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The financial market is a global structure, so it operates around the clock. This is due to differences in time zones. However, all the world's leading exchanges are closed on weekends, as their operation requires the participation of a large number of employees who leave for the weekend. However, there are a large number of private traders in the world who prefer to trade during the official non-working hours - at night or on weekends.


In this article we will consider this issue from different points. We will review the existing workarounds to effectively make money at any time you choose. They are, first of all, currency pairs during the active trading sessions of world exchanges, and secondly, cryptocurrencies and OTC assets. We want to emphasize that compared to other companies, Binomo stands out in that it allows its users to trade around the clock.

Schedule of trading sessions

There is a conditional division of all world governments into 4 economic zones - American, European, Pacific, and Asian. Each of them has its own financial centers, where the leading exchanges for trading currencies, stocks, commodities, and other assets are concentrated. For example, in the USA it is New York (NYSE) and Chicago (CME). Having trading sessions makes it possible to trade different currency pairs around the clock. Therefore, traders are always offered assets on the various trading platforms available.

The active time of one trading session leads to maximum activity in a certain sector of the market. For example, while the European stock exchange is operating, there is high volatility of currency pairs that include the euro, Swiss franc, and British pound. During the Asian stage, it is the Japanese yen, and in the Pacific, it's the New Zealand and Australian dollars.

Due to differences in time zones, all 4 economic zones operate at different times, periodically overlapping each other. For example, there are 4 hours in the day when activity on the London Stock Exchange is superimposed on the American session. This time is the best for trading European currencies paired with the US dollar.


Session schedules in GMT are shown in the illustration above. But for a particular country, adjustments should be made according to the time zone there. Select a convenient trading period. As the picture clearly shows, there are no gaps in the days when the global financial market is idle. One session is closed after another exchange is opened in an opposite part of the globe.

Cryptocurrency assets

Stock and currency exchanges require direct human participation, but the situation is different with cryptocurrency markets. They operate in an automated mode around the clock. Therefore, trading in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others, can be conducted 24/7.

Binomo Platform offers traders a unique asset for day and night trading - a cryptocurrency index. CRYPTO IDX quotes are calculated using the BTC, ETH, LTC and ZCH averaging rate formula. In addition to around the clock availability, the advantage of this asset is high volatility, which makes it an ideal tool for trading on second charts. He is also in the TOP-5 most profitable Binomo tools.

OTC assets

The demand for full-fledged trading on weekends is so high that the leading traders of the world united to create an independent platform for international trading that would bypass the largest exchanges. Such platforms are called OTC (Over The Counter). Trading is carried out on the usual forex currency pairs, including the euro, pound, yen, etc. However, the price of assets is determined entirely on the basis of the market laws of supply and demand. It is determined by the actions of large currency speculators.


Binomo offers users on Saturday and Sunday high-yield currency pairs OTC. The average percentage of profit on them is 80 – 89%. These assets are amenable to effective forecasting according to universal methods of technical analysis.


Modern online traders do not have to conform to the generally accepted schedule of working hours. A freer schedule is one of the key advantages of working remotely. For most novice traders, trading on the exchange is something of a hobby or an additional source of income. Therefore, they devote time to this occupation after their main job or studies, i.e. in the evenings and on weekends. Modern platforms fully satisfy this request.

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