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With the advent of the robot Abi, making money on forex has become available to everyone, because this robot is completely free. Working as a trader requires constant perseverance, patience, knowledge, constant monitoring of news, events and the latest trends in the world of finance. And this sometimes takes 10-12 hours a day. Do not believe those tempting slogans where they advertise the work of a trader for 1-2 hours a day with an earnings of $ 10000. This is all not true!

Previously, the stock speculators simply had no choice. For days and nights they were sitting at the monitors, tracking the quotes and the movement of assets, open orders, and choosing the most appropriate moment to close the deal. It's all hard and dreary.

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But with the growth of modern Internet technologies, trading has moved to a new level. Now you can automate the process of earning, creating special computer automatic programsthat are able to perform as part of the work, or to take on the entire process, including concluding deals and placing stop loss and take profit orders.

If earlier for successful trading in-depth knowledge was required technical и fundamental analysis, now this duty fell on the shoulders of computer programs. There are so many paid programs. But today we will talk about free robots for Forex trading.

Automation of trading on Forex and CFD

Automation touched almost all spheres of life. This is done in order to simplify your life, to free up more time for yourself and your loved ones. Monotonous work can be programmed and transferred to computer programs. And the kind of trading is.

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With the advent of robots, people realized that it is they who exclude the human factor and psychology, which in many ways is the main cause of mistakes in newcomers. Remember yourself at first. We are desperately trying to win back the losses, completely forgetting about money management and our trading strategy. Euphoria, greed, fear - all are the main enemies of the trader.

Robots do not know such emotions. They work only according to their algorithm, strictly observing all its aspects.

The complexity of the trader’s profession is that every day he has to make many complex calculations, follow several live charts at the same time and be able to make the right decision in a split second. And this leads to stress, fatigue, diseases and problems in the family due to lack of attention. After all, if you get distracted at least for a second - you can miss the profitable deal.

I myself began with independent trading, as this is the only way to practice trading in practice. Now sometimes I continue to trade, but increasingly I shift this work to free robots for Forex trading.

There are a great many, but profitable - only a few. I recommend to pay attention to the programs of Abi and Autocrypto-Bot. I tested them on personal experience and was pleased with the result.

Emotions in trading

Why do I focus a lot on the emotional and psychological factor? The fact is that this is almost half your success! Experienced pros will agree with me. Even with a profitable strategy, but not observing discipline and lack of composure will lead to a complete drain of the deposit.

No one is immune from situations where emotions take over. And this applies to all areas of life. In trading, the work is done with big money. This high-risk profession, where at any moment a person can lose everything. And now just imagine what fear a newbie is experiencing. In such a situation, all the rules of money management are completely forgotten.

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Using programs such as Abi and Autocrypto-Bot, you can forget about all the above problems forever. Even before the start of work, you put all the parameters for making a deal as part of your trading strategy on a sober and bright head. The robot will act exclusively on them. Therefore, you have completely eliminated the risk of losing money due to human and emotional factors!

Free trading robots and their advantages

A couple of decades have passed since the beginning of the automation of the trading process in the financial markets. Just imagine how much was created during this time. trading advisors! There are tens of thousands, if not more. And modern traders have another problem - in choosing the right and profitable.

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Having tried hundreds of such programs during my long career, I learned how to determine quality from unprofitable. Both Abi and Autocrypto-bot are in the first category.

With the growing popularity of this type of trading, there are many scammers who give out low-quality goods for profitable programs. You can not believe anyone, unless your close friend himself is a professional programmer and developer. Therefore, each adviser is required to be tested and checked for suitability.

Moreover, 90% of all modern advisers are created for the terminal Metatrader 4 or 5. Accordingly, in order to use them, it is necessary not only to install this platform, but also to be able to use it. And this is not so easy. I do not dissuade you from her at all. For MT4 there really are very good programs for automated trading. But for beginners, this is often the problem.

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Abi and Autokriptobot do not require any additional installation, since all the work comes from your browser window. This opens up access to mobile trading. You can also monitor the work of the robot from a smartphone or tablet. Accordingly, you are no longer tied to your workplace and laptop.

Regardless of the type of trading advisor, the principle of its work is to analyze the market on the basis of an algorithm embedded in it. This is a program code, which takes into account all the moments in the event of which a signal appears to open a transaction.

A robot will never deviate from its strategy, as a person can do under the influence of emotions. This is one of its main advantages.

Algorithms are different. There are exactly as many of them as there are various combinations of indicators and trading strategies. You can customize it individually for yourself.

But to do this will require deep programming skills. It is unlikely that novices have any. And if you turn to other specialists, it can cost a large sum. And at the same time there are no guarantees that he will do his job with high quality and will not be a fraud.

Disadvantages of trading advisors

The benefits of automated trading using robots are vast. But there are also disadvantages, due to which many pros make a choice in favor of independent manual trading.

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The work of the robot depends on your laptop. If it is technically faulty, then this can lead to slippage, freezes and, as a result, the conclusion of unsuccessful transactions.

In a virus attack, the computer will not obey the user. And if you do not have time to turn off the robot, then it “natorguet” you a full drain of the deposit. Despite the universality of such programs, they must always be monitored and controlled.

In this regard, Abi's robot significantly wins against the backdrop of classic counterparts. Here you can pre-set the levels at which the transaction will be closed, both in terms of losses and profits.

From the power of the computer and the speed of the Internet, too much will depend. Remember that for round-the-clock work you need not to turn off the computer around the clock. This greatly wears the system, which can lead to its breakdown.

On forums, there are often situations when the battery just sat down at the laptop. And this can happen to anyone. As a result, the transaction closed in the red, since at that very moment an unpredictable price jump could occur due to a news or report.

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Experienced pros advise you to connect to the VPS hosting to avoid such situations. Although it is paid, it pays off its expenses due to future potential unprofitable transactions that may arise due to the above reasons. With the connection of such a remote server, you can safely turn off the computer, and your robot will continue to work.

Free forex trading robots must be constantly monitored. They can not just turn on and forget about him for a week in the hope that he always trades profitably. So after all, the developer said.

From my own experience I can say that the adviser who showed profitable results a year ago is not a fact that he will trade in a plus now. The market is constantly changing and improving. And such programs also require constant refinement. Again, the plus side to the robots Abi and Autocrypto-bot is that they are easy to configure. Even a beginner can handle it. You do not need knowledge of the programming language, which is required in the classic advisors of MT4.

But even Abi should not be left to work without supervision. View the Economic Calendar and turn off the program half an hour before and after the publication of important news, marked with three bull heads (the highest degree of importance).

Classification of trading robots

As mentioned earlier, there are a huge number of such programs. For convenience, they were divided into subgroups so that traders could decide for themselves exactly what suits them depending on the trading style and expectations.

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There are both paid and free trading advisors. Some are created for MT4, while others are independent and are presented in the web version. But still the main classification is by type Trading Strategies.

  • According to the trend - Experienced pros use them first. They easily determine the main trend in the market, within which you can safely open medium-term and long-term transactions. Considered one of the most reliable.
  • Japanese Candles - if the first type of adviser only prompts the trend, then these will determine the pivot points and market entry points. Candle patterns are considered one of the most accurate ways to determine turning points on the market. The same indicators sin late, so the pros prefer this way.
  • Flat - it is believed that the price is in trend only 20-30% of its time. She spends the rest of the time in horizontal uncertainty. But here you can successfully trade from key levels that are easily determined with the help of such trading advisors.
  • On breakdown - such trading advisors are based on the observation of the volumes and the balance of forces of market participants. And as soon as one of them (the sellers or buyers) gains preponderance, the price changes its direction (down or up, respectively). Such a strategy clearly defines the moment of completion of the flat and the emergence of a new strong trend, with which you can earn big money in Forex based on the number of points passed.
  • Intraday - This is another name for a short-term strategy, in which the robot picks up the slightest fluctuations and makes deals, earning a small number of points.
  • Scalping - deals are made on very small fluctuations, which sometimes reach only a few points.

There are universal, which can combine at least all of the above tactics. But it is better not to get involved in such, as their quality often suffers. Pros combine several advisors with different tactics.


In conclusion, I want to say that Abi programs и Auto script can be configured to any of the strategies due to flexible settings. It presents the main and effective indicators, combining which this result is achieved. At the moment, this is one of the best free forex trading robots! Well, with more detailed reviews you can find on the website in the relevant sections.

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