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The topic of this review will be programs for making money on the Internet in automatic mode. Their essence is simple: turn it on, set it up as needed and wait for the desired amount of money to accumulate profit. Most of them are ideal for a small additional income. But there are those who can provide a permanent and main income.

Thanks to the development of the Internet and modern technologies, it was not at all difficult to earn 100-200 rubles per day. This, though not cover your basic living expenses, but on the same passage, a mobile phone or the Internet will suffice. In addition, you do not have to do anything. Enough to have a laptop and internet access!

programma dlja zarabotka deneg 1

For beginners, I would recommend just such programs for making money. Their main feature is that you do not need to spend time, money and efforts to earn money. Install a simple plugin and it will do everything for you!

Most of these programs are based on the automatic surfing of sites for cheating attendance, viewing ads, videos or clicking on the advertising links. You can do all this manually, but it takes a very long time for too little payment. Agree, you can automate this and get additional income without effort and time spent.

This special software will in the background go on paid links and perform simple tasks of the same type. Install an additional extension in your browser, and after some time, add additional profits.

Simple tips for beginners

The best programs for making money are Abi и Autocrypto-bot.

Everyone wants to work remotely from home, and at the same time, doing nothing, get paid in 50-100 thousand rubles. To receive passive income and go travel the world - the dream of every person.

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But sitting on the sofa and at the same time, without putting any effort, you can not earn 100 000 rubles per month. This does not happen, although online advertising actively imposes such stereotypes on naive beginners.

I learned from my own experience that by running the same program with automatic clicks, it is impossible to earn more than 1000 rubles per month.

Based on this, I decided to highlight four tips for newcomers who will help get rid of false stereotypes and high expectations.

  1. Do not rely on millions. On the network you can really make huge money, but certainly not on clicks and programs for viewing ads and videos. This is too easy work. And no employer will pay you big money for it.
  2. Do not use new laptops and computers. Each house has an old laptop, which lies idle because of its poor performance. Their power is not enough to perform complex tasks, but for autoclics fit perfectly. In addition, this kind of work can trash your new PC, pick up malicious programs that can damage software, and so on.
  3. Create multiple accounts and download many programs.. To maximize your profits, use multiple programs at the same time. If you can earn 200 rubles a month in one, then already five 1000. If the site does not allow you to open more than one account, then use a VPN connection that allows you to change the IP address.
  4. Avoid scammers. Cheaters divorced many. You will do the work, and you will not receive payment later. If you are required to make a down payment, then this is the first sign of fraud. Also avoid such loud banners that are promised to you by 1000 rubles per day thanks to some kind of "secret" autoclicker program.

Programs for automatic money making on the Internet

Most of these programs are designed to perform simple routine work: clicks, viewing letters, clicking on links, watching videos, etc.

Similar tasks offer almost all such exchanges for automatic earnings in the network. But before turning to the list of the best of them, I would like to elaborate on the robot for automated trading. Abi и Autocrypto Bot.

programma dlja zarabotka deneg 3

I have been learning Forex and CFD trading for a long time myself and make good money on it. At the same time, I keep a blog to share my knowledge and successes with other novice traders. At first it is hard, and you will not see the first profit for half a year.

Trading the financial markets is one of the most profitable professions on the web. But not everyone has the time to learn complex market analysis. For this reason, robots and advisors have begun to actively develop, which take on the responsibility of analyzing and generating signals for opening deals.

Abi and Autocrypto-Bot

Having tried many analogs, I learned from my personal experience that one of the best programs for making money is the robots of Abi and Autocrypto-Bot.

Abi appeared on the market as early as three years ago. During this time, he has established himself as a great opportunity to receive passive income. It is completely free, there is a demo account, extensive settings. You can trade in two modes:

  • fully automatic;
  • online signals.

The first allows you to turn on the program and forget about it, leaving the computer turned on while the robot independently analyzes the market and makes deals based on the parameters you specified in the settings. He will not leave AWOL, so do not worry that the program will drain your deposit.

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Many analogues require making money, paid purchases, registration of paid subscriptions, and so on. Abi is not such a robot! He is 100% free!

To verify this, simply register on the site (the registration is completely free) and try to run Auto Trading mode on demo mode. Making sure that it works, go to a real account and get a steady income, like thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

programma dlja zarabotka deneg 5

In 2017, an analogue of the robot Abi - Autocrypto Bot appeared. It was created specifically for trading in the cryptocurrency market, taking into account all its features and nuances. The developers decided to catch the wave of cryptocurrency growth and created a unique program that will help beginners to receive passive income from trading on Forex and CFD.

The program for making money is also completely free, has no subscriptions and hidden fees. There is a demo account, many brokers-partners, through which the account is synchronized and the subsequent Auto Trading.

It is not necessary to invest large sums, make the minimum allowable payment and make sure that the program really earns. But first you need to adjust it to your individual preferences, specifying the minimum rate, the allowable amount of drawdown and profits, technical indicators and rate systems.


Continuing the topic of cryptocurrency, I want to tell you about programs for automatic mining using home computers and the Internet. With their help, the complex mining process has become available even to those newcomers who know nothing about these digital assets.

Entrepreneurs and investors from around the world have begun to actively invest their money in mining equipment, creating special farms. With their help, you can mine cryptocurrency and get a lot of money for it.

But later it became possible to do this through a standard browser. In addition, equipment and facilities have become very expensive.

programma dlja zarabotka deneg 6

Yes, through the browser power will be minimal, and for this reason do not count on a quick process and a large number of coins. But still, it is possible.


Program for clicks. The average cost here is 0,01-0,03 rubles. There is also a plug-in for automatic linking, which will allow to receive passive income.


It is also a program for making money, but only with the help of cryptocurrency mining. Unlike the previous analogue, it can extract not only Bitcoins, but also Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and others. These assets are protected by sophisticated encryption mechanisms.

A distinctive feature is that their production does not require massively buying video cards and expensive computers with high power. Thanks to the MinerGate program, anyone with a regular laptop can connect to the system and earn cryptocurrency in a passive mode.

In order to start earning with this program, you need to perform four simple steps:

  1. Register on the official website and create an account.
  2. Download a special application through which the main cryptocurrency mining activities will be carried out.
  3. Install this program, the installation is no different from the classic computer software, so even novices will not have any problems.
  4. After logging in to the system, start the mining process and expect to receive a guaranteed profit.

But again, do not rely on millions. Earnings will be very slow due to low capacity, and as a result - small amounts of payments. On the other hand, you can run several similar programs at the same time, which will increase the potential profit.

programma dlja zarabotka deneg 7

Profits are withdrawn daily, but the commission for each withdrawal is 1, -1,5%, depending on the cryptocurrency you choose.

Remember that any process of mining heavily loads the video card on your computer. Do not forget to clean it regularly and provide significant cooling.

If your computer will work around the clock, you will be able to earn 5000-7000 rubles per month.


This service combines at the same time two programs for automatic earnings on the Internet. They are completely independent and do not require client participation. Just click on the “Start” button and watch your balance gradually increase.

The first application is a program for making money by surfing the net, clicks and clicking on links.

The second program is a special extension for the browser, with which you can automatically like and repost on social networks, for which cash payments will be charged.

The income from such activities will not be too high. But it can be significantly increased if you connect to the system at the same time several accounts and profiles in social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, YouTube.


This is a free browser extension that allows you to receive passive income from performing a wide variety of tasks.

How to start making money with Surfearner:

  1. Download and install the extension on your computer.
  2. At certain intervals, banner ads will appear, which will be automatically viewed in this extension.
  3. For viewing them, you will receive money in advance on your account that can be withdrawn when the minimum payment amount set by the service is reached.

When you browse pages on the Internet, you most likely noticed that advertising banners appear periodically. Usually you just close them. Well, by installing this plugin, the banner will be considered as viewed and will disappear on its own. But the balance will be charged money for viewing it, which will be counted.

The program does not work with all browsers, but only with: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex.

Profit withdrawal occurs instantly, is available on popular electronic systems Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Payeer, Perfect Money. And also on the balance of the mobile phone Beeline, Megaphone and MTS.


Another similar program for making money, which requires absolutely no investment, is simple and understandable even for beginners. Its essence lies in the fact that it automatically visits affiliate sites and performs tasks on clicks and views of advertising banners.

For automatic earning you need to do the following:

  1. Register on the official website of the service.
  2. Download and install a special program that is freely available on the service website.
  3. Enable the Auto mode in the program settings and observe how your balance is constantly replenished.

For 1000 completed tasks, the service pays an average of 28 cents. If you work independently, you will not earn much. But if you invite other participants, then within the referral program you can receive 10% from the profit of each of them.

For all such programs, I recommend to get antivirus. Although the developers assure that all those sites that visit such services are protected from viruses and malware, it is better to protect yourself once more.

The minimum amount for withdrawal of profit is from 15 rubles. The output is instant.


Its main feature is that here the payment comes for viewing videos on YouTube. Money is also accrued as part of a cashback service by making purchases in online stores that are project partners.


Another program for earning money, which exists in the market for a long time, only periodically changes its name. One of its distinctive features is that it can be installed both on a laptop and on your smartphone or tablet.

The application pays money for the fact that on the screen of your phone will be broadcast commercials and pop up banners. For each of them will be charged money.

Each task will be paid differently, but in general, each of them will not be less than 0,001 dollar. From the user, absolutely nothing is required, because all activity occurs automatically.

First of all, download the application to your phone, which is available for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. After authorization and launch, commercials will be automatically displayed for a duration of 30-60 seconds. Naturally, the longer the video, the higher will be its payment.

Like other similar services, an extensive affiliate program is implemented here that will allow you to attract referrals and earn much more money than one through your smartphone.

The minimum withdrawal amount ranges from 0,5 dollars to a Webmoney e-wallet, bank cards or mobile phone balance. No commission charges service.


Another interesting program that allows you to earn on mining cryptocurrency. On the official website of the application, you can find special miners that are created for different types of video cards.

Before using the service, you need to understand the system and find out the type of your video card, which is installed on a laptop or computer.

Instructions for automatic earnings:

  1. Register an account on the official website of the program.
  2. Download a free program for your version of the operating system on your computer.
  3. Install the miner and configure it as part of a special instruction that you will find on the website in a special section.

After you start the miner, the cryptocurrency mining will immediately start automatically. The more powerful your PC is, the faster computational operations will be performed and the more Satoshi will fall on your wallet. Do not rely on high earnings with a weak computer.

In this case, it is better to consider other options for passive earnings in automatic mode. For example - robot Abi or Autocrypto Bot.

By the way, if you do not have enough power on your computer, then you can consider the option of cloud mining. You rent real power equipment, which is located in the office. So it will turn out to mine much more money, and the total profit will be many times more than from mining through the browser and special plug-ins.


Service for mining, which does not require registration. Simply enter your Bitcoin wallet and it will be automatically replenished by performing operations. But at the same time the computer must be turned on. If you connect referrals, it will be possible to earn approximately 25% of the income from each involved participant.

How much can you earn

Those people who have been working on the Internet for a long time have already understood one truth for themselves: the fewer people in the distribution, the more profit you get. The same clicks and ad views. The fewer users there are, the more tasks you will get.

programma dlja zarabotka deneg 8

There is another well-known popular service Wmmail, from which all modern Internet earnings gurus started. Even I remember performing assignments there, it was my very first online earnings, after which I was convinced that you can really get money here!

Pay there from 1 cent to 10 dollar per day depending on the number of tasks completed. For 1000 page visits you could earn 2,5 dollars. And only after answers to test questions and after checking that it was you who personally committed the actions, and not the program or the bot.

For watching 1000 videos you could get 5,5 dollars. If, again, to do this through a bot, the process will be much faster. The program for making money will automatically download new videos and close the watched ones.

If you combine all of the above programs and at the same time run at least 10 for the whole day, you can get a good extra income. But here you should also regret a computer that will constantly work without interruptions.


There are many programs that allow you to get a stable income on a passive basis, even if it is insignificant. But the most profitable and the best of them are robots for the automatic trading of Abi and Autocrypto-Bot. Here, even when making a minimum deposit in 250 dollars, you can regularly withdraw an average of 50 dollars in net profit! But first I recommend testing the settings on a demo account.

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