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Greetings to you my dear readers! Today I decided to share with you tips on how to find work not only on the Internet, but also in the offline sphere. Millions of people around the world every day looking for work. Some are looking for a permanent place in the future to realize their personality and build a career. Others need to find a side job while studying or until the person finds a more suitable job.

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As for the second option, one of the main requirements is the ability to receive daily earnings. And in order to at least somehow cover the cost of living in Moscow, it must be at least 2000 rubles per day.

How to find a job in Moscow

 Not so long ago, people could hardly find a less-paid part-time job for themselves, in order to pay for vital needs for themselves and their close people. Job search could take several hard weeks.

Now things are much better and simpler. Only the lazy will not be able to find a job, as vacancies become much more with the development of Internet technologies. And to find daily earnings in Moscow with payment from 2000 rubles, you need only a couple of hours, or even less.

But in order to speed up the search, I recommend looking for a similar job by the following sources:

  1. Media. This is one of the most optimal sources for job search in Moscow. At the moment there is a huge number of sites that offer work with daily pay for men and women with or without work experience. Job offers are replenished every day by employers from a wide variety of fields of activity. In addition to the Internet sites there is a classic press. Free newspapers with numerous job offers are released daily. This method, though gradually replaced by the Internet, is still used by conservative people.
  2. Labor exchanges. In the capital, this way of finding a job is very developed, especially compared to other cities. Many large organizations place their vacancies and offers on such exchanges, as there is more attendance and a higher probability of finding an employee in a short time. To find a job, you just need to come to the office with a passport and fill out a form, indicating your skills and abilities.
  3. ads. This way of finding a job is more suitable for retirees or students. Since it is unlikely that you will find high-paying serious posts among the ads at the bus stop.
  4. Through friends and acquaintances. If your friend works for a company, he clearly knows if new employees are needed there. Well, if he is on friendly terms with his superiors, he will be able to contribute to getting you a good position.

Daily earnings in Moscow with payment from 2000 rubles per day - the best vacancies

After a short introduction, we will proceed to the list of options for working with daily pay. I carefully selected only the best vacancies checked by thousands of people and guaranteed to bring daily income from 2000 rubles.

Daily earnings on the Internet

The first thing I want to mention about Online Earnings. In the modern world, there is a huge variety of options for earning this way. This is one of the most promising options for receiving passive income, which has no restrictions on earnings.

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In my blog, I have already written a lot of tips and options for such earnings. I also want to recommend passive automatic earnings on robots and Forex advisors. This is one of the most highly profitable options. I recommend the robot Abi.


This vacancy with daily payment is especially important for the capital. And not only for men, but for women equally.

Millions of tourists visit Moscow every day. And many of them love Russian cuisine. But foreigners, as a rule, do not stint on tips. Therefore, in such a work in a large restaurant you can earn much more than 2000 rubles per day.

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It is also worth remembering that at night shifts payments are much higher than during the day. This is used by students who are busy studying during the day.

Taxi driver

If you happen to be the owner of your own car, I recommend to get a job in a taxi. In addition, the same Yandex.Taxi or Uber is now in demand. Drivers are always required. Well, the payment is almost completely credited to your account. You pay only a small commission to the service itself.

In Moscow, the average payment per day for taxi drivers can be from 7000 rubles per day!

The guard

 According to the regulations, such employees are paid wages only for the month. But in fact, few of the enterprises follow these rules. Mostly here is the daily payment.

Security guards receive their earnings after each shift in the amount of an average of 2000 rubles per day. And this is only a day shift. Night is paid at a higher rate.


Moscow is constantly evolving, being built, improving and growing. Therefore, the loader vacancy was and will be one of the most sought after. In this city there are many transport agencies that offer cargo transportation, as well as handling or loading services.

Daily payment will be approximately from 1000 rubles, maybe higher. But such a daily wage is more suitable for men, since it requires excellent physical training.


A very popular job in any major cities. It will suit absolutely everyone, even those who do not have their own car or bicycle. Now you can often meet foot couriers in the summer who work in a variety of food deliveries.

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There are many large companies in Moscow that are in dire need of courier services for urgent delivery of important papers for partners. And for such services they are willing to pay 1500-2000 rubles per day.

In general, you can deliver anything. This job is extremely simple, and if you are a mobile person and like to walk, in the summer it will be not only useful, but also pleasant to spend all day in the fresh air. Also earn good money!

Couriers with their own car get paid much more!


Earnings on such a profession will depend directly on your initiative and ability to convince people to buy goods or services.

There is a minimum payment per day, for example from 500 rubles. The rest is already paid as a percentage of the amount of goods sold by you.


If you consider yourself to be an expert and handyman, then such a part-time job may become permanent for you, as well as capable of generating an impressive income. Whether it is the ability to lay pipes, eliminate blockages, pulling the cable and electrical wiring. Every day you may be required to new skills and actions. And their complexity will depend on the daily payment.

But such earnings are only suitable for men.


Such a vacancy is a bit like a courier, but with one significant difference - delivery around the city is carried out only from restaurants, sushi or pizzerias. Many students work on this position and are able to receive even more than 2000 rubles per day.


Dispatchers are required absolutely everywhere - from taxis to car repairs. Basically, the vacancy is relevant for areas of activity that are related to the car: washer, tire changer, mechanic, and so on.

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In Moscow, such a vacancy is on average paid from 2500 rubles per day, or even higher!

H3 Computer Master

Not everyone has the skills to repair computer equipment, especially female housewives. Therefore, if you have a tendency and ability to repair computers, I recommend at least just to place your ad on Avito or in the stairwell.

Well, if you get a job in a specialized large company, then you can get 5000 rubles per day without any problems. And this is only at the initial stage. After all, now computer hardware has become very expensive, and its repair can cost you a decent amount, since the components have increased greatly in price.


Here you can regulate your income yourself, as you decide for yourself how many potential customers will be able to drive around for the current day. Although the work is not very pleasant, and in some cases even dangerous. After all, few people like it when they withdraw debts.

Such work is more suitable for men who have skills in self-defense. Girls can also get dispatchers and ring up customers who have overdue debts. Naturally, the payment will be much lower than if you yourself knocked out debts.

Production Officer

In the capital, there are many companies that specialize in the production of any products. They are constantly in search of new employees, so vacancies are always open here.

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The total income here will directly depend on how many products you have made. Therefore, you can control and plan your final income.

Beauty salon

This is an ideal place for daily earnings in Moscow for girls and women. You can work as a simple administrator even without experience and skills.

Well, if you have the skills and experience of a hairdresser, manicure and pedicure master, you can earn decent money. Especially if you already have a stable customer base of regular visitors.

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One of the main features of such work is payment immediately after the work is done (for example, haircuts). If you get a decent and popular beauty salon, you can have a steady income from 3000 rubles per day.

Window fitter

Even in spite of the fact that there are practically no apartments left, where there are still wooden windows requiring replacement by plastic ones, this profession still remains relevant, since all the same, due to their wear and tear, the window needs to be replaced with new ones.

Due to the constant flow of orders, daily earnings can range from 2500 rubles to knocks.

Tips on how not to be deceived when applying for a job in Moscow

The fact that the demand for all the above vacancies in the capital is huge, unfortunately, also generates a lot of deception on the part of unscrupulous employers.

In a crisis situation in the country, millions of people were in need of additional income. And it became a kind of signal for fraudsters and deceivers, who began to actively invent fraudulent schemes for their own earnings and enrichment in naivety of ordinary citizens.

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In order to attract a potential employee, such companies offer ideal conditions, which in addition to high pay include a full social package, medical insurance, flexible or remote schedules, and sometimes even housing.

But in the end it turns out that you will not be earning, but the company in one of the following ways.

  1. Prepaid tuition. One of the most common schemes of fraud, which implies that when taking a job, it is mandatory to attend training or lectures, as well as the purchase of benefits. You will be promised after his passage huge earnings. Which, unfortunately, you will not see. As soon as the company collects enough such applicants and receives the necessary amount of money, it quickly disappears from the market. Remember, if you are required to make any payment or cash contributions, then immediately run! This is the first sign of fraudsters and cheaters.
  2. Unpaid employee use. In this case, the company can actually conduct any activity, in contrast to the previous version. She may have certain goals that she wants to achieve in a particular area. But the way to achieve them may differ. The company employs a large number of employees, gives them tasks. Inspired newcomers immediately begin to implement. And according to the results of 1-2 months, when payment was supposed to arrive, the company simply disappears, having fulfilled all its goals in terms of work volumes due to deceived employees. There is another option when the company does not disappear, but the payment will be constantly postponed for one reason or another invented reasons.
  3. Imposing firm interests on employees. These include almost all network marketing companies. They explain in detail the scheme of the company, inspire newcomers to large earnings, which will depend on the number of attracted customers (or goods sold).

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In order not to fall for the bait by such companies, I recommend learning the following tricks, which they actively use to attract naive employees:

  • Telephone call. The first thing these employers will ask is whether you are looking for a job or need additional income. Further, they will promise high earnings, which is their distinctive feature. If they managed to convince you, then at the end of the conversation, they will agitate to come to the office and talk to one of the leaders. By the way, having several managers at once is already a dubious sign.
  • Praise of company status. Such deceivers will, in the very first sentence, deify the company for which they are offered to work: "the largest," "world," "well-known" and other high-profile definitions. I recommend immediately during the conversation to ask her name and just score it in the search line of Yandex. In 90% of cases, you will not even find any information about it.
  • Too high pay at first. Take from those employers who offer 70-80 thousands of rubles per month for 3-4 hours of work per day. Even highly specialized specialists sometimes cannot receive such money. It is a hoax of pure water to lure as many naive newbies as possible. Believe me, you will not even get 1000 rubles.
  • Interview in the office. For example, by phone, the employer seemed decent, and the deception was not revealed on the points listed above. You come to an interview in a real office, and then pay attention to the following points: there are no water coolers, there are no calls, there are practically no working documents on the employee’s desk, there are no cabinets with numerous folders, and there is not even the appearance of work.

Best services for finding remote work in Moscow

To find daily earnings in Moscow, I recommend periodically visiting the following portals:

  • Avito
  • Head Hunter (HH)
  • SuperJob

They have long existed in the market and are constantly updated with new offers and vacancies from employers. You just need to register on the service and fill in all the necessary information about yourself. A kind of resume, which lists all your skills and experience.

Since Avito is the most popular site for searching not only products and services, but also jobs, I suggest a closer look at how to place an advertisement about yourself and your services so that it is in great demand.

From my own experience I know that when composing an ad, one should adhere to the following rules:

  • Conciseness and deployment. No need to paint all your skills in a few pages. You do not write a novel, but a summary. And few people have enough patience to finish reading your creation.
  • Work experience. List in detail all your previous work experience and place of work. Even if you have no experience, but have some skills, you can lie and point them out. But preliminarily study and read about them in order not to screw it up at the interview.
  • Education. Always list in detail all the courses that you attended, whether computer, photography, professional development, learning a foreign language, and so on. I learned from my own experience that this is an undoubted advantage for the employer.
  • Section. Do not post your ad in the first section. Carefully read them and place in the right. It may happen that the employer is looking for workers in the “Photos” section, and you have mistakenly placed your resume in the “Handmade” section.
  • Profile photo. According to statistics, the employer is more willing to open a user profile if he has a photo on the profile. Moreover, not some kind of cat or dog picture, but a real photo.

Registration for temporary work in Moscow

If you are not a resident of Moscow, but come from another city, the lack of registration can be a serious problem for your job search. Employers are usually reluctant to hire such workers.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, I recommend at the initial stage to prepare for obtaining a temporary registration and follow the instructions:

  • Agreement with the owner. You can simply get consent to the provision of temporary residence from another person. But few people now believe the words. Need confirmation in writing.
  • FMS. After signing a temporary residence permit, go with the owner to the FMS. You must have your own passport, passport of the owner, a copy of the residence permit.
  • Statement on temporary residence and the conclusion of the contract between you and the owner.
  • Consideration statements and verification of documents. This is the final stage, which may take up to three business days. At this time, the FMS will check the documents for accuracy. At the end of this period, in case of success and approval, you will receive a temporary registration document.

Now you can easily search for daily earnings in Moscow, even if you come to conquer the capital from other cities.


I hope that my article will be useful because I want to get a job with daily pay. All of the above vacancies are relevant not only in Moscow, but also in other cities. Although, of course, there are much more offers in the capital.

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