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Greetings to you, dear readers! Today I decided to choose for you a list of the best and profitable programs that make money automatically. You can find a huge number of them in the network, you just need to drive into a search engine. But not all of them give the desired result.

Such programs can be used as a primary or secondary income. But as for the first case, you need to try very hard, to have a powerful computer that can withstand the simultaneous operation of a large number of extensions for browsers and programs.

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In the framework of official statistics, you can easily earn from 200 rubles per day as part of passive income. All you need is a laptop, high-speed Internet access and a few minutes to install applications.

Automatic programs are ideal for beginners, since there is no need for any knowledge and skills. And most importantly - they do not require investments! The user does not need to spend time just to click on the file and install it on your computer. The only thing that is required of you is not to turn off the computer while the programs work and to earn passive income for you. Even when you sleep!

The best programs that make money online

Well, now let's go to the list of applications that are guaranteed to work and generate income. They have been tested and tested by me personally.

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Mail Services

This has long been a proven method of obtaining passive income. Previously, I myself started with similar programs. But it was necessary to independently click on the links, which took much more time to work.

Autoclicker is a kind of browser. It does not require requesting passwords, which avoids detection by them as an automatic program, and therefore will not be banned by search services.

DonkeyClicker 3.0 is more focused on the overseas market, it cooperates with the ten largest foreign postal workers who pay for work much higher than domestic ones.

Why are mailers relevant to this day? The need for them has not really diminished over the past long years. The network is a huge variety of sites that offer their products and services. But to promote them requires a high attendance site. Therefore, their owners are willing to pay money to ensure that users in the network follow the link.

Earnings will be extremely small with each click, but if you include several similar programs at the same time, you can earn enough decent money. But remember that not every computer will pull a similar power.

Another well-known domestic postal service is Wmmall. He offers to make money on clicks. There is always a lot of work here; every day the number of working users is about 30 to thousands.

Programs for automatic earnings on trading

Almost all autoclickers and mail services, programs for auto-surfing will not give you the desired result in a large salary. This will only trade. But to become a professional trader and earn huge money, you need knowledge and training, which is not easy for everyone. It may take several years before you can get your first profit. And that is not a fact.

Recently, programs began to gain popularity, earning money automatically in the field of Forex trading and CFD. Some of the best are Abi robot и Autocrupto-bot.

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They not only independently analyze the market, but also conclude transactions for you. Special attention should be paid to the settings. The final result will depend on them. The program will never act in the context of the parameters that you specified. Therefore, her work is completely controlled by you personally.

Auto posters

Another type of program that allows you to receive passive income in the network, regardless of experience and skills in the work.

The most profitable and effective programs are Cyberboard and XRumer. They cover almost all bulletin boards where placement is required. The second cooperates more with the largest social networks, blogs, and so on.

Earnings on such services are as follows. Immediately after setting up the application, automatic distribution to thousands of different resources occurs. If your earnings consist of file hosting services, then XRumer is simply necessary to ensure a high influx of visitors and referrals.

Agree, it will take a lot of time before you visit each site and place information about yourself on them. With the help of auto-posters, the whole process will take place automatically, regardless of your personal presence.

I recommend to pay attention to the XRumer to those freelancers who already have experience, but are in search of additional orders and work.

Automatic mining

With the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency market, people began to pay more and more attention to mining. This is the process of obtaining digital coins, which are given as payment for performing complex mathematical calculations and tasks on a computer.

Not everyone will be able to afford to engage in mining professionally, as it requires high computer capacity. But there were special programs that earn money on automatic mining. One of them is Wmzona.

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Recently, rental of equipment for mining has become increasingly popular, since not everyone will be able to buy it because of its high cost. But paying for the rent, the user gets all the profit from mining. Needless to say, the earnings here are unlimited.

In addition to mining on cryptocurrencies, you can earn money using the Autocrypto Bot program. It was created specifically for trading in cryptocurrency markets. Here it is not necessary to know the basics of technical and market analysis. All this is incorporated in the program's algorithm. The computer will calculate everything for you and give you a signal to make a deal to raise or lower the asset. Well, if you configure the mode of auto trading, the program itself will take profits.

A great alternative for those who do not want to expose their computer to the risk of breakage due to wear and tear as a result of expensive and complex mining. The Autocrypto Bot program makes all the money coming from the web terminal window, so the power consumption here is minimal.

Bonus applications

Almost all companies and online services periodically hold bonus promotions. But it’s almost impossible to track them manually. Therefore, special applications such as SuperBonus, QuickWM and Webbonus 2.0 were created.

They are committed to collecting various bonus offers all over the Internet. The first application allows you to display the profit through WebMoney or Yandex money. Webbonus 2.0 cooperates only with foreign services. In addition, he has an excellent referral program, which will allow you to receive generous rewards from each attracted user.

Collect bonuses without such automated services for a very long time. We have to fill in captcha, data and questionnaires. Therefore, similar programs were created. The resulting bonus from each service will be a penny. But by setting up their automatic receipt, you can make impressive payments.

Automatic surfing sites

There is such a famous surfing teaser, in which you just need to install a special plugin for your browser. Down in a small window will appear advertisements. And the more you view them, the higher the payment will be.

The essence of such earnings is that advertisers are willing to pay money for viewing ads and special ads. On the network you can find many portals where these ads are placed. But manually clicking and viewing them will take a very long time.

Do not rely on large earnings with the help of such services. I advise you to better register on the website of Abi and Autokriptbot, make the minimum deposit amount (which is not so big), and then turn on the basic settings. Earnings in 50-100 dollars per month you provided. Such a result on automatic clickers will be extremely difficult to achieve.

Completing tasks

In addition to visiting and viewing ads, advertisers often offer to perform certain short tasks for which you will be paid. With the help of AltMix it is not necessary to execute them independently, the program will do it for the user.

Userator also allows you to earn good money on the implementation of simple tasks from employers. In Liked, tasks are mainly based on likes, reposts and comments in various social networks.

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At first glance it might seem, why employers and advertisers pay money for such work? The fact is that due to such actions, the owner of the same site is easier to promote and promote it. All funds can be easily withdrawn to your e-wallet.

This way of earning is in particular demand compared to the others.

Creating your site and its promotion

In conclusion, I will tell you about one method of obtaining passive income, and a very large one. But this will take time and investments in promotion. Creating your website is not so difficult now. There are many free engines on the example of WordPressa. Then take time to fill it. You can either write the material yourself or order copywriters from text exchanges.

After the site is more or less filled with useful material that users want to read, you can begin to monetize it. Earnings with this method comes from advertising, which you install on your website in the form of special banners.

But for decent earnings, you need a high attendance of at least 300 people per day. And this is extremely difficult to achieve at first. In addition, the competition is much greater, and it will be difficult to promote your website to the first lines of Yandex or another search engine.

It is much easier to register on the site of the robot Abi and receive passive income without any skills. In addition, the amount of monthly payments can be much more than from the same site. But the torment will be less.

How much can you earn from programs for automatic earnings

 At first, do not count on large earnings on autoclickers or other similar programs. But it is with such earnings and begins the profession of freelancer. It was with him that many pros started who now earn more than 50 thousand rubles of passive income per month.

As for views, earnings can reach approximately 1000 2-3 dollar views. There are also such high-paying services where you can earn 5 dollars for the same.

Doing only one type of task is pointless. Experienced pros recommend installing several dozen programs. Then the earnings per day can reach 500-1000 rubles, which is equivalent to the standard office payment.


There are many ways to make money on the Internet. But the most profitable is trading in financial markets. Independently learn market analysis is extremely difficult. Therefore, I recommend to pay attention to the programs of Abi and Autocryptbot, which do all the work for the trader. They exist on the market for several years and received many positive reviews.

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