify the period for which housing is rented (it is better if it will be daily rent).
  • Accept payment from the tenant.
  • You settle at this time with friends or acquaintances. When housing is rented for a long time, you will have to lay an extra couple of weeks so that the tenant can find another apartment.

If your material problems are not so great, you can have time to put your affairs in order and get on your feet.

There are some important points here too. Renting an apartment for a day is much more profitable, but every time you have to put it in order before the arrival of new tenants. In addition, in order not to spoil relations with friends, try to stay with each of them for a week or two, not more. Of course, this issue will have to be discussed in advance.

If you live in a megalopolis or a small city that is visited by tourists, can help you. Thousands of people rent and rent apartments here. Among them there are foreigners, which means you can earn much more.

15 easy money dj q

If your friends refuse, look for other options. You can go to your parents, visit your grandmother in the village, visit your brother, whom you haven’t seen for a long time - so you can talk to your relatives and at the same time get an increase to the budget.

6 method. Look for a permanent “shabka” or just a one-time job.

The most logical way out when urgent need to take money - it is their earn. There is no person who can do nothing. Even if you are not strong in building or repairing, you will probably be able to move furniture or walk animals. Even if you only have the weekend in stock, this time can be spent with benefit and get a good amount.

The main advantage of this work is that you pay for it immediately. A popular resource for its search is For clarity, look at what you can try your hand:

17 easy money dj q

1 capability. Job promoter

Behind this beautiful name lies a simple task - the distribution of flyers and flyers. Usually young people are engaged in this, but nothing also prevents an adult from working in a difficult situation. There are a lot of similar vacancies on the Internet, you can find them on Avito and websites dedicated to finding work.

The average salary for such work is 1 rubles per day. The plus is that it is quite simple and the salary is paid immediately. The main disadvantage is boring and monotonous activity. In addition, you have to distribute ads in any weather, and it is not easy to spend the whole day on your feet. But it will not be possible to throw all the leaflets into the trash and receive an undeserved fee: the whole process is strictly controlled.

2 capability. Cleaning

If you agree to help in cleaning the house or office, try to find employers through the Internet. True, there are few such announcements. Yes, and this "shabashka" will suit more women than men.

If Avito does not find suitable offers, various freelancing services will probably help. One of the most famous is

3 capability. Furniture assembly

But this proposal is sure to interest men. This service is in demand when people move to another apartment and they need to assemble furniture. This opportunity to earn should take advantage. Of course, a potential collector needs experience and skills, but you can try yourself as an auxiliary worker.

I can give one more hint. In many furniture stores assembly schedules are painted tightly. As a result, they have to refuse to customers who want to bring and assemble furniture on the day of purchase. If you make homemade business cards and distribute them in several outlets, you will probably receive calls from sellers. To increase the chance of success, promise a certain percentage of orders.

Unlike working as a promoter or, for example, a cleaning manager, this type of activity will bring you a lot of benefits. Furniture assembly skills will not only help in everyday life, but will always help out if you need to earn some extra money. But such a shabashka is considered to be rather complicated, so you have to work hard.

4 capability. Child and elderly care

Both men and women can apply for such vacancies. Although, of course, women are more likely to trust this job. Very well, if you have experience or medical education. Care services, especially for older people, are paid well, besides similar offers can always be found.

18 easy money dj q

Those who love children and don't mind working as a nanny should use the following sites for searching:


Another popular area of ​​earnings is animal care. People who temporarily leave and look for a person with a kind heart to care for their pets will take advantage of your services. Find offers owners can be on sites such as

19 easy money dj q

5 capability. Resale of things

Previously, this occupation was called the formidable term “speculation” and was punished according to the law. But now, many do not consider it shameful to buy a cheap item and sell it at a higher price. Work on this scheme can be through any popular message boards.

What to buy and sell is up to you. It can be books, antiques, children's and adult clothing, household appliances. If you do not regret the time to study the demand, you can not earn several thousand rubles for each transaction.

7 method. Money back from people you lend

Of course, from the moral and ethical point of view this is not the best way to get money. But if you are in a hopeless situation, he will do. Everything is simple: try to remember which of your friends you lent money to, and then forgot. Now you have to remind yourself and strain these people. It is even better if debt receipts are preserved.

8 method. Income Tax Return

Even the state can be your temporary sponsor. So, in many cases, Russians are entitled to a tax deduction. This means the possibility of the return of the money spent on:

  • Purchase of real estate or car.
  • Medical service.
  • Charity.
  • Education (for example, university studies).

Even if before you did not use your right to return the funds (for example, due to the insignificance of the amount), now is the time. To view the full list of tax deductions, go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service. The necessary information is contained in the section "How to get a tax deduction."

9 method. Delivery of waste paper, scrap metal and glass containers

This method is considered to be rather strange for adults, but there is nothing shameful about it. This is especially true of expensive metals that can bring a good income. At the same time you will do another useful thing - free the yard or garage from unnecessary trash.

20 easy money dj q

The list of things that can be passed for money is quite wide. In the reception points take household and portable equipment, clothing, paper, batteries, plastic products. A complete list of collection points is on the site and other specialized resources.

10 method. Take advantage of one of the types of state aid

In some cases, state aid can and should be counted on. Here are some sources of income worth considering.

Labor exchange

If earlier the maximum amount of unemployment benefits was 4 rubles, then from January 900, 1 it increased to 2019 rubles. Agree, this is a good addition to the budget. Even people who have not worked a day can claim 8 rubles. instead of 000 rubles.

But along with the money the unemployed person acquires some obligations. While you are registered, the exchange will offer job openings. Constantly abandoning them will not work: benefits can be deprived. However, after one year it is allowed to register again.


Get rich with government subsidies is unlikely to succeed, but it will reduce costs. Subsidies are issued for a variety of purposes, from raising a child to developing a small business. There are other special programs: preferential mortgages, reimbursement for utility bills. To find out what you can count on, contact your local administration.

Payment for the development of the business

Many would like to go into business, but people are stopped by the lack of start-up capital. To remedy the situation, you can apply for a lump sum payment. In 2019, its size is RUB 59. Money is given free of charge, but several conditions must be met:

  1. Register as an individual entrepreneur.
  2. Register with the employment service.
  3. Prepare an interesting business idea and make a clear business plan.
  4. The funds received can not be spent on personal needs.

For people with a commercial streak, this is quite a promising option. But you need to apply for money at the beginning of the year: the number of subsidies for each region is limited. There is a significant disadvantage. If during the year the business burns, the entrepreneur will have to return all the money.

11 method. Donation

The main advantage of this method is its availability. Anyone who does not have any special health problems can become a donor. Blood and plasma are dealt with in special centers, and there are always queues there.  

The amount of income for one blood collection is 700 rubles. Additionally, give tea with a bun or juice. In addition, over time, you can become an Honorary donor with the appropriate privileges.

21 easy money dj q

If it seems that the income is too small, there is another option - the delivery of seminal fluid or donation of eggs. True, serious demands are made on candidates. Women will have a detailed examination of the body, men - spermogram, blood tests and psychological tests.

Men have the right to donate biomaterial about 5 times a month; for this in the centers they pay from 10 to 000 rubles. The remuneration for women ranges from $ 15 to $ 000.

Surrogate mothers and organ donors receive much more. But there are not so many people who agree on such complex types of donation.

12 method. Participation in various shows

If you love shows and have dreamed of acting all your life, you can try taking part in the crowd. Films directors and talk show organizers conduct the corresponding sets. The amount of the fee for one shooting is on average from 500 to 1 rubles.

22 easy money dj q

Proposals to participate in the shooting should look at the following sites:


Of course, there are shows that pay more serious money. For example, in some episodes of the Let the Speak show, participants are paid up to several million rubles.

Despite a certain appeal, this method is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone decides to participate in television programs, especially scandalous shows.

13 method. Marriage of convenience

To many girls, this option seems acceptable, and some just dream about it. If appearance is all right and there is a desire to find a rich husband or sponsor, it is worth a try. For women who want to meet wealthy men, there are specialized sites.

Men in this regard is more difficult: it is enough to recall the wonderful movie "The Marriage of Balzaminov." But, as they say, who is looking for - he will find, and the final of the same film confirms this.

How to borrow and give money wisely: useful tips

Before borrowing money, you should heed the following tips:

  1. Try to find options without interest or with a minimum percentage. To do this, you can use one of the services listed above.
  2. Do not lend to people you do not know well. For example, you should not rush to help out a colleague who just got a job: you need to know a little about a person.
  3. Do not lend your friends the last money. In order not to get into a critical situation yourself, it is better to refuse.
  4. Return debts on time. In order not to pay fines to banks and not to spoil relations with friends, make every effort. To give money in time.
  5. Plan a budget. Learning to make financial plans is not difficult, but such self-discipline will serve you well.

23 easy money dj q

And, of course, no need to borrow if you have the opportunity to earn one of the above methods.

How to pay the loan correctly

Despite all the advice, it is not always possible to do without loans and bank loans. When you have to apply for a loan, it is better to choose the maximum loan term. The size of the monthly payment will be feasible, and when the opportunity arises, you can always repay the loan ahead of schedule.

Unwanted ways to make money

In order not to fall into financial bondage, it is worth ignoring easy options for profit. These questionable ways to earn money include playing in a casino. If someone can increase the capital on the slot machines, then it is the owners of such institutions.

Another bad option is bitcoin mining. Of course, there are people who have managed to get rich in this way. But now such an activity will bring nothing but a burned-down video card.

Of course, friends, life sometimes tests our strength. But you should not spend it on experiences because of the lack of funds. If you need to take money, a way out of the situation will certainly be found.

I can not say exactly which way is right for you. A person who wants to become famous may like to speak in talk shows. Some do not see anything wrong in asking for money on the Internet. People who are shy of all this, but know how to sew, knit, make repairs, always earn the necessary amount. Try one or more of these methods, and you will certainly improve your financial situation.

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