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People have always been interested in how much one earns, who has what kind of car, home, whether a neighbor or boss lives better. It is in our nature. And naturally, everyone wants a much better life for himself than he has now. A person is always dissatisfied with what he has and wants to earn more than he does now.

Whether this is bad or good, experts and psychologists are still arguing. But most of them are sure that there is nothing terrible and dangerous about it. This is just the usual curiosity that all people without exception possess. It is just that in some it is more developed, in others it is practically absent.

Such a comparison can even sometimes act as an incentive to improve one’s life and strive for more than one has at the moment. But the achievement of their goals can serve as an excellent reason for pride.

Today we will talk about who has what salaries. People have always been interested in such questions in order to decide on their future profession or to change their current one if it does not suit a person in terms of the money they receive.

Highest paid professions

When a person finishes school, he and his parents immediately think about which institution to send the child to. And all so that in the future he will receive the necessary education to get the job where he would be realized as a person. Naturally, many make a choice in favor of the work where they will pay a lot of money.

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But later it turns out that a diploma is not a guarantee that a person will get a high-paying job.

It is necessary to study all the skills of the very profession where the specialists receive the highest wages. Recently, some of the most profitable are Lawyer, IT specialist, top managers, accountants and so on.

Sometimes for high earnings it is necessary that you have connections with the highest authorities, knowledge, extensive experience, valuable and useful skills that most people do not possess, responsibility, discipline, composure, and much more.

It is also not a secret to anyone that the level of wages also depends on the regions in which people live. No one will argue with the fact that those people who live in Moscow or the regions closest to it receive one of the highest salaries in the country. Especially if the person holds a management position.

But the cities of Tyumen and Khanty-Mansiysk also invite specialists to work and are ready to pay them big money, which is sometimes even higher than similar ones in the capital.

The third city in terms of wages is St. Petersburg.


For some people, sport is entertainment and a hobby. But for others, he has become a source of big money. It is no secret that professional athletes in national teams receive millions in wages. Some clubs are willing to pay six-figure dollars in order to get a valuable player from another team.

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According to many experts, Russian athletes receive particularly high wages. Even compared to other countries.

In the first place, of course, football. In addition to him, high-paying sports are also hockey, basketball and tennis.


 Many people in our country have a negative attitude towards civil servants. And not because few people see the real result of their activities. And all because of the high wages, which they sometimes get just for their presence in the State Duma.

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People ironically speak of such a profession. And for good reason. The average salary in the country is 30-35 thousand rubles. Well, the deputies, it is many times more. Employees of the State Service receive approximately 450 000 rubles per month. And this is only a payment. In addition, they have numerous benefits for travel, accommodation in hotels, visiting hospitals, increased surcharges to pensions and much more. Everything that is in most cases inaccessible to ordinary people.

Even the deputies themselves often speak negatively of their colleagues and insist that most of them completely undeservedly receive their salary, which is greatly exaggerated.

Show Business

One of the highest wages of artists, singers and stars of the national stage. We will not talk about how much Madonna or Elton John receives, but the fees for our artists are often estimated at millions of dollars!

Rating of occupations by salary level

One of the highest paid professions is the drilling director. Its monthly payment averages 600 000 rubles.

Bank department manager gets a little less - 500 000 rubles per month. Profitable enough and also an interesting profession of a pilot. An experienced pilot will receive for his work on 300 000 rubles per month. The drilling engineer, oil industry worker and other experts in the field of oil production will receive an average of 100 000 rubles or even a little more.

Prosecutors and judges receive on 70 000 rubles, the same about IT-specialists.

The highest wages in Russia are received by specialists whose activities are related to oil, space, finance and aviation. Recently, the field of information technology has become actively gaining popularity.

Naturally, it is beneficial to be a famous actor or a football player. But not everyone can be realized in these professions, as they require the presence of certain skills. But here you can become an oil worker or a financier at any time, having acquired a specialized profession and certain skills. But it will take a lot of strength and patience to persevere to comprehend all the steps of the career ladders.

In fact, in any profession you can achieve high wages. But you need to be stubborn and confident person. Not without the presence of charisma and the ability to take advantage of the situation in time to get promoted.

How much do Forex traders receive?

Well, now let's talk about how much traders, investors and other market participants earn. Nevertheless, our portal is dedicated to this very topic, so they offer to compare whether ordinary people can earn millions of stars' fees or rise to the level of the salary of the same director of drilling?

Actually it is possible! You can not only earn as much as you want, but not be tied to a place. That is, become a financially independent person. In addition, his own boss!

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But for this you need to master such a difficult profession - as a trader. Yes, you can find a lot of advertisements on the net that it's easy and simple, just open a deal Above / Below binary options). But they forget to mention that the profit will be only in the case of a correct forecast! Well, this can only be done through technical and fundamental analysis.

Market analysis is a three-dimensional science that cannot be comprehended in a few days or even weeks. Traders sometimes study it throughout their career. And all because the market is like a living organism - it is constantly changing and improving.

Having studied it, traders will be able to easily predict the future direction of the price, well, then it will only be necessary to periodically withdraw money and spend it at their discretion. No wonder there is a stereotype that the profession of a trader is associated with high wages and cool yachts. It really is true in some way.

But you should not be mistaken either, since this is a really difficult and risky profession, which has high risks.

Earnings Trader

Any trader can earn much more than the average office worker. And it has long been proven. Despite the complexity of market analysis, many people begin to study it on their own, in order not to depend on their bosses in the future and earn as much as you want.

Yes, money for this profession can be earned no less than the same oilman. But the specific amounts are difficult to voice, as they depend on many factors. If earlier we were able to at least approximately state specific figures, then even this cannot be done.

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It is customary for traders to indicate their earnings as a percentage for the month of the deposit amount that they invested.

Many unscrupulous brokers, in order to lure as many customers as possible to their platform, call their incredible earnings in 100-200% not only after a month, but after the first week of work! Do not believe these scammers. The reality is completely different.

According to long-term statistics, the average earnings of a trader in Forex can be 10-20% of the amount of the deposit made per month. And that, 20% can only be achieved by professionals with years of experience and experience.

Even experienced pros make mistakes and cannot predict the market so that they can double their deposits from month to month. Therefore, if one of the brokers or sellers of "super-profitable" robots and advisers promises you this, then it is better to stay away from such companies and avoid them.

But even the voiced figures in 20% can not always be achieved. Earnings trader is not constant. In one month, he can increase the deposit by 15%, while in the next month - by 5%. Sometimes, if there is a favorable market situation, then you can raise it to 30-35%. Well, in general, 15-20% will be obtained as the average value.

You can earn steadily in financial markets

Yes, there are such professions that will receive their payment from month to month, regardless of the state and market volatility. These are traders who work not for themselves, but for large corporations. They trade on the money that the company provides them. Well, as a payment gives a fixed salary.

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These are highly qualified specialists who received education for several years. This is not such self-taught, as we are with you, who studied on articles and free webinars on the Internet.

For their professionalism, they receive impressive fees, which can vary from 10 000 to 100 000 dollars per month!

Such traders are often required in banks, insurance companies, various funds and so on. They work for large market participants. Well, in general, their work will be no different from ordinary traders, as we are with you. Except volumes. If we make a deal on 10 dollars, then they can also on 10 000 dollars for one lot with ease. Well, the more of that and the greater the potential profit in the case of a correct forecast.

How much does a private investor earn

But come down from heaven to earth. Nevertheless, we treat private traders who do not have such huge corporate capital.

The earnings of the average trader will depend on several factors:

  • deposit amount - with 100 dollars you will be able to earn an average of 5 dollars per month. Well, with 10 thousand - already 200-500 dollars per month, which will already be much more tangible.
  • strategy and trading style - how many people, so many opinions. So in this area. Each trader uses his own individual approach to trading. Someone trades exclusively on the news, others use a combination of technical indicators, the rest - only a candlestick analysis and graphic figures. Conservative traders will wait for a calmer market. Aggressive deals are risky volatile when large amounts can be earned in a short period of time.
  • the choice of a currency pair - each has a certain level of liquidity, on which your final earnings also depend.
  • the ratio of money management and risk management.

This is not all factors. Many depend on the person himself. For some, the amount in 300 dollars per month will be sufficient as additional income. Well, there are those for whom earnings of tens of thousands of dollars will be insufficient. Therefore, they will devote much more time to the profession of a trader.

How earn Russian traders

In Russia, this profession began to develop actively only in the last 10-15 years. Yet abroad, this activity is more developed. But now people have become actively interested in quotations and independently studying the market in order to get even a small, but additional income.

In general, the earnings of Russian traders are no different from the figures mentioned above. Statistics on earnings can be found on any brokerage portal. But you should not blindly trust her, as there are also such unscrupulous companies that specifically wind these indicators in order to achieve better statistics.

You can earn and 50-100% per month, but in the next, or be in the red, or do something like getting off to a breakeven.

But in order to make earnings more stable, you definitely need to correctly distribute your risks! This is an important component of your future success, without which you will not be able to earn in financial markets on a stable basis. Well, as a result - you can not make plans for such earnings.

Risk and money management - This is the most important science, which already represents a half of success. I recommend to study it and combine it with your trading strategy. One of the golden rules is not to invest in a transaction an amount that will exceed the amount of 5% of your deposit.

How to become a successful trader and independently steadily earn on Forex

To make such a risky business profitable, you need to try to make as few mistakes as possible and minimize your risks. Well, to achieve these objectives, simply follow the recommendations below:

  • pay much attention to learning, especially at first. For stable, successful trading, the basic knowledge of what is Moving Average and Stochastic is not enough. You should gradually study all the details and aspects of the entire market analysis. Only in this way can you learn to feel and understand the market. Well, the same indicators sometimes give a lot of false signals. And only the totality of knowledge in general will allow you to recognize such situations and not to conclude a losing trade.
  • all acquired knowledge fasten in practice. The best and safe way to trade on a demo account, which is provided by almost all modern brokers. But do not get carried away demo money. They tend to relax a person, after which he simply loses value to real money.
  • comprehensive market analysis - do not focus on only one trading strategy. Combine with each other several areas of market analysis, use different techniques and so on. Often, one of them is not able to detect a false signal, and the other will do it with ease.
  • risk and money management.
  • discipline and composure - you must develop a certain working mode in yourself and follow it. Many newcomers in the pursuit of big money begin to literally conduct round-the-clock monitoring of graphs, while absorbing liters of coffee. As a result, due to fatigue, a person loses his guard, begins to make a lot of stupid mistakes. Experienced traders never sit for hours behind the monitor. 15 minutes are enough for them to assess the situation on the market and understand whether it is worth making a deal or waiting for a more suitable moment.

Trust management and PAMM accounts

If you do not have time for training and independent trading, but you want to earn as much as all other traders, then you can look at trust management and automated trading. First, let's talk about the first method.

You can transfer your capital in trust management to another trader who has more knowledge and experience in this profession.

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He will trade your money, and then he will simply give you your capital + interest on the profit that he was able to trade during the term of the trust agreement.

But when choosing such a manager, you first need to pay attention to the figures for his average yield over a long period of time. And it is better that they are stable and permanent. Do not mess with such PAMM managers who had 50% profitability in one month, and 5% in the other. Remember that they periodically have unprofitable periods. But if we take the average values, they are not so striking as they overlap the profits from other months.

In general, we have already found out that a trader's earnings directly depend on the size of his deposit. And if he does not yet have enough skills and experience in order to disperse his capital, investing in PAMM accounts can be very profitable.

Many leading Forex brokers offer their clients a whole platform for this, where you can choose the most suitable manager according to the style and tactics of the strategy used.

The huge advantage of this service is that you can earn even without certain skills and experience. Depending on the terms of the contract, you will receive 15-20% profit from the profit, which the trader managed to achieve as part of their activities in the financial markets through your investments.

The problem is connected with the choice of a competent manager. And here you can meet a lot of scammers who will fraudulently collect money from investors, and then run off with them.

Another way to get paid in the financial markets is to act as a signal provider. If you are well versed in market analysis, have your own profitable trading strategy, you can receive additional income from the sale of signals. New traders will copy them, well, and you, in turn, will receive a portion of their profit.

You can additionally receive 10-15% profit per month due to this method.

Auto Trading Robots

I want to share with you another opportunity to make money - this is trading with the help of special programs for automatic analysis and conclusion of transactions. There are a lot of such robots and advisers now. And in most cases they are created under the terminal MetaTrader 4 and 5.

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With their help, you can also earn by 15-20% net earnings from the amount of your deposit. But only in automatic mode. The robot will do everything on their own. You just need to optimize it and correctly configure it.

But this is one of the main difficulties and disadvantages of this way of earning. And naturally - in the choice of high-quality robot. Now there are a great many robots in the network, but only a few of them are able to give us the desired result.

Moreover, it is difficult for beginners to install and configure the program, since they have to master the MT4 terminal itself, which is not simple.

I found a way out of this situation - robots for automatic earning Abi и Autocrypto Bot. They are presented in the web version of your browser, but the setup will not take more than a minute. Everything is simple and accessible even to those who have heard about trading for the first time, but want to receive big earnings from trading in financial markets.

How to set up a robot for profitable work, you can learn from the relevant section on my site.

Examples of successful traders

If you do not believe that the profession of a trader is one of the highest paid, then there are many examples of real people who were able to achieve tremendous results through trading.

They are no different from us. They also studied in the same way, poured deposits, despair, but still found the strength to go on! Such qualities distinguish successful people. Not many will succeed in this business. According to statistics, only 10% reach their goal and earn big money. The rest merge at the initial stage of the career. But in most cases, they simply counted on big easy money that unscrupulous brokers advertised. Well, and not having received them, threw this profession and went to another.

  • Stephen Cohen.

He is one of the richest people in the world. And he achieved his current position precisely through trading and perseverance. He began his career with just a deposit of 1000 dollars. Traded on the scalping strategy in Forex.

Interestingly, in his tactics he did not use any methods from technical and fundamental analysis. Only scalping! He opened several dozen or even hundreds of transactions per day. And thus learned to feel and understand the market. He now owns his own hedge fund, which employs over 500 thousands of employees.

  • Alexander Gerchik.

There are similar success stories among Russian traders that can inspire any person and believe that everything is possible! In the 2006, the NYSE recognized him as the best trader, and for almost ten years he has not had a single unprofitable month!

No one can say exactly how much Alexander earns. His earnings are growing by leaps and bounds and by the clock exponentially.


These are just a couple of millions of examples all over the world, when ordinary people from scratch achieved tremendous results in trading thanks to perseverance and the desire to become a financially independent person!

At the moment, the profession of a trader is indeed one of the most profitable. And the most important thing is that you will be able to study on your own without the need to receive a specialized education. But get ready for a long study. During practice, you will merge more than one deposit. But take it as a tuition fee. After all, learn from mistakes!

As for the specific amounts for earnings, they may be different. It all depends on your deposit, commitment, ambitions and goals! The main thing is to set a goal for yourself and go to it, despite all the difficulties. And they will, because the profession of a trader is one of the most difficult!

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