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As part of a recent survey, almost a third of the population is in a constant desire to change jobs and is engaged in the periodic search for new sources of income. And all because they are not satisfied with the current position and place of work.

Every person periodically comes the idea that it’s time to change something in your life, to make it better, to start having fun. And if it seems that you need to change something, it does not seem at all! So it really is time.

This can occur at any time, especially when a person is tired of routine, from his former monotonous work, when there is a feeling that his life is wasted, he reached the "ceiling", and every day began to resemble "Groundhog Day".

pora menyat raboty 1

If time does not address this issue, then you can permanently burn out from an emotional point of view. Well, after it will be extremely difficult to get oneself out of depression and psychological stagnation. The help of experts will be required.

In most cases, the desire to change something in your life is associated primarily with work. After all, this is the place where you spend most of your time.

The first signal to change jobs

It is worth thinking about this problem at the very moment when you begin to fear the onset of a new work week. Monday becomes the most hated day for you, you dream that weekdays fly by as soon as possible, and Saturday has come.

But remember that the weekend lasts only two days. And it takes five days to work. And if each time you want them to end as soon as possible, then life will pass you by!

Many people live from weekends to weekends, from holidays to the next holidays. And then they wonder why life flies past them. We need to learn how to enjoy every day, and not look at our watches, waiting for the evening to come.

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On Sunday, in the evening, your mood will deteriorate, as tomorrow begins Monday, and with it the beginning of a new work week. You fall asleep in a bad mood and wake up with hatred for the whole world.

Instead of wanting to quickly meet with your colleagues and tell them about how you rested over the weekend, or instead of trying to start a new project, you want to close in your office and hate all people around you.

Because of this, after the end of the working day, you return in a depressed mood, which often causes quarrels with your close people.

You seem to have reached the "ceiling"

As soon as you got a job, you were eager to become better and gradually move up the career ladder, seeking new heights. But then you began to notice for yourself that it was no longer very much the desire to learn something new, you already know everything, it is known ordinary.

There are no prospects, the boss hasn’t been raising you for a long time, even despite regular requests and hints. At your current position you have already reached the maximum. I want to move on, but the same boss and official position limit your aspirations. Later, the desire disappears to do something. The worker gradually "fades out" and becomes a kind of office plankton.

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Many people are simply afraid to change the scope of activities due to the fact that for this you need to leave the comfort zone, you will need to learn new skills, meet new people. After all, in your previous job you already have a solid team, common topics for conversation. You often spend time together, and you have already begun to turn a blind eye to the fact that the work itself has completely ceased to organize you.

But if you still have the thought that you have reached your limit and it’s time to move on, then you need to force yourself to overcome your fear and begin to comprehend something new for yourself! A person must constantly evolve, otherwise he may "fade out" from an emotional point of view. This applies not only to work, but also to other areas of life. Constantly learn something new for yourself, comprehend new horizons and never rest on your laurels!

Health care

Chasing after high wages people often forget about their health. We may linger at work until late, eating less, constantly eating sandwiches or junk food.

Constant processing also has a negative effect when a person takes work and projects to his home for the weekend. If you start to check your mailbox periodically even on vacation and be in touch with management or your employees, then in the future you are guaranteed to get a nervous breakdown. Due to this constant tension, fatigue, bad mood, feelings, lack of sleep will accumulate. What the future will result in emotional burnout.

It is extremely important to give yourself a rest and completely forget about work!

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Scientists have shown that during the day the human body is constantly experiencing tension and stress. The reason may even be not at all in the work. When we are young, there is enough sleep on one day off to fully restore the body. Now it may take much more time. And if you do not give the body the rest that it requires, then in the future there may be serious health problems.

If the body has not received proper rest, then efficiency at work and in everyday life will significantly suffer. This will lead to a deterioration of health and health.

It is worth thinking seriously about changing activities, if you are constantly being required to work at a higher level and do not really give a good rest either from the physical side or from the emotional side.

Treat your work more easily, do not take seriously the discontent of the boss, do not take failures and failures to heart. This is just a job that can be easily replaced. What can I say about your health, which you have one thing for life! And it must be protected, removing all negative factors.

You feel useless

Often there is a feeling that your work is no longer appreciated and is not needed by anyone. This often happens when a person has been doing the same thing for a long time. It loses its meaning in what it does. Thoughts appear that why should we try to do better at all if, in a global perspective, this does not affect the company in any way?

pora menyat raboty 5

In our country, business is constantly growing and improving. Progress never stands still. And companies are also forced to change their policies and scope, direction and much more. To continue to be competitive and make a profit from their activities.

And in order to achieve such goals, all employees must periodically undergo advanced training, learn something new, and gain new knowledge that will help the company stay afloat.

Outdated technology, lack of progress and determination - the first signs that the company will soon close and leave the market. Therefore, you need to constantly improve. This will make you feel needed for the company and increase your self-esteem.

Responsibilities do not match post

You began to notice that more and more responsibilities are placed on you, you are forced to do work that does not correspond to your position. But you don't get paid for it. It must be performed by people in higher positions who receive an appropriate salary.

This often happens in companies that want to save on employees. This can be determined by the leakage of personnel, when people do not stay at work, leaving within a couple of months.

pora menyat raboty 6

There is a feeling of "workhorse", which is loaded to the full and even does not try to motivate to do the work in the form of higher pay.

At such a job, you can often hear: “If you don’t like it, fire it. We will easily find a replacement for you.” If you have noticed this attitude at work, it is better to change it as soon as possible. Since you risk to earn emotional burnout, which will lead to complete apathy, not only in the workplace, but also in the daily sphere of your life.

You can try to talk to the head and ask for a raise. If he does not make concessions, then it’s time to leave and look for another job!

Too long stayed in one place

A person must constantly evolve. This also applies to the place of work. Earlier in the Soviet years it was decided to work all his life in one factory. It was prestigious and was considered the norm. Well, the employer encouraged such employees with high pensions, as well as free housing.

Now everything has changed dramatically. Career growth experts say that the best experience in one company is from 3 to 5 years. After you need to go further and develop already in a more promising and large company.

pora menyat raboty 7

If you work at the same place for more than five years, then emotional stagnation appears. Interest and excitement disappears, you don’t want to grow anywhere, you become an office “gray mouse” that just spends eight hours and lives from weekends to weekends and from holidays to vacations.

And so life will fly. In order to prevent this, you need to change jobs in time in search of better offers. Even the leadership in many large corporations believes that an employee who has worked for more than three years already loses its competitive edge.

In the first years, the employee has much more ambitions and desires to grow up the career ladder. Later, this excitement, according to statistics, subsides. Well, for management, an employee needs to strive and be interested in learning new skills in order to get a higher position.

In many companies, the authorities are wary of those employees who have worked in the same place for more than three to five years. They have the idea that a person no longer needs anything else, he simply wears off working hours in order to get a guaranteed salary. This is unprofitable for the company itself, which needs new ideas for further business development. Yes, and for the employee is bad in terms of personal growth.

If you also have the feeling that you have already worked out at the current place, then do not be afraid to change it, get out of your comfort zone and go "nowhere." Perhaps you will find your dream job with a high level of income. Well, if you do not try, you will never know.

Anger and hatred for others

When a person has developed at his work, he becomes more irritable towards his colleagues. Often snarls for no reason or reason. This may cause you to become a subject for discussion and negative on the part of your colleagues. And it strongly presses from the psychological point of view. You start to feel like an outcast and more like a sociopath.

Do not let this happen! After all, such a negative you will bring to your home, thereby spoiling relations with your relatives and friends. You risk losing both their trust and disposition.

Leave work problems within your office. And it’s better to change jobs at all if they start to appear.


No one should tolerate bad work. If you have at least one of the above feelings, then it is better to immediately begin to act and change the scope of activities. By running this, more global problems will begin that can lead to illness and quarrels with your loved ones. There is only one life! Love and appreciate yourself, and even more so you should not tolerate the hated work, living on it day after day throughout their lives.

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